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This article is about the item from Kingdom Hearts.
You may be looking for the item from Kingdom Hearts III.
"Drop it into the red mailbox."
Japanese ハガキ
Rōmaji Hakagi

Item Rarity Buy Sell

Postcards are items that are scattered about Traverse Town. By placing them in the mailbox in the First District, Sora can receive various prizes. There are ten postcards in all and they can be collected in any order.


First District
  • Hit the fan in the Item Shop.
  • Treasure Chest on Accessory Shop roof.
  • Treasure Chest on the balcony; activate Blue Trinity near the Item Shop.
  • Blue safe near Synthesis Shop door; open after speaking to Yuffie in the Green Room.
  • Examine messages on the Synthesis Shop wall.
  • Examine pot in Geppetto's House.
Second District
  • Chest on small awning by the door to First District.
  • Examine the clock in Gizmo Shop (two Postcards).
Third District
  • Examine end of the balcony; accessible from Second District rooftops.


Mailing Item
1st Cottage
2nd Mythril Shard
3rd Mega-Potion
4th Mega-Ether
5th Mythril
6th Elixir
7th Megalixir
8th Orichalcum
9th Defense Up[KH I]
10th Power Up[KH I]
Defense Up[KH I FM]