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Official render for Maximus

Japanese マキシマス
Rōmaji Makishimasu
Homeworld Kingdom of Corona
Origin Tangled
Game Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III
Tangled (2010)

The proud, white steed belonging to the captain of the royal guards. Maximus was chasing after Flynn, but begrudgingly agreed to work with him at Rapunzel's request.

Maximus is a character from the Kingdom of Corona in Kingdom Hearts III. He originated in the Disney film Tangled.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Rapunzel convinces Maximus and Flynn to cooperate.

Maximus has been hunting down Flynn Rider for some time before the arrival of the Heartless.[1] After Sora, Donald, and Goofy save him from the Heartless, Flynn mentions that he doesn't need the Heartless on his trail since he is already running from Maximus, but brushes it off when Donald questions him. Maximus eventually locates Flynn, but Rapunzel convinces the horse to set aside his rivalry with Flynn for her sake. Maximus accompanies the group to the Kingdom of Corona, and helps Flynn realize his feelings for Rapunzel by pushing him into a dancing crowd.

After Rapunzel is kidnapped by Mother Gothel, Flynn rides on Maximus to Gothel's tower. Finding Sora knocked unconscious by Marluxia, Flynn has Maximus wake Sora up before taking Sora, Donald, and Goofy to the tower. Maximus accompanies Flynn and Rapunzel following her rescue and Flynn's resurrection as Flynn reveals his real name as Eugene Fitzherbert. When Eugene denies any romantic feelings for her, Sora playfully orders Maximus to get Eugene, much to Eugene's discomfort.

Sometime after Xehanort's defeat, Maximus and Pascal watch as Eugene and Rapunzel embrace.


Maximus is a white horse with a platinum-blond mane and tail, brown eyes, and a grey muzzle. He is equipped with a brown saddle that has yellow, black, and red patterns, as well as a brown satchel. On his chest is the emblem of Corona with his name embossed on it.


Maximus is initially determined and focused only on arresting Flynn. Underneath this exterior, however, is a small degree of kindness. After encountering Rapunzel, Maximus becomes more compassionate, helping Flynn save her from Mother Gothel. He is also aware of Flynn's feelings for Rapunzel, pushing him into a crowd so that Flynn could dance with her.

Despite being a horse, Maximus sometimes displays dog-like mannerisms, such as wagging his tail when happy and sitting on his haunches.


Maximus first appeared in the 2010 Disney animated film Tangled. In the film, he is the horse of the Captain of the Guard with a grudge against Flynn Rider. He spends part of the film pursuing Flynn to arrest him, but is charmed by Rapunzel to help her fulfill her dream of seeing the lanterns that appear on her birthday.

Notes and references[edit]

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