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You may be looking for the original Organization XIII or the manga chapter.
The members of the real Organization XIII.

The real Organization XIII (真のXIII機関 Shin no Jūsan Kikan?), also known as the thirteen seekers of darkness (13人の闇の探求者 Jūsannin no Yami no Tankyūsha?) or simply Organization XIII or the Organization, is a group consisting of thirteen different incarnations of Master Xehanort who seek to reforge the χ-blade and unlock the original Kingdom Hearts to remake the world. They serve as the final antagonists of the Dark Seeker Saga.

The true purpose of the original Organization XIII led by Xemnas was for each of the Nobody members to host a fragment of Master Xehanort's heart, turning them into clones of Xehanort, but the members' unforeseen independence made this goal impossible to realize. However, in anticipation of this failure, Master Xehanort had arranged to send Ansem, Seeker of Darkness back in time to his youth, to meet Young Xehanort and become a portal[?], travelling to different periods of time and gathering different incarnations of Xehanort who would be added to the ranks of a new Organization.

Due to the time travelling nature of many of the hearts comprising the Organization, future members first appeared in Kingdom Hearts with at least one making an appearance in every game since. As a group, it was first alluded to by Yen Sid in Signs of What's Next when he claims that one Keyblade Master will not be enough to counter what is "not a single one of Xehanort", before making its official introduction in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

Unlike the original Organization XIII, the real Organization XIII is not composed exclusively of Nobodies; some of the members are complete people, while others are time travelling hearts hosted within replica bodies. Despite full knowledge of the purpose of this new Organization, many members use it as a means to fulfil their own independent goals, rather than out of loyalty to Xehanort.


Before Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Xehanort meets Ansem, his Heartless from the future.

Young Xehanort was visited by his future self's Heartless Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and told of the great plans Master Xehanort has in store. Given his task, but limited by the rules of time travel, Xehanort left his body behind and journeyed into the future to make contact with the right hearts needed for the backup Organization.

Before Kingdom Hearts

Unable to physically interact with the world without a body to reside in, Young Xehanort acquired one in the form of Even's newly created replicas and begins his mission.[citation needed]

Young Xehanort recruited Vanitas, whose heart is incomplete, and brought his heart with him.

Young Xehanort arrived after the creation of Terra-Xehanort, and collected his heart as well.

Kingdom Hearts

Young Xehanort arrived during the time Ansem, Seeker of Darkness existed within Riku's body, and collected his heart as well.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Young Xehanort arrived in the days after the original Organization XIII finished filling its ranks. He collected the heart of Xion, before her personality had taken shape.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

Once the Riku Replica was brainwashed into believing himself the real Riku, Young Xehanort collected his heart as well.

Kingdom Hearts coded

With the demise of Ansem and Xemnas, both Terra and Master Xehanort began reviving. However, before Terra could escape, Young Xehanort arrived and implanted Terra-Xehanort's heart into him, forcing Terra's own heart into Xehanort's guardian.

Braig asks Young Xehanort which of the former Organization XIII members will become Master Xehanort's next vessel.

Young Xehanort arrives at the Heartless Manufactory just as Ansem the Wise's apprentices revive, and before they awaken. He wakes Braig and informs him that, due to the failure of the original Organization XIII, the backup Real Organization XIII must be completed. Braig agrees to be turned back into his Nobody, Xigbar, and they select Isa to join as well, in the form of Saïx, before leaving.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

The real Organization XIII gathers together for the first time.

Shortly after being revived, Lauriam, Elrena, as well as Demyx and Luxord's original selves were approached by members of the new Organization and agreed to become Nobodies again.[?]

Although Even was also revived, he remained comatose due to the grievous wounds Axel had inflicted upon his body when he destroyed Vexen.[1] Once he finally awoke, he was approached by Saïx and invited to return to being Vexen, under the pretense of continuing his research on replicas, while in truth plotting to sabotage the Organization's plans to absolve the pair's prior misdeeds.[2]

With Vexen's stock of replicas, Young Xehanort was able to deposit his own heart, as well as those he had collected from the past, into new bodies, allowing them to begin operations.[3] Vexen and Demyx were demoted to reserves,[4] while with their new bodies, Ansem, Xemnas, Young Xehanort, Vanitas, and the Riku Replica, now called "Dark Riku", work together to put Master Xehanort's plan into motion, interfering with Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery exam within the Sleeping Worlds in order to lure Sora to The World That Never Was so that they can abduct him and make him one of Xehanort's vessels.

Having baited Sora to The World That Never Was, Young Xehanort is aided by Xemnas and Xigbar in trapping the Keyblade wielder deep within the abyss of sleep. Afterward, he ferries the boy to Where Nothing Gathers in the real world and convenes eleven of the Organization's current thirteen members, excluding Xion, Vexen, and Demyx[5] to await the completion of Master Xehanort's revival.

Master Xehanort attempts to make Sora into the final vessel, but when Sora is rescued by Riku, Mickey, and company, the Organization disperses to their proper times,[?] while Master Xehanort remains confident that in time he will complete his Organization.

Kingdom Hearts III

Members of the real Organization are dispersed across different worlds to complete different tasks and antagonize Sora, Donald, Goofy, and their allies. With Sora having rescued Aqua and Ventus to complete the Seven Guardians of Light, Xion ultimately takes the last spot in his place.

All thirteen members of the real Organization confront the opposing guardians at the Keyblade Graveyard, sending endless armies of Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed to test their worth. After their opponents managed to survive the waves of monsters, Master Xehanort and his newly formed Organization meet them at the crossroads for the final showdown. He creates a maze and dispersed the members into different groups to fight the guardians.

One by one, the Organization are defeated: Ansem, Xemnas, and Vanitas are destroyed; Young Xehanort is sent back to his time; Dark Riku is vanquished by Riku Replica; Saïx, Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene are recompleted; Terra-Xehanort is vanquished by Terra's heart; Xion defects when Roxas reached out to her through Sora; and Master Xehanort departs for the afterlife upon defeat. Xigbar manages to survive, leaving him as the sole survivor of the real Organization.


By the time the real Organization XIII is ready to re-enact the Keyblade War they are composed of thirteen active members, with two additional members serving as reserves. Additionally, Vexen creates twelve newer replicas from each of the active members of the Organization save Master Xehanort himself, to replenish their ranks should the need arise.[citation needed] Despite twelve of the members being defeated, Master Xehanort summons their remnants into the Replica Xehanorts when Sora confronts him at Scala ad Caelum.

Type Name Weapon Status
Main Master Xehanort No Name
Master Xehanort is his recompleted self in human form. He was destroyed, and ascended to the afterlife.
Main Young Xehanort Young Xehanort's Keyblade
Young Xehanort's heart, taken from the past, was implanted in one of Vexen's replicas. He was destroyed, and his heart returned to the past.
Main Terra-Xehanort No Name
Terra-Xehanort's heart was implanted in Terra's recompleted body. Terra's heart was returned to his body, expelling and destroying Terra-Xehanort's heart.
Main Ansem, Seeker of Darkness Ansem's heart, taken from the past, was implanted in one of Vexen's replicas. He was destroyed.
Main Xemnas Interdiction
(ethereal blades)
Xemnas's heart, taken from the past, was implanted in one of Vexen's replicas. He was destroyed.
Main Vanitas Void Gear
Vanitas's heart, taken from the past, was implanted in one of Vexen's replicas. He was destroyed.
Main Xigbar Sharpshooter
(arrow guns)
Braig agreed to return to his Nobody form, Xigbar. He is still alive, and is presumed to have returned to human form.
Reserve Vexen Frozen Pride
Even agreed to return to his Nobody form, Vexen. He survived the war and returned to human form.
Main Saïx Lunatic
Isa agreed to return to his Nobody form, Saïx. He is still alive, having returned to human form after his defeat.
Reserve Demyx Arpeggio
Demyx's human self agreed to return to his Nobody form. He is presumed to have survived the war and returned to human form.
Main Luxord Fair Game
Luxord's human self agreed to return to his Nobody form. He is presumed to have returned to human form after his defeat.
Main Marluxia Graceful Dahlia
Lauriam agreed to return to his Nobody form, Marluxia. He is presumed to have returned to human form after his defeat.
Main Larxene Foudre
Elrena agreed to return to her Nobody form, Larxene. She is presumed to have returned to human form after her defeat.
Main Dark Riku Soul Eater
The Riku Replica's heart, taken from the period when he was brainwashed, was implanted in one of Vexen's replicas. He was destroyed, but his perfected replica body was left behind and recovered by the Guardians.
Main Xion Replica Kingdom Key
Xion's heart, taken from the period before she developed her own personality, was implanted in one of Vexen's replicas. She survived the war, having defected to the Guardians after Sora returned her present-day heart.


Main members
Reserve members

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Notes and references

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