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I'm carrying on what you yourself began, and I'm creating a brand new world, one heart at a time.
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Ironic. Fix-It Felix destroyed this world image, not Ralph.
World logo for Niceland
Kana ナイスランド

Romaji Naisurando
Game Kingdom Hearts Union χ

Origin Wreck-It Ralph

KHχ tracks
Field theme - Welcome to Niceland
File:Welcome to Niceland KHUX.ogg
Battle theme - I'm Gonna Wreck It!
File:I'm Gonna Wreck It! KHUX.ogg
KHUχ tracks
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Niceland is a world within Game Central Station introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. It is based on the game 'Fix It Felix Jr' featured in the Disney film Wreck-It Ralph.

Settings and Areas[edit]

The world consists of the Station area, the Brick Pile where Ralph lives, and the Apartment building where the Nicelanders live, Felix also lives in the Penthouse.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross][edit]

When the Player arrives at the station, having followed the Heartless, they notice the Apartment building overrun with Heartless and proceed to it. As they reach the Apartment Street they notice Ralph atop the Apartment, smashing the building and assume he is a bad guy so climb the building to defeat him. However after knocking Ralph off the building, Felix shows up and scolds the Player for interfering in their game, before explaining that Ralph's job is to wreak the building and Felix fixes it. Afterwards the Player goes to find Ralph in the Brick Pile but can't find him, Chirithy then spots fireworks and remarks that there must be a party going on. The Player returns to the apartment building and makes their way up to the Penthouse, where they overhear an argument between Ralph and the Nicelanders, after which Ralph leaves before they get a chance to talk to him. Felix comes and explains that it's the 30th Anniversary of their game and that Ralph means well but doesn't get on with the other characters. As the Player leaves they are attacked by more Heartless. After defeating them, Felix appears and informs the Player that Ralph has disappeared, and that their game has been put out of order. Felix further explains that if Ralph doesn't return the game will be unplugged and asks the Player to find him. The Player agrees and returns to Game Central Station.

The Player later returns to find Ralph in the empty Penthouse, feeling sad that he hurt Vanellope's feelings, even though it was to protect her. He throws away his Hero's Duty medal, which hits the screen knocking the out of order poster loose. Ralph then notices the Sugar Rush game in the arcade and that Vanellope's picture is on the cover. He then gets an idea and asks the Player to help him find Vanellope, before dragging the Player back to Candy Kingdom.