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Vivi KHII.png

Japanese ビビ
Rōmaji Bibi
Voice actors (Ja:) Ikue Ōtani
(En:) Melissa Disney
Homeworld Twilight Town
Origin Final Fantasy IX
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II
Final Fantasy IX

A boy who lives in Twilight Town. It's not so much that he follows Seifer. But he's so meek he does whatever he's told anyway, and usually gets stuck with the chores.

In spite of all that, Vivi likes Seifer and admires his strength.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
A meek boy from Twilight Town who does whatever Seifer wants.

Vivi is a minor character from Twilight Town who appears in Kingdom Hearts II. He is a member of Seifer's Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee, along with Fuu and Rai. Unlike the other members, he originates in Final Fantasy IX, making him one of two Final Fantasy characters in the Kingdom Hearts series not originally designed by Tetsuya Nomura, the other being Setzer.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

In The Other Twilight Town, Vivi enters the Struggle competition. He is possessed by a Dusk, granting him incredible combat prowess, allowing him to advance to the semi-finals and defeat Seifer. Roxas faces him in the final match and defeats him, causing the simulation to freeze and the fake Vivi to reveal its true Nobody form. When the simulation begins again, the real Vivi awakens, with no memory of his possession. Later, while investigating the Seven Wonders of Twilight Town, Roxas is attacked by fourteen copies of the fake Vivi in the tunnel near Sunset Hill. Another version of Vivi appears after Roxas defeats the copies, and though he acts normally, reveals himself to be a Dusk as well after Roxas leaves.

In the real Twilight Town, Vivi is often seen in the woods, practicing his Struggle technique. When Sora, Donald, and Goofy return to Twilight Town, Vivi is the first person they see, fleeing the sandlot and calling for help.


Vivi is a short, squat boy with inky black skin, glowing yellow eyes, and no other discernible facial features. He wears a sky blue coat with elaborate, dark blue stitching at the edges, secured by a tan string tied around four yellow buttons, though still opens to expose his pitch black torso. The white cuffs of this jacket are oversized and sport similar lining to the rest of the jacket, though brown instead of blue, and the sleeves cover half of his hands, which are themselves covered by brown gloves. The jacket also sports two large pockets on the front, each kept closed by a vertical white strap connected to a sky blue button. His pants are green and held up by a brown belt, and his shoes are brown with several raised tan stripes.

His large, tan hat resembles a face, with a large open zipper resembling a mouth in the middle of the hat, and two "eyes" just above this, shaped like a pale green star on the left and an oblong shape on the right. Above this, the hat flops over and curls. Near the brim is a wide brown strap, and on one side is a tear or seam that has been stitched with brown cord.


Unlike the rest of the Disciplinary Committee, Vivi is quiet, polite, and friendly. He is kind to Roxas in the simulation, offering to let him use his Struggle bat and secret training area for practice. He admires Seifer's strength, and though he trains to be as tough as his friends, he is far from a fighter. The fake Vivi's skill in the Struggle tournament comes as a surprise to the people of Twilight Town, and alerts Seifer that it is not really his friend. In the real Twilight Town, Vivi flees from the Sandlot in fear, calling for help while the rest of the Committee stays to fight.


Main article: Fake Vivi

Vivi is not shown to possess any special abilities or skills in his normal incarnation. However, when possessed by a Dusk in The Other Twilight Town, he is capable of multiple special abilities and techniques in battle. In addition to greatly increased speed and strength, the fake Vivi can float in the air, enlarge his Struggle bat, and use magic to augment his physical attacks.


Vivi FFIX.png

Vivi Ornitier was one of the main protagonists of Final Fantasy IX, the final main game in the series to be released for the original PlayStation. He is one of many mass-produced Black Mages created by the main antagonist, Kuja. Most of Vivi's conflicts come from his own lack of self-confidence, fearing his own powers, and easily being led astray by lies. However, the one thing that haunts him the most is his real identity, often questioning his own existence as his race initially appears to be soulless with a fatally short life expectancy.


  • Vivi is the only Struggle participant in The Other Twilight Town that Sora cannot fight in the real Twilight Town.