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This article is about the character.
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Yuffie KHIIIRM.png

Japanese ユフィ
Rōmaji Yufi
Voice actors (Ja:) Yumi Kakazu
(En:) Christy Carlson Romano [KH I]
Mae Whitman [KH II], [KH III RM]
Homeworld Radiant Garden
Traverse Town
Origin Final Fantasy VII
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts coded
Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind

Kingdom Hearts
A female ninja who escaped to Traverse Town when her home world was taken by the Heartless. She stays strong and cheerful in any situation. She works with Leon and Aerith to unravel the secret of the "key".

"Final Fantasy VII"
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
A girl whose cheerful personality belies her painful memories. When she was still young the Heartless robbed her of her home.

Never one to sweat the small stuff, Yuffie seems unfazed by her fuddled memory.
Kingdom Hearts II
Final Fantasy VII

One member of the town's Restoration Committee, a spirited girl who actively does her part to keep tabs on the town.

Yuffie met Sora when she was living away from her hometown. Thanks to his help last time, the Heartless were ousted and she got to come home -- so she's very grateful to him.
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
A ninja girl who hails from Radiant Garden. Her home was beset by darkness when she was still very little, and she had to flee with Cid to Traverse Town.

But someone as cheerful as Yuffie would never let this show. After meeting Sora in Traverse Town, she fought bravely alongside him against the darkness, and now she is back in Radiant Garden, hard at work rebuilding.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
KH Yuffie/Illustrated Yuffie
A female ninja who stays strong and cheerful in any situation.

KH II Yuffie
A spirited girl who actively does her part to keep tabs on the town.
Kingdom Hearts III
A young girl who had fought the forces of darkness alongside Sora in the past. She is quick and nimble as a ninja, but no amount of stealth abilities can mask her youthful energy. She can be quite blunt and aloof at times.
"I see you all are still in top form!"
—Yuffie in Kingdom Hearts II

Yuffie[1] is a spirited ninja introduced in Kingdom Hearts, and originally taken from the Square Enix game Final Fantasy VII. She travels with Leon, whom she often refers to by his real name, Squall, much to his annoyance. She sometimes refers to herself as the "Great Ninja Yuffie", and wields a large fuma shuriken as her weapon.


Yuffie's role was originally filled by Rikku, but due to the fact that there was already a major character named Riku in the series, they decided to replace her with Yuffie. Traces of Rikku's intended attire remain on Yuffie during Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. By Kingdom Hearts II, Yuffie wore the clothing she had on in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Yuffie, Aerith, Cid, and Leon were originally set to appear in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. However, in the final release, they were removed from the game because, according to Nomura, there were too many plot lines already, and it would have gotten confusing.[2]


Before Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Yuffie lived in Radiant Garden along with Aerith, Leon, and Cid. Maleficent took over her world with the Heartless nine years before the events of Kingdom Hearts and since then she has lived in Traverse Town with her old friends.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Leon and Yuffie advise Sora to join Donald and Goofy.

Yuffie appears shortly after Sora's battle with Leon and drags the two of them back to the motel. When Sora wakes up in the motel, he mistakes Yuffie for being Kairi as he is still only semi-conscious and refers to her as such, leading Yuffie to remark that Leon "might've overdone it". Afterward, Yuffie and Leon tell Sora about the Keyblade while inside the Traverse Town motel.

Later on after Sora, Donald, and Goofy have put an end to Maleficent and her councils of villains, Yuffie along with Leon, Aerith, and Cid finally return to their homeworld.

In the fight cups at Olympus Coliseum, Yuffie is fought numerous times by herself and alongside Leon. She fights primarily by throwing small shuriken and swinging her larger one as a weapon, but she is also able to recover lost health if she is not interrupted.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

A replica of Yuffie, based on Sora's memories of her, appears within the Traverse Town floor of Castle Oblivion. She doesn't remember Sora at first, but the links in his heart help her to start recalling bits and pieces, which she notes as strange yet convenient. Later in the conversation, she is bemused by Sora's claim that their town exist within a castle.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Yuffie is the first person to meet Sora as his party enters Hollow Bastion and leads them to Merlin's house. There, she introduces the familiar friends from Traverse Town and the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee (the latter of which she is a member of).

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
In the Kingdom Hearts II manga, when the gang arrives in Hollow Bastion she calls Donald and Goofy, "Ronald and Zoofy."

She explains the town's defense system to Sora, Donald and Goofy and, later on, fights alongside Sora at the Ravine Trail during the invasion of Hollow Bastion. Once she and Sora clear the area of enemies, she leaves to assist Leon and the others.

She participates in the tournament cups[?] in the Underworld at Olympus Coliseum.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

After Data-Sora collects every Ending Card in Castle Oblivion, Data-Roxas allows him to open the final door and learn the truth behind the hurt. Right as Data-Sora moves to open the door, illusions of Leon and Yuffie appear to congratulate him for keeping Traverse Town safe, explaining that something urgent came up that they had to deal with. They express a wish to someday work alongside him and give him a Debug Device: Y and a Heat Sink Belt before departing.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind[edit]

One year after Xehanort's defeat in the Limitcut episode, Yuffie is seen in Merlin's House in Radiant Garden along with Leon, Cid, and Aerith, trying to uncover any clues to Sora's whereabouts.


Yuffie is sixteen years old at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, seventeen during the events of Kingdom Hearts II and eighteen during the events of Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.

Yuffie's appearance in Kingdom Hearts resembles her look in Final Fantasy VII, though she lacks her leg brace and arm guard. Yuffie has short, black hair and wears a metal headband with two green tassels. She wears a yellow scarf (which was never present in her Final Fantasy VII designs; it is a leftover from Rikku, who was originally to fill Yuffie's role), a green tube top two blue belts holding it up (as opposed to her original turtleneck), tan short-shorts with another loose, blue belt around her waist, white socks that reach about mid-thigh, orange shoes, and mesh sleeves on her arms that disappear into orange, fingerless gloves with black bands constricting the ends. She is also seen wearing this outfit in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Yuffie's appearance changes to match her look in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Her eyes are violet in this game, as opposed to the blue-grey they were in the first game. Yuffie switches her original forehead guard for a regular black headband with white lining. She wears an unzipped, dark grey combat vest with a black strap dangling from the right pocket overtop a navy blue tank top with white floral designs. She wears a white wristband on her right wrist and a grey, fingerless glove on her left arm. Her shorts are slightly darker and have another black strap dangling from the left side. Yuffie also wears black, over-the-knee socks with white stripes at the top underneath dark tan sneaker boots that are knee-high in length. In both of her appearances, Yuffie uses her 4-Point Shuriken from Final Fantasy VII as her weapon.


Yuffie is hyperactive but tires out easily due to her high energy and quick movement. She is hard-working and determined, set on repairing her home of Radiant Garden and aiding Sora in his campaign against the Heartless and other foes. She is usually friendly, cheerful and mischievous. She is, however, lacking the original's signature traits of sneakiness and selfishness.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
In the Kingdom Hearts manga, Yuffie's childishness is shown in more detail, though she is shown to become much more serious at the mention of Maleficent.


Yuffie uses slashing and throwing attacks similar to those of her Final Fantasy counterpart. She can teleport leaving smoke and blowing leaves behind.

Yuffie has access to several of her Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy VII. Greased Lightning allows her to slash with her shuriken, Landscaper allows her to throw a shuriken along the ground, Clear Tranquil allows her to restore HP to both her and Leon, and All Creation allows her to attack with a huge shuriken.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Yuffie briefly assists Sora on the Ravine Trail before the Battle of 1000 Heartless.

Ability Description
Greased Lightning (疾風迅雷
Shippū Jinrai
?, lit. "Gale Thunderclap")
Yuffie swings left and right with her shuriken in hand.
All Creation (森羅万象
Shinra Banshō
?, lit. "All Things in Nature")
Yuffie throws a giant shuriken around herself.


Yuffie FFVII.png

Yuffie Kisaragi originally debuted in Final Fantasy VII as one of the two secret characters that could be recruited to the party if certain conditions were met, though she, later on, joins the main cast in the Compilation. A ninja born in the western continent, Wutai, Yuffie lives her life hunting Materia, has developed an obsession with it early in her childhood.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Yuffie's name is misspelled as "Yufeie" in the credits for the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX port of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.
  2. ^ Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ultimania, Interviewer: "Zack appears at the Coliseum, but was there a reason why he is the only Final Fantasy character this time around?" / Tetsuya Nomura: "We wanted to have Cid and the gang in Radiant Garden, but that would have made the story go too far off track. The main story of Birth by Sleep is complicated enough as it is, so instead of making a lot of side roads, we concentrated on the main story. Which resulted in having no other Final Fantasy character but Zack make an appearance." Translation via Lissar.