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Fa Mulan

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Japanese ムーラン
Rōmaji Mūran
Other names Ping (ピン Pin?)
Voice actors (Ja:) Mayumi Suzuki
(En:) Ming-Na Wen
Homeworld The Land of Dragons
Origin Mulan (1998)
Games Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

Kingdom Hearts II
Mulan (1998)

The only daughter of the distinguished Fa family, Mulan has a hard time acting the way everybody wants her to. She's sure she'll never fit in. But when her aging father was ordered to join the Imperial Army, she sneaked away and risked her life to take his place.

Mulan (1998)

The only daughter of the distinguished Fa family. Her real name is Fa Mulan.

She disguised herself as a man and joined the Imperial Army in her father's place to fight the Huns and uphold the family's honor. The other soldiers know her as Ping.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Mulan (1998)
The only daughter of the distinguished Fa family.
"It's all right, Sora. I'll find a way to show him what I'm made of. Just give me a chance."
—Fa Mulan

Fa Mulan is a young woman from The Land of Dragons who is a party member in Kingdom Hearts II. Determined to bring honor to her family, particularly her ill father, Mulan cuts her hair, steals her father's armor and impersonates a soldier named Ping to join the army to defeat Shan-Yu. Mulan is a generally weak fighter to begin with as Ping, but eventually becomes a skilled warrior.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy meet Mulan as "Ping" outside the army's camp with Mushu. Sora and Donald are shocked when Goofy reveals to them that she is actually a girl, but promise to keep her identity a secret.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
In the manga, Sora learns her gender after seeing her wearing a towel near a lake. What Became of the Researcher Vexen

The group join the army, where Mulan almost blows her cover after breaking up a massive brawl between Sora, Donald, and two other military recruits. Captain Li Shang has little faith in "Ping", despite the constant comments from Sora, Donald and Goofy. Mulan slowly impresses Shang, defeating Shan-Yu and his Heartless single-handedly by causing an avalanche, and even saves Shang's life. However, Mushu accidentally gives away Mulan's identity. Shang, outraged of her deceit, banishes her and the others from the army before leaving. Mulan and the others see Shan-Yu and several surviving Heartless emerge from the mountain and make their way to the Imperial City. Mulan fails to convince Shang to believe her, but she soon gets his trust again when the Emperor is kidnapped. Mulan, Sora and the others battle and kill Shan-Yu, Mulan being thanked personally by the Emperor who bows respectfully. Shan-Yu's sword then suddenly glows and gives Sora access to another world.

Mulan is reunited with Sora during his second visit to her world. Mulan is hunting a cloaked man who she believes is an enemy spy, but Sora knows it is a member of Organization XIII. Following the cloaked man to the mountains, they see a Heartless Dragon called the Storm Rider head for the Imperial City. They head there where they find the cloaked man (there are actually two, one being Riku) who reveals himself to be Xigbar. Mulan and the others battle the Storm Rider and defeat it. Mulan gives her support to Sora when he leaves to continue his journey to find Riku and Kairi. In order to thank her for her unconditional loyalty, the Emperor makes her Captain Shang's partner, with the two of them serving beside him.

Some time after Xemnas's defeat, Mulan and Shang share a romantic moment in the Bamboo Grove, but are interrupted by Yao, Ling and Chien Po, who were spying on them.


As Ping, Mulan dresses in her father's armor that is predominantly colored black and green. Underneath this armor, she wears a long, grey, martial arts shirt and slightly darker grey pants. She wears black shoes and knee-high, white socks.

In her normal attire, Mulan discards the armor, but retains the martial arts clothing underneath. Her shirt is shown to have green lining and is kept shut with a green sash. She also wears green wristbands. Mulan's hair is black and shoulder-length (as Ping she ties it back into a topknot with a green ribbon). Her eyes and eyebrows are black as well.


Mulan is an independent and outspoken girl who has the utmost honor and respect for her friends and family. During the first visit to the Land of Dragons, she is awkward and very insecure; however, as the story continues, she starts to gain confidence in herself. She has a strong determination as seen in her multiple attempts to make Captain Shang proud. Mulan also possesses a keen, strategic mind, coming up with the avalanche solution to wiping out Shan-Yu's army.



As Ping, Mulan does not use Mushu's magic, is much weaker, and also tends to trip in combat. She attacks and moves very slowly and only uses her sword. At this point, she only has access to a portion of her support abilities, namely Draw, Item Boost, and later Hyper Healing.

As Ping, Mulan starts with 40 HP and 100 MP. She has 1 armor slot, 1 accessory slot and 3 item slots, two of which start equipped with Potions and the other with an Ether. She can gain an additional 15, 20, and 25 HP by clearing the Village Cave trap, defeating Shan-Yu, and defeating the Storm Rider respectively.

Action Abilities
Attack Attribute Power
Guard? Finisher?
Vertical Swing (縦振り
Tate Furi
Attack Command Physical x0.33 O X
Clumsily swings sword diagonally downward.
V-Swing Tumble (縦振り転び
Tate Furi Korobi
?, lit. "Vertical Swing Tumble")
Attack Command Physical x0.33 X
Tries to swing sword downward, but trips and falls.
Upper Thrust (上突き
Ue Tsuki
Attack Command Physical x0.33 O X
Diagonally thrusts sword upward.
Aerial Swing (空中振り
Kūchū Furi
Attack Command Physical x0.33 O X
Swings up while lightly jumping forward.
Support Abilities
Ability AP Description Obtained
Draw 3 Draws in and obtains nearby orbs. Equip 2 to obtain far orbs. Initial.
Item Boost 2 Increases effect done with healing items on the field by 50%. Equip more to increase the effect. Initial.
Hyper Healing 3 Quickly revives a fallen Party Member and greatly restores their HP. Clear the Village Cave trap.


After the battle on the mountain's summit, she sheds her disguise and acquires her full skillset, as well as gaining an extra 8 AP. Mulan is a magic swordsman character, relying on Mushu's fire magic in battle, and wielding her sword for melee strikes. She is very agile and can perform several aerial attacks.

As Mulan, she can use the action abilities Mushu Fire and Flametongue, which involve her collaborating with Mushu's fire breath attacks. Her limit, Dragonblaze, has Mushu and Mulan releasing fireballs as Sora leaps toward enemies in flames. She also gains access to another support ability, Fire Boost.

Action Abilities
Attack Attribute Power
Guard? Finisher?
H-Swing Combo (横振りコンボ
Yoko Furi Konbo
?, lit. "Horizontal Swing Combo")
Attack Command Physical Sword & Sweep: x0.65
Thrust: x1.0
Attacks with sword and foot sweeps while twisting/spinning her body, then thrusts with sword immediately afterward.
V-Swing Combo (縦振りコンボ
Tate Furi Konbo
?, lit. "Vertical Swing Combo")
Attack Command Physical x1.0 O X
Attacks twice with vertical sword swings, then strikes with her palm.
Spinning V-Slash (空中縦回転振り
Kūchū Tate Kaiten Furi
?, lit. "Aerial Vertical Spin Swing")
Attack Command Physical x0.65 O X
Jumps, turns her body to the side, and swings the sword while repeatedly rotating.
Spinning H-Slash (空中横回転振り
Kūchū Yoko Kaiten Furi
?, lit. "Aerial Horizontal Spin Swing")
Attack Command Physical x0.65 O X
Jumps and attacks with sword while spinning sideways.
Mushu Fire Magic Command Fire x0.5
Hit 4: x1.5
Mushu attacks nearby enemies by breathing fire. MP Cost: 10
Flametongue Attack Command Fire x4.0 X X
Rushes in and attacks enemies in midair while engulfed in Mushu's fire. MP Cost: 10
Support Abilities
Ability AP Description Obtained
Draw 3 Draws in and obtains nearby orbs. Equip 2 to obtain far orbs. Initial.
Fire Boost 3 Increases damage done with fire-based attacks by 20%. Equip more to increase the effect. Mulan loses her disguise.
Item Boost 2 Increases effect done with healing items on the field by 50%. Equip more to increase the effect. Initial.
Auto Limit 1 Automatically sets the Reaction Command to Limit, if Limit is usable. Mulan loses her disguise.
Hyper Healing 3 Quickly revives a fallen Party Member and greatly restores their HP. Clear the Village Cave trap.


Inspired by the legendary Chinese warrior Hua Mulan from the Ballad of Mulan, Mulan debuted in Disney's 1998 film Mulan. The sole child of war veteran Fa Zhou, Mulan is prepared and forced to attend a meeting with a matchmaker to seek out a husband, which swiftly escalates into a humiliating failure. When the Huns arrive, requiring a man from every family to fight for China, Fa Zhou agrees to go, despite Mulan's protests. To protect her father, Mulan decides to enter the army in her father's place by posing as a man, stealing her father's armor and sword and running from home later that night. On her way to the army camp, she meets Mushu and he agrees to help her on her mission. Although initially struggling with her training, Mulan uses her intelligence and becomes one of the best soldiers in her unit, impressing her commander Li Shang. Along the way, she befriends three other soldiers, Yao, Ling, and Chien Po, and realizes that it will be difficult to hide her true identity as a woman.

During an ambush set by the Huns, Mulan subdues them by crushing them in an avalanche with a rocket. However, she sustains an injury from Shan-Yu, and her gender is revealed. Shang, as per the law, prepares to kill her, but as he owed her his life for saving him in the earlier battle, he spares her. After being left on a mountain summit, she spots Shan-Yu and his surviving men making their way to the city and vainly attempts to warn Shang. When Shan-Yu kidnaps the Emperor, Mulan joins Shang and her friends in rescuing the Emperor. At the film's climactic battle, Mulan defeats Shan-Yu through the use of fireworks. Later, she is confronted by the Emperor for her various crimes (having heard of them from his advisor), but is also praised for her heroics. In gratitude for her success for saving China, the Emperor bows to her in respect and offers Mulan a council position then a job as consul, both of which Mulan refuses. Instead, the Emperor rewards with his personal crest and Shan-Yu's sword. She returns home and reunites with her worrying father, as well as Shang, who followed her to begin their romantic relationship.