Tech Points

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Tech Points are a special type of experience points in Kingdom Hearts. Tech Points are earned when the player exploits an enemy's weakness, parries an enemy attack with an attack of their own, or uses an enemy's attack against themselves (usually deflecting some sort of projectile attack). Some common ways to earn Tech Points include the following, with examples:

  • Parry an opponent's melee attack (Many enemies)
  • Reflect an opponent's projectile and hit them with it (Ice Titan)
  • Use a special attack the opponent is weak to (hitting Red Nocturne with Blizzard)

There are also other ways to earn Tech Points. The first time the player can earn Tech Points is while fighting their friends on Destiny Islands; when Wakka throws his Blitzball, the player can attack to reflect it back at them. Soon after, when fighting Leon in Traverse Town, the player can again earn Tech Points. When Leon fires a fireball, if the player times their attack to deflect the fireball back at him, Leon will be stunned and the player will earn two Tech Points - one for blocking the attack and another for hitting Leon with it.

Tech Points are a requirement for some enemies. Rock Titan gives a single Tech Point whenever damaged in any way, while Ice Titan gives 24 Tech Points if the player deflects its icicles.

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