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Gimmick Card

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The Gimmick Card (ギミックカード Gimikku Kādo?) is a special Card that can be obtained during certain boss battles. It depicts a green Hidden Mickey. The card acts as a 0 card, but cannot be broken and will still take effect if used against another 0 card. Using a Gimmick Card will generate effects that can give Sora and Riku the upper hand.

Gimmick Card Effects[edit]

A Gimmick Card being used on the Guard Armor.
Boss Effect
Guard Armor The Guard Armor collapses into a pile and does not attack.
Trickmaster The table and chair reappear in the middle of the arena, allowing the Trickmaster's weaker head and chest to be attacked. In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, the Trickmaster is stunned as well.
Jafar All the floor panels rise to the highest level, allowing Iago to be more easily attacked.
Parasite Cage The rotating platforms are replaced with one large platform.[KH CoM]
The stomach acid disappears.[KH Re:CoM]
Oogie Boogie The metal fence guarding Oogie Boogie drops into the floor. In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Oogie Boogie is stunned as well.
Ursula Ursula's tentacles disappear, and she drops her head to the ground. In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Ursula gags on a sharp intake of water and is stunned as well.
Dragon Maleficent A pile of stone blocks fall from the ceiling, allowing her head to be more easily attacked. Maleficent can break each platform layer when stepping.[KH CoM]
A floating platform appears that allows the player to reach Maleficent's head while also keeping them out of any flames on the ground.[KH Re:CoM]
Darkside A broken piece of wood flies in, allowing you to fly up to the Darkside's head for close-range attacks.[KH CoM]
Several pillars of rock form a staircase to the Darkside's head.[KH Re:CoM]