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Skull Board

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Issues: Opponent command cards

Skull Board
Skull Board Map KHBBS.png
Buy up the expensive zones early and make opponents cough up GP.
Japanese スカルボード
Rōmaji Sukaru Bōdo
World Never Land
Opponents Peter Pan
Captain Hook
Complete Never Land.
GP Goals 12000
Starting GP 1500
Checkpoint panel
GP reward
GP Up panel
Initial rate 5%
Increase 5%
MAX rate 20%

The Skull Board is a Command Board that appears in the international release of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It is shaped like a skull.

Special Panel[edit]

The Special Panel for this board is Pixie Dust (ピクシーダスト Pikushī Dasuto?), which enables the player to move the opponent to a panel of his choice.

Captain Justice and Captain Dark may also be triggered on the Special Panels at random.


Skull Board Full Map KHBBS.png
Key Normal reward Limited reward Mirage Arena reward
1 Quick Blitz (50%) / Aero (50%)
2 Magnega Photon Charge Magnega
3 Blitz (50%) / Aerial Slam (50%)
4 Firaga (50%) / Mine Square (50%)
5 Poison Edge Munny Magnet (Aqua only)
6 Binding Strike
7 Zero Gravira (50%) / Aerora (50%)

Opponent command cards[edit]

Type Command Lv Quantity
Attack Quick Blitz 1 ?
2 ?
Blitz 2 ?
Sliding Dash 2 ?
Fire Dash 1 ?
Aerial Slam 1 ?
2 ?
Magic Cura 1 ?
2 ?
Zero Gravira 1 ?
2 ?
Aero 1 ?
2 ?
Aerora 1 ?
2 ?
Confuse 1 ?
2 ?
Bind 1 ?
Type Command Lv Quantity
Attack Poison Edge 1 ?
2 ?
Binding Strike 1 ?
2 ?
Magic Fire 1 ?
2 ?
Firaga 1 ?
3 ?
Mine Square 1 ?
2 ?
Blackout 1 ?
2 ?
Ignite 1 ?
2 ?
Slow 1 ?


At the beginning of the game, the player should aim left and head to the yellow Check Panel. Note that it is virtually impossible to buy any commands on the Green Zone (the zone around the yellow Check Panel) because each one costs above 1000 GP, and the player can only buy commands in the Green Zone once they have activated the yellow Check Panel.

After that, the player should head back to the starting route and head downwards, then head to the right. This will enable them to pass the red Check Panel. When they heads to the top of the board, Two Dice may help the player pass the Damage Panels without losing GP (and may help the player keep up with Peter Pan!). After passing the Damage Panels, the player should pass the green Check Panel and head downwards.

At the bottom left of the board there will be another row of Damage Panels, so Two Dice (or even Three Dice) may help the player pass them without taking any damage. The player should then head upwards to the Bonus Panel, cross the bridge and pass the blue Check Panel. After having passed all Check Panels, they should head to the starting point. This strategy can be repeated.

Bear in mind that Peter Pan will often use Three Dice to make him finish the lap quickly, so counter with Two Dice or Three Dice. Alternatively, if the player lands on a special panel and triggers Pixie Dust, they may choose one of three options laid out in the next section.

An alternative, but risky strategy is to circle the small loop around the blue Check Panel. This will allow the player to frequently trigger Pixie Dust and drop their opponents on their high-toll Command Panels, and landing on the blue Check Panel will let them spend that GP on making their Command Panels even pricier.


Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Yellow checkpoint only.