The Peddler

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The Peddler

The Peddler KHII.png

Katakana ペドラー Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Pedorā
Voice actors (Ja:) Takashi Matsuo
(En:) Corey Burton
Homeworld Agrabah
Origin Aladdin (1992)
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts coded
The Peddler

Kingdom Hearts II
Aladdin (1992)

He runs a shop offering all kinds of merchandise. There's definitely something suspicious about this fellow, though.
"Jafar might be planning on taking over the palace. I wonder if he'd share any treasure he finds with me."

The Peddler is a mysterious salesman, who is always looking out for his own best interest. His first appearance was in Disney's Aladdin.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

The Peddler occasionally shows up inside Aladdin's House, running a shop while hiding from the Heartless that are overrunning the city.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

During Sora, Donald, and Goofy's first visit, the Peddler chases after Aladdin and Abu after Abu stole a lamp from the Peddler. After the lamp's return, Iago recognizes it as Jafar's lamp. Returning to the Peddler's shop, Sora and friends try to purchase the lamp, but the Peddler's price is "a treasure fit for a sultan", prompting the party to go the Cave of Wonders to bring back enough treasure to pay the price. When Sora and company return to the Peddler's shop, they find the Peddler being chased by Pete, who attempts to snatch the lamp, intending to release Jafar and turn him into a Heartless. The chase continues into the palace grounds, where Iago joins in by swooping down and scooping up the lamp in his beak, but crashes into a wall. After Sora and friends defeat Volcanic Lord and Blizzard Lord, they purchase the lamp from the Peddler, sealing it away deep inside the palace.

During their second visit, Sora and company beam down from the Gummi Ship into the Peddler's shop, which is now filled with treasure. Suddenly, Aladdin bursts in, yelling about how the Peddler had let Jafar out of the lamp. When Sora looks back, the Peddler has vanished. He is next seen in front of the palace after Sora and his friends return from Jafar's trap at the desert ruins. They interrogate him, and the Peddler reveals that he had broken into the palace to steal some treasure, when Jafar telepathically called to him, tricking the Peddler into releasing him.

Some time later, the Peddler met with a man in a black coat, though whether it was Riku or an Organization member is unknown. The man paid the Peddler with treasure to keep quiet about Jafar, claiming he had get rid of him after Jafar became a Heartless.

Sora can visit the Peddler again in his shop, where he provides a skateboard for Sora to play the SB Sand Slider mini-game.

Vexen's Absent Silhouette can be found in his shop at this point.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

He is the first Agrabah resident the Data-Sora interacts with, and introduces him to a Gravity-based Debug Ability. After Sora fixes Agrabah, he wants a Guard Brace++, for which he'll trade Sora a Sardonyx Ring+.


Not much is known about the Peddler, save for his unyielding thirst for wealth. The Peddler is also a very good haggler, as he refuses to give the party Jafar's lamp unless they bring him "a treasure fit for a sultan."


The Peddler is a very small man with tanned skin, a thin, black goatee, and a rectangular mustache with a triangular gap at his philtum. His clothing is quite simple, consisting of a sky blue robe that reaches the floor, a faded red sash tied around his waist, and brown sandals. The most noticeable aspect of the Peddler's outfit is his ridiculously large, white turban, which is twice as big around as his own head.


The Peddler first appears in the opening of Aladdin, attempting to sell the viewer various pieces of junk before pulling out the magic lamp. To convince the viewer that the lamp is really magical, he tells them a story of its abilities, which is the story of Aladdin.

At one point in the production of Aladdin, the Peddler was going to both open and close the movie, and, at the end, reveal himself to be the Genie in disguise. This was dropped for the final film.

The Peddler's role in Kingdom Hearts II is borrowed from that of "Abis Mal", a clumsy bandit who finds and releases Jafar in The Return of Jafar, eventually becoming one of Aladdin's greatest foes.