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Special Commands (特殊なコマンド Tokushuna Komando?) are a gameplay element in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. They allow unique actions to be performed in certain contexts, filling the role of the Reaction Command system. Most Special Commands are activated with the Base Command by pressing X (Circle in the Japanese version). Some Special Commands used during battle are activated with Square.

Outside of combat, a set of general Special Commands allow the player to open Treasure Chests, use Save Points, and interact with characters and objects in the environment. In battle, the main type of Special Command is cooperation attacks, which allow the player to team up with a party member. Reprisal commands are also classified as part of the Special Command system.

List of Special Commands[edit]

General Special Commands[edit]

Command Description Context
Talk (はなす
Speak with a non-playable character. When near a non-playable character.
Open (あける
Open a Treasure Chest. Large chests initiate an animation; Terra forcefully taps the chest, Ventus throws his Keyblade in the air before tapping the chest, and Aqua twirls her Keyblade like a baton before tapping the chest. When near a Treasure Chest.
Examine (しらべる
Interact with an object in the field. Sometimes triggers a cutscene. When near an interactive object.
Save (セーブ
Open the save menu. When standing on a Save Point.
Shop (かいもの
Open the shop menu. When near a Moogle.
Use Transporter ([?]
Teleport between the two platforms in the Hub of the Mirage Arena. When standing on the circles at the edge of each platform.
Log In ([?]
Open the menu to choose a Mirage Arena event. When near the machine in the Hub.
Start ([?]
Begin a Mirage Arena event. When standing in the centre of the Hub after choosing a Mirage Arena event.
Proceed (先へすすむ
Saki e Susumu
?, lit. "Proceed Ahead")
Continue to the Foyer. Terra: When near Cinderella after escorting her to the end of the Corridor.
Goal (ゴール!
End an escort sequence. Ventus: When near Snow White after escorting her to the small clearing in the Deep Woods.
Aqua: When near Jaq after escorting him to the entrance of the mousehole in the Wardrobe Room.

Battle Special Commands[edit]

See also: Reprisal command (KHBBS)
Command Description Context
Astro Shot (アストロシュート
Asutoro Shūto
?, lit. "Astro Shoot")
Throws Experiment 626 at enemies. Against Gantu, Stitch grabs hold of his head to momentarily keep him from attacking. Aqua: Press Square while standing near Experiment 626 when he starts jumping.
Astro Strike (アストロストライク
Asutoro Sutoraiku
Throws Experiment 626 at the Metamorphosis to attack. Ventus: Press Square while standing near Experiment 626 when he starts jumping. Used when the Metamorphosis is out of range.
Avenger Rush (ラッシュカウンター
Rasshu Kauntā
?, lit. "Rush Counter")
Counterattack with a flurry of blows. Ventus: Successfully defend Snow White from an attack from an Unversed in the Deep Woods.
Ventus: Successfully defend Mickey Mouse from an attack from the Masked Boy at the Badlands.
Avenger Save (セイバーカウンター
Seibā Kauntā
?, lit. "Saver Counter")
Shatter a barrier and send it flying into enemies. Aqua: Successfully defend Jaq from an attack while escorting him.
Aqua: Successfully defend Prince Philip from an attack while escaping the Hall and the Gates.
Aqua: Successfully defend Hercules from an attack while fighting at the Coliseum Gates.
Aqua: Successfully defend Mickey Mouse from an attack while fighting at the Front Doors and Keyblade Graveyard.
Avenger Tornado (トルネドカウンター
Torunedo Kauntā
?, lit. "Tornado Counter")
Performs a spinning strike while unleashing a tornado that sends foes skyward. Ventus: Successfully defend Hercules or Zack from an attack during the first fight alongside both.
Bronco Strike (ロデオストライク
Rodeo Sutoraiku
?, lit. "Rodeo Strike")
Deliver a five-hit combo to Lucifer's head while he's stunned, filling the command gauge. Ventus: Press Square after avoiding Lucifer's pouncing attack, then correctly input six random buttons until Lucifer collides with the furniture.
Burst of Faith (ホーリーバースト
Hōrī Bāsuto
?, lit. "Holy Burst")
Spin together with Mickey and release a shower of light. Repeatedly pressing X increases the duration of the attack and shoots off sparks. Aqua: Team attack with Mickey Mouse when fighting alongside him at the Front Doors and Keyblade Graveyard.
Ventus: Press Square to perform a team attack with Mickey Mouse when fighting alongside him at the Badlands.
Dual Limit (デュアルリミット
Dyuaru Rimitto
Team attack with Terra to perform a variation of Trinity Limit against Terra-Xehanort's Dark Figure. Aqua: Press Square after approaching Terra when he appears on the field, then time the attack as the command appears.
Healing Light (ヒールライト
Hīru Raito
?, lit. "Heal Light")
Revive a fallen party member. Repeatedly press X near a fallen party member during a multiplayer Arena Mode match.
Joint Force (ジョイントフォース
Jointo Fōsu
Fire an orb of light at Maleficent to cancel her attack and inflict sleep. Ventus: Press Square when Maleficent uses her Cursed Light attack to warp to the zone protected by Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Then press the buttons clockwise when indicated 8 times.
Last Dance (ラストダンス
Rasuto Dansu
Counterattack by striking the ground and attacking surrounding enemies with the aftershock. Terra: Successfully defend Cinderella from an attack while escorting her.
Selfless Prince (プリンズセッション
Purinsu Sesshon
?, lit. "Prince Session")
Prince Phillip launches Aqua into the air and she comes slamming downwards to create footholds to reach higher platforms. Also used against Maleficent in dragon form to cancel her Firaga Breath or to reach her back while she's flying. Aqua: Press Square when near Phillip after being prompted to launch Aqua.
Swing Slash (スイングスラッシュ Suingu Surasshu?) Team attack with Hercules. Swings Ventus around with Left Stick and releases him with X. Ventus: Press Square when near Hercules when prompted during the second fight with him at the Town near Thebes.
Turnover (ターンオーバー
Tān Ōbā
The Cursed Coach gets knocked on its head. Aqua: Successfully guard against one of the Cursed Coach's attacks.
White Calm (ホワイトサイレンス
Howaito Sairensu
?, lit. "White Silence")
Counterattack by creating a swirling wind that sends enemies skyward and nullifies the attacks from the trees. Ventus: Successfully defend Snow White from an attack from a tree in the Deep Woods.