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Vine Swinging

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Vine Swinging mini-game from Kingdom Hearts.

Vine Swinging (ターザンつたわたり Tāzan Tsutawatari?, lit. "Tarzan Vine Swinging") is a mini-game located in Deep Jungle, in which Sora has to swing quickly from vine to vine in several challenges which include time trials and falling vines. If Sora falls off, he will land in the Hippos' Lagoon below. The game is able to be played after Sora meets Kerchak. The goal is to reach a certain tree, and that advances the story.

Course selection[edit]

From the Hippo's Lagoon, climb the vine nearest the exit to the Camp area. Sora should auto-target the yellow flower located near the save point. Now move behind the flower so that the camera faces the vines. Examine the flower and when it blooms, accept a time trial challenge.


  • Jump Course (ジャンプコース Janpu Kōsu?): Resembles a set of a regular vines in the jungle.
  • Trap Course (トラップコース Torappu Kōsu?): A regular set of vines with some slippery snakes mixed in. A "danger!" warning appears near the "jump next" option in the command menu. If Sora does not jump off a snake within two seconds, Sora will plummet to the Hippos' Lagoon below, effectively ending the time trial.
  • Acrobat Course (アクロバットコース Akurobatto Kōsu?): A course with more snakes. Practice on Jump and Trap Courses.
  • Expert Course (エキスパートコース Ekisupāto Kōsu?): A course with many more snakes. Practice on Jump and Trap Courses.


When Sora has acquired the shared abilities Glide and Superglide, return here and try the Vine Swinging mini-game again to dramatically improve Sora's times. If Sora sometimes does not grab a vine with enough forward momentum to reach the next one, Sora can use these abilities to skip a couple vines. As long as Sora can avoid the vines entirely, Sora can just glide through the entire course to the end.