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Splash Island

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Splash Island
Splash Island KHII.png
Katakana スプラッシュアイランド
Path Disney CastleAtlantica

Kingdom Hearts II tracks
Field theme - Floating in Bliss
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Kingdom Hearts II
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Assault of the Dreadnought
Icon Mission 1.png
Rank Medals Reward
Icon Rank S.png 30 Decal Skins
Icon Rank A.png 26 Neon Bar-G
Icon Rank B.png 22 Screw Propeller-G
Icon Rank C.png 18 Bridge-G
Icon Rank D.png 14 AP Limit Upgrade
Icon Rank E.png 10 Heal Upgrade
Icon EX.png
Fly a Gummi Ship set with the Formation Change Ability!
Icon Rank S.png 30 Flag-G
Icon Mission 1.png
Enemy Screen Reward

N/A N/A Auto-Counter
U.F.O. (R) Front Formation Change
Bomber (R) Right Fira-G
Bomber (R) Front Sphere Helm-G
Bomber (G) Front Screw Propeller-G
U.F.O. (R) Front Thundara-G
Shield (R) Left 10 Material-G
Bomber (R) Front Booster-G
Icon Mission 2.png
Rank Score Reward
Icon Rank S.png 350 Moogle Model
Icon Rank A.png 300 Storm-G
Icon Rank B.png 250 Round Light-G
Icon Rank C.png 200 Antenna-G
Icon Rank D.png 150 Laser Upgrade
Icon Rank E.png 100 Thundaga-G
Icon EX.png
Fly an Invincible model from the sample blueprints!
Icon Rank S.png 350 Boomerang-G
Icon Mission 2.png
Enemy Screen Reward

Gatling Ship (R) Left Screw Propeller-G
Gatling Ship (G) Front Neon Orb-G
Bomber (R) Right Fira-G
Knight Head (R) Front Comet-G
Knight Head (R) Front Screw Propeller-G
Shield (R) Back Orichalcum-G
Shield (G) Front Large Rotor-G
Icon Mission 3.png
Rank Score Reward
Icon Rank S.png 1000000 Solid Helm-G
Icon Rank A.png 900000 Storm-G
Icon Rank B.png 800000 Screw Propeller-G
Icon Rank C.png 700000 Firaga-G
Icon Rank D.png 600000 Blizzaga-G
Icon Rank E.png 500000 Meteor-G
Icon EX.png
Fly a Gummi Ship with no Weapon Gummies!
Icon Rank S.png 1000000 Mast-G
Icon Mission 3.png
Enemy Screen Reward

U.F.O. (R) Front Rotor-G
Gatling Ship (R) Left Fira-G
Gatling Ship (R) Front Comet-G
Bomber (G) Front Neon Bar-G
Bomber (R) Back Storm-G
Bomber (R) Front Firaga-G
Bomber (G) Front Vortex-G
Knight Head (R) Front Square Light-G
Knight Head (R) Front Screw Propeller-G
Shield (R) Front Flat Helm-G
U.F.O. (R) Front Propeller-G
Shield (G) Back Vortex-G
Shield (R) Front Large Rotor-G
Bomber (R) Front Thruster-G

Splash Island is a Gummi Mission available in Kingdom Hearts II. Upon completion the first time through, it unlocks Atlantica for regular gameplay.


Mission 1[edit]

As soon as the mission starts, prepare to attack the numerous enemies on the ground for easy additional points. This level introduces two new enemies, the Submarine and Bomber. Although a bit stronger in HP, the Submarine's attacks are easy to avoid; simply remain still and allow the Gummi Ship to fly through the center of the Submarine's projected rings. The Bomber will fly onto the screen and fire numerous rockets. Shoot the Bombers down before they get too close to the Gummi Ship. Most enemies in this mission will attack in groups; especially the Knight Heads. At the end of the level a Dragonfly will appear, providing an opportunity to garner more points. This level is somewhat short, meaning the player should use a Gummi Ship that has a lot of weapon Gummis, such as the Falcon Peak. Equipping the "Draw" and "Medal Converter" Gummi Ship abilities is also helpful. Defeat all groups of red and basic Bombers in the beginning of the level to eventually spawn a gold Bomber.

Mission 2[edit]

As the level begins the camera will shift behind the Gummi Ship. Here you will encounter wave after wave of enemies that are much closer to the Gummi Ship than before, thus leaving less room to dodge attacks. A Gummi Ship with a great arsenal of weapon Gummis will do better than a defensive Gummi Ship. Again, the Falcon Peak blueprint will do well here. In the beginning of the level, defeat all basic and red Bombers to summon a gold Bomber. A Dragonfly will appear, but do not spend all time focused on it; this mission is ranked according to the number of enemies defeated, not the quality. About halfway through the level three Dragonflies will appear. Again, do not get distracted by them for there will be swarms of basic Knight Heads in the background. Defeating all groups of Shield enemies will summon a gold Shield at the end of the level. Defeat the gold Shield to earn a Large Rotor/G Gummi. At the end of the level, a final barrage of Knight Heads will appear. Keep a finger on cross button and blast through the wave of enemies. Defeating at least 350 enemies will earn an "S" rank.