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Replica Xehanort

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Replica Xehanort

Replica Xehanort KHIII.png

Japanese レプリカ・ゼアノート
Rōmaji Repurika Zeanōto

Type Replica
Voice actors (Ja:) Akio Ōtsuka (KHIII Re Mind)
(En:) Christopher Lloyd (KHIII Re Mind)
Homeworld Scala ad Caelum
Keyblade Graveyard
Game Kingdom Hearts III

The Replica Xehanorts are a set of twelve replicas created from the members of the real Organization XIII.


Before Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

During his time with Organization XIII, Vexen created twenty replicas as part of his research. While two of these replicas—Riku Replica and Xion—went on to become successful in their own right, and the six that followed would come to be used as vessels for the real Organization XIII members who traveled through time, the initial twelve were deemed as failures, barely considered to be human at all.[1]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Cutscene image
The Replica Xehanorts assemble at Scala ad Caelum.

As part of Xehanort's final plan, Vexen is recruited to refine the initial twelve replicas to make them closer to real humans,[2] which are converted into the Replica Xehanorts. The completed replicas appear in Scala ad Caelum, having been summoned by Master Xehanort. Initially appearing as phantoms of the original Xehanort, they soon take on a new form, wearing purple cloaks with silver masks hiding their faces. The twelve replicas vanish, hiding in four smaller groups for surprise attacks. After being defeated by the trio, the replicas are absorbed by Master Xehanort to increase his powers, transforming him into Armored Xehanort.

After Sora manages to break his armor, Master Xehanort releases the Replica Xehanorts to battle the Guardians of Light at the Keyblade Graveyard. The Replicas manage to trap Lea, Roxas, Xion, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, and Riku in a dark void, leaving a weakened Mickey to fight them. With future Sora lending aid, Mickey temporarily disperses the replicas and pulls everyone out of the void.

Following Master Xehanort's desire to keep the pure light away from the Guardians, the replicas return once more, this time merging into a copy of Armored Xehanort. The Armored Xehanort faces off with Sora, who restored Kairi with the power of waking. Sora and Kairi fight the combined replicas, and they are finished off by a combined attack from all of the Guardians of Light. Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind


Unlike Riku Replica and Xion, these replicas do not express any individuality of their own; they only act on Master Xehanort's orders. Despite this, the replicas show they are capable of cooperative action and tactical thinking.

The replicas are silent and never speak, but when they are combined into a copy of Armored Xehanort, they are capable of minimal speech.


The Replica Xehanorts wear a black suit of armor with red outlines and a black and silver mask with spikes. Their greaves are silver with red outlines, and their gauntlets are red and serrated. Their boots are silver and red with high heels. Over this suit of armor they wear a dark purple tunic decorated with red and two black belts around their waist.


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The Replica Xehanorts each use the abilities and signature weapons of the fallen Organization members. Ansem's replica does not use a weapon, instead fighting with Ansem's dark powers. All the weapons have a blue glow that obscures most of their features. While they appear in groups of three-to-four, the replicas tend to attack one at a time, while the others hang back. Should one replica be countered or attacked, another will use the opportunity to attack Sora. Each group has a replica with long distance attacks, be it Fair Game, Foudre, Sharpshooter or Ansem's dark powers. Marluxia's replica can also make surprise attacks from behind, dealing damage with a horizontal spinning scythe attack. In order to avoid Sora, they rely on teleportation and quick attacks, often "tagging out" with other replicas to confuse Sora.

When fighting the Guardians of Light at the Keyblade Graveyard, the Replica Xehanorts all wield the No Name Keyblade. They are far more aggressive and coordinated, launching many synchronized attacks against the defending Guardians. When fused into Armored Xehanort, the replicas wield thirteen No Names, holding one in hand and controlling the other twelve telekinetically, and utilize the attacks that Master Xehanort used during his time as Armored Xehanort.



Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Secret Report 7, Vexen: "In my work on the Replica Program for the Organization, I produced some twenty vessels. Most of the early results were failures, not one of them granted a number. The first success to emerge from that early lot was the Riku replica. Subsequently, Xion (No. i) was essentially indistinguishable from a natural human, though she became unstable due to the influence of others. Using those two as my foundation, I worked to construct a number of nigh-perfect replicas, but just as they neared completion, my efforts were cut short. I suspect Xehanort aims to use both the initial lot as well as the unused replicas from my later work."
  2. ^ Secret Report 8, Vexen: "Xemnas cannot exist in the present because there is already a Xehanort here: the old man in charge. The old man's humanity prevents his Heartless and Nobody, others vanquished in the past, and his younger self from being denizens of this time. To circumvent this, Xehanort is using the prototype replicas I created in the past as containers, plucking his other selves' hearts from the time they existed. Xehanort ordered me to refine the prototypes, to make them closer still to the real thing. Perfecting my creations so they may house true, flesh-and-blood humans suits my own purposes as well."