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Cargo Climb

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Cargo Climb mini-game from Kingdom Hearts II.

Cargo Climb (にもつはこび Nimotsu Hakobi?) is a mini-game playable by both Sora and Roxas in Kingdom Hearts II, although only the latter receives munny for it.


The cart that must be moved in the Cargo Climb mini-game.

The ideal objective is to hit a bag of cargo up into a garage using the Keyblade. Once it is finished you will get paid munny, according to the amount of time taken to lift the bag up into the garage.


Sora's reward[edit]

To unlock the secret ending, you need to complete Jiminy's Journal. Part of finishing Twilight Town's entry involves playing this minigame. The Jiminy objective is to complete this minigame within fifteen seconds.

Roxas's reward[edit]

If this minigame is completed in a certain time frame, he will receive various amounts of munny.

Less than 30 seconds 50 Munny
30 to 60 seconds 30 Munny
Greater than 60 seconds 10 Munny


Transport the cargo to the top of the hill by hitting it. Press R1 to lock onto the cargo from behind. Continue swinging to keep the cargo from rolling down the hill. Watch for a combo to lift it into the air. When this occurs, hit the cargo again to send it flying. Missing this attack causes the cargo to land with a thud; jump aside to dodge the ensuing shockwave.

Advanced tactics[edit]

Finishing up a combo is essential to sending the cargo up the hill. Equip the "Negative Combo" ability and any weapons (such as Fenrir) that further decrease your combo. When the cargo is knocked into the air, follow it up with a quick strike while locked onto it. Try to stay as centered as possible to prevent running into the sidewalls.


Cargo Climb