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Battlegates (バトルポータル Batoru Pōtaru?, lit. "Battle Portal") are fifteen challenges to battle waves of enemies in Kingdom Hearts III. Battlegate 0 is available when first visiting the Keyblade Graveyard, while the other Battlegates are unlocked after beating the game. Battlegates can be challenged to unlock Secret Reports and selfie poses.


Number of Battlegates cleared
(excluding Battlegate 0)
5 Battlegates cleared "Palm of Your Hand" selfie pose
10 Battlegates cleared "Yoink!" selfie pose
14 Battlegates cleared "Finger Smack" selfie pose

List of Battlegates[edit]

Battlegate 0[edit]

Battlegate 1[edit]

Battlegate 2[edit]

Battlegate 3[edit]

Battlegate 4[edit]

Battlegate 5[edit]

Battlegate 6[edit]

Battlegate 7[edit]

Battlegate 8[edit]

Battlegate 9[edit]

Battlegate 10[edit]

Battlegate 11[edit]

Battlegate 12[edit]

Battlegate 13[edit]

Battlegate 14[edit]

  • Location: Keyblade Graveyard, The Badlands
  • Difficulty: ★★★
  • Reward: Crystal Regalia