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Verum Rex: Beat of Lead

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Verum Rex Logo
Verum Rex: Beat of Lead logo.

Verum Rex: Beat of Lead is a mini-game that appears in Kingdom Hearts III. It is first played when entering the Video Game store in Toy Box, and can be played at any time after being initially completed.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Beat of Lead is a demo for Verum Rex on display at Galaxy Toys' third-floor video game store. Rex comes to the store in pursuit of a Verum Rex strategy guide, causing Sora, Donald, Goofy, Woody, and Buzz to collect him when preparing to leave. While there, Young Xehanort has a Marionette possess Buzz in order to test the bonds of the toys' hearts; when Sora attempts to intervene, Young Xehanort blasts him towards the display console, teleporting him into the demo. After completing the demo, Sora is freed from the console.


Verum Rex: Beat of Lead start screen.

The objective of the demo is to defeat Gigas enemies in order to rack up points. Defeating Gigas in a string will provide a score multiplier; defeating Gigas via the use of various traps will provide bonus points. After a certain threshold of enemies is defeated, Ace Gigas begin to appear, worth more points. Meeting another threshold will cause the final boss, the Hyper Ace Gigas, to appear, and will cause the rest of the Gigas to disappear; defeating the Hyper Ace Gigas will clear the demo.

Sora begins next to an unpiloted Speed Class Gigas which he can mount immediately. Once an enemy Gigas is defeated, Sora can eject from his Gigas to mount it. Little Ace Gigas cannot be mounted; as the demo ends once the Hyper Ace Gigas is defeated, it too cannot be mounted. Ace Gigas maintain their higher damage output when mounted by Sora. If Sora chooses not to mount a Gigas, he can fight enemy Gigas with his Keyblade as per normal gameplay; however, Sora is limited to his Kingdom Key and cannot change weapons, regardless of his equipment options beforehand, and magic shortcuts use a pre-fixed layout rather than adhering to the player's settings. The only Link Summon that Sora can access is Meow Wow Balloon. Second Form and Rage Form are available as usual.

Points can be obtained by satisfying various conditions.

Condition Points
Defeating a Gigas 5,000
Defeating an Ace Gigas 10,000
Defeating a Little Ace Gigas 99,999
Defeating the Hyper Ace Gigas 50,000
Defeating an enemy with an explosive tank ("Heat Blast") (base points) x2
Defeating an enemy with the zap floor ("Zap Trap") (base points) x3
Defeating an enemy with the crane ("Crystal Smash") (base points) x5

At the end of the mini-game, meeting certain objectives will also reward bonus points.

Bonus Condition Points
All Traps Use all 3 types of traps: the explosive tanks, the zap floor, and the crane that drops debris. 350,000
Overchain Get a high combo chain 400,000
Blaster Ace Defeat several enemies with a Gigas's blaster shots 550,000
Furious Fist Defeat several enemies with a Gigas's punches 700,000
Multi-Mash Defeat several enemies simultaneously with a trap 750,000
Trap Wizard Defeat several enemies with traps 1,000,000
Ride 'Em All Defeat at least one enemy while riding each of the 6 types of Gigas (Power, Speed, Gunner, Ace Power, Ace Speed, and Ace Gunner) 1,500,000
Single Ride Complete the mini-game using only a single Gigas 2,000,000
Ultimate Warrior Defeat the Hyper Ace Gigas without taking damage 3,000,000


Points Required Rank Reward
10,000,000 Points A Focus Syphon, Strength Boost, Master Medal
8,000,000 - 9,999,999 Points B Junior Medal
6,000,000 - 7,999,999 Points C Wellspring Stone
0-5,999,999 Points D Wellspring Shard