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Battlegates are fifteen challenges to battle waves of enemies in Kingdom Hearts III. They are available in various worlds and are unlocked near the end of the game. They can be fought to unlock Secret Reports, as well as quickly level up.


Battlegate 1[edit]

Battlegate 2[edit]

Battlegate 3[edit]

Battlegate 4[edit]

Battlegate 5[edit]

Battlegate 6[edit]

Battlegate 7[edit]

Battlegate 8[edit]

Battlegate 9[edit]

Battlegate 10[edit]

Battlegate 11[edit]

Battlegate 12[edit]

Battlegate 13[edit]

Battlegate 14[edit]

  • Location: Keyblade Graveyard, The Badlands
  • Difficulty: ★★★
  • Reward: Crystal Regalia