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Secret Board

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Secret Board
Secret Board Map KHBBS.png
Rack your brain and rack up rare commands! For advanced players only.
Japanese シークレットボード
Rōmaji Shīkuretto Bōdo
World Land of Departure
Opponents Terra[2]
Win a game on all other Command Boards
GP Goals 20000
Starting GP 1500
Checkpoint panel
GP reward
GP Up panel
Initial rate 10%
Increase 1%
MAX rate 30%

The Secret Board is a Command Board in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It is shaped like Terra's Mark.

Special Panel[edit]

The Keyblade Board's Special Panel is the Keyblade Glider (キーブレードライダー Kīburēdo Raidā?, lit. "Keyblade Rider"), which takes the player to any spot on the board of their choosing.

After Disney Town has been visited, Captain Justice and Captain Dark can also be triggered on the Special Panels at random.


Needs transparent background
Key Normal reward Limited reward Mirage Arena reward
1 Magnega Aerial Slam Thundara
2 Thunder Surge Lightning Ray Aerial Slam
3 Sonic Blade Blitz
4 Fission Firaga Fire Surge
5 Zero Graviga (50%) / Magnega (50%) Magnera
6 Cura Cura
7 Thundaga Ragnarok Thundara
8 Aeroga Aerora
9 Fire Dash Fire Surge Fire Dash
10 Blitz Confusion Strike

Opponent command cards[edit]

Type Command Lv Quantity
Attack Blitz 1 3
2 2
Sliding Dash 1 1
Fire Dash 1 3
2 2
Strike Raid 1 4
Aerial Slam 1 3
2 2
Magic Cure 1 3
2 2
Magnera 1 4
2 1
Aerora 1 3
2 2
Confuse 1 4
2 1
Slow 1 3
2 2
Type Command Lv Quantity
Attack Quick Blitz 1 4
2 1
Fire Dash 1 2
2 3
Magic Fira 2 3
Fission Firaga 1 2
Blizzara 1 4
2 1
Thundara 1 4
2 1
Cure 1 4
2 1
Zero Gravira 1 2
2 3
Magnera 1 4
2 1
Bind 1 5
Type Command Lv Quantity
Attack Blitz 2 2
Fire Dash 1 5
Sonic Blade 1 3
Aerial Slam 1 4
2 1
Poison Edge 1 3
2 2
Stun Edge 1 3
2 2
Binding Strike 1 4
2 1
Magic Thundara 1 3
2 2
Zero Gravira 1 3
2 2
Poison 1 4
2 1


The Secret Board has many branching paths and many possibilities can be explored. Unlike the other Command Board where there is often a recommended path, the Secret Board only has a partially recommendable path. It is certainly not recommended to switch the order of turns on this board, given how chaotic it can possibly be when there are other players' panels before yours. Always start first.

It is advisable to start by going through the Orange Zone, i.e. to turn left from the starting point. This is because the panels on the bottom path cost a little less than those on the top path. If you are going through your first few turns on the Secret Board, be sure to pass the Blue Checkpoint to gain some extra GP. When you arrive at the first junction between two Bonus Panels and a Prize Cube with the number 07 on it, be sure to keep left and ride on the Prize Cube. Sticking to that path gives you a sure GP boost.

Beyond that, all moves that can possibly be taken and strategies that can be used depend on the number rolled on the die or dice. Your play style on the Secret Board will have to go on a case-by-case basis. Some recommended pointers:

  • Use the Joker's Fortune card wherever possible. Any positive or negative effect will help you greatly.
  • If you are navigating through an area with a lot of opponents' panels, consider using Two Dice or Three Dice, depending on the amount of Magic Cards you have.
    • If you have many Miscellaneous Cards instead, consider using GP Protector to avoid losing GP.
  • Try to earn enough GP to make a chain of cards, or even a Zone Sweep. Given the cost of panels on the Secret Board, this will give you a very big GP boost.

Strategies for Special Panels:

Keyblade Glider
  • If you have just begun a new lap on the Secret Board and manage to roll enough to activate this, make sure to hit the yellow Check Panel first. Not only will you have increased GP from the Check Panel; you will also be able to ride the Prize Cube to your right (which only requires four steps) for extra GP.
  • If you are one panel short of a Zone Sweep and manage to activate Keyblade Glider, prioritize the empty panel first before landing on any Check Panels.

Like on the Keyblade Board, you may use the Keyblade Glider to go to a Check Panel you are yet to activate, or to return to the starting point/finish line.

Captain Justice
  • If you activate Captain Justice, steer clear of your opponents as fast as you can! You may consider stunning them, or using Two Dice or Three Dice to move far away from them.
    • It is easier to avoid your opponents on this board because the only hand the AI ever uses is Joker's Fortune. There is no risk whatsoever of any one of them countering with Two Dice or Three Dice to catch up to you. Maintain that distance for as many turns as Captain Justice is available.
Captain Dark
  • If you activate Captain Dark, consider stunning your opponent, and then using Two Dice or Three Dice to come closer to him or her and then moving as far away as possible.
    • One such instance would be going across the branching paths to transfer Captain Dark to an opponent going the opposite direction. The branching paths are highly exploitable on this particular board.
    • If you have already reached your goal and by some unfortunate circumstance, triggered Captain Dark, use Two Dice or Three Dice to arrive at the finishing line as fast as you can.


Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Only available in Terra and Aqua's scenarios.
  2. ^ Only available in Ventus and Aqua's scenarios.
  3. ^ Only available in Terra and Ventus's scenarios.