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Flick Rush

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Flick Rush is a battle-style mini-game appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It allows the player to pit any team of three of their Spirit Dream Eaters against an opponent's through a series of tournaments against the computer or in wireless battles against other players. Players can exchange the medals they win for completing tournaments at the Medal Shop to purchase new commands, recipes, and other prizes.

Flick Rush tournaments can be entered by speaking to the moogle located on the northeast end of Traverse Town's Fourth District. The tutorial for this mini-game is initiated when Sora visits Rhyme. If, however, Riku speaks to the moogle to initiate the tutorial before Sora visits that area, then the tutorial is skipped.



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Similar to Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Flick Rush uses a card-based battle system in which players pit any team of three of their Spirit Dream Eaters against an opponent's. Flicking these cards upwards on the Nintendo 3DS's bottom screen allows a Spirit to use one of its special attacks, while flicking cards downwards raises a barrier around the player's Spirit. The player must attack with cards of a higher value than the opponent to deal damage to their Spirits until all three have had their HP depleted to zero.

Using cards for offense depletes the Action Gauge located on the Nintendo 3DS's touch screen. If this gauge is fully depleted, the player will not be able to use cards for a short time until the gauge automatically refills itself. Using cards for defense does not deplete the Action Gauge. If a player's defending cards are of a higher value than the opponent's, the first used card for the barrier will evolve into a better one.

Card values[edit]

When the player uses a card, a numerical value appears above their Spirit. Should the player use a card with a higher value than the opponent's for either offense or defense, their Spirit will break the opponent's card. Cards marked with a star possess the ability to break any of the opponent's cards and cannot be broken, regardless of value.

If the player selects multiple cards at once in rapid succession for either offense or defense, the values of the cards that the player chooses will be added together. While this leaves the player's Spirit with fewer available cards and necessitates the switching of Spirits at a more frequent rate, this tactic allows the player to deal higher damage and outlast the opponent through sheer aggressiveness.

Evolved cards[edit]

After successfully blocking the opponent's attack, the first card used by the player will evolve, doubling its power and changing to a special evolved command. There are seven different evolved commands, and the command used depends on the active Spirit.

Card duels[edit]

When both the player and the opponent use a card of the same value, a card duel will begin. If this occurs, the player must rapidly flick cards upwards to try and get three of the same symbol in a row, similar to a slot machine. The first player to do this successfully deals moderate damage to the opponent's Spirit. It cannot deplete the loser's HP to 0.

Reloading cards[edit]

The player can reload their deck at any time by holding the stylus down on the icon of the Spirit currently in battle located on the touch screen. When the blue gauge that appears fills completely, the player's deck will be reshuffled or replenished. Each reload yields eight new cards.

Switching Spirits[edit]

The player can switch the Spirit participating in battle at any time by tapping on one of the currently inactive Spirit's icons located on the touch screen. Cards reload slowly but automatically for Spirits when they are on the sidelines, so it is recommended that the player do this as an active Spirit begins to run out of available cards as an alternative to reloading the deck.


When participating in tournaments, the player faces off against computer-controlled opponents. The player receives medals for every round won in the tournament, as well as either a bronze, silver, or gold trophy depending on their performance in each round at the tournament's end. New tournaments are unlocked by completing those already available or progressing through the story.

Wireless battles[edit]

Players can challenge other players to Flick Rush battles, but both need to have wireless communication enabled, a Nintendo 3DS, and a copy of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. If an opponent is within range, their in-game nickname will appear on the list on the Nintendo 3DS's top screen.

Depending on who is hosting the match, either choose the opponent's nickname on the list located on the top screen or select "Seek Opponent". Once said opponent has been located, the host must select "Ready" to proceed to the Spirit selection screen and finally to the match itself.

This function is not available in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD.

List of Flick Rush cards[edit]

Card Name Description
Faith (Flick Rush card) KH3D.png Faith Deals Light-attribute damage to the opponent and recovers HP based on the damage dealt to the opponent.
Dark Mist (Flick Rush card) KH3D.png Dark Mist Deals Dark-attribute damage to the opponent and covers the opponent's touch screen in a black fog.
Elixir (Flick Rush card) KH3D.png Elixir Recovers HP and cards to the player's entire party.
Ice Zone (Flick Rush card) KH3D.png Ice Zone Deals Blizzard-attribute damage to the opponent and freezes the opponent's touch screen.
Thundaga (Flick Rush card) KH3D.png Thundaga Deals Thunder-attribute damage to the opponent and shocks the opponent's touch screen.
Mega Flare (Flick Rush card) KH3D.png Mega Flare Deals Fire-attribute damage to the opponent's entire party.
Waterga (Flick Rush card) KH3D.png Waterga Deals Water-attribute damage to the opponent and submerges the opponent's touch screen.
Card Name Description
Bell (Flick Rush card) KH3D.png Bell [?]
Cherry (Flick Rush card) KH3D.png Cherry [?]
Seven (Flick Rush card) KH3D.png Seven [?]


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