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Xigbar from the Ultimania

Japanese シグバール
Rōmaji Shigubāru

Type Organization XIII
Title Number II,
The Freeshooter
Orig. name Braig
Attribute Space (空間 Kūkan?)
Weapon Arrowguns (Sharpshooter)
Limit Critical Snipe
Voice actors (Ja:) Hōchū Ōtsuka
(En:) James Patrick Stuart
Homeworld The World That Never Was
Games Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Kingdom Hearts III
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KH3D tracks
Character theme - Xigbar

Kingdom Hearts II
First entry
Organization XIII's Number II. Nothing else about him has come to light.
He vanished, leaving Sora with naught but puzzling words. Apparently Organization members can use the darkness to come and go as they please.

Second entry
Organization XIII's Number II. When Sora called out to him, thinking he was Riku, Xigbar gave a curt reply.
His motives and his methods remain unclear. Surely he has a greater goal in mind, but what could it be?

Third entry
Organization XIII's Number II.
He told Sora once that he reminded him of someone else. Puzzling words, indeed...
Some part of him did seem to be enjoying Sora's reaction.
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Founding member. He keeps an ear to the ground and a finger on the trigger. Manipulates space.
Weapon: Arrowguns

Enemy File
The Organization's No. II, a master of the arrowgun and spatial manipulation. As a long-range fighter, he'll try to keep foes from closing in by warping away as he fires.
The full salvo attack he uses in desperate situations is truly devastating.

HD 1.5 ReMIX
A senior member of Organization XIII. Second-in-command in deed as well as in name. He looks at the big picture and acts according to his unique perspective.
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
One of Organization XIII's members.
As Number II, he has Xehanort's trust above all others.

His job this time has been to vex Sora and lead him further into the abyss of sleep.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
The 2nd member of Organization XIII. A mysterious man whose motives remain unclear.

This Freeshooter has plenty of defense, and more! Watch out for attacks that lower your strength or overwrite it completely!

The number above this Freeshooter gets smaller with every attack, and once it reaches 0, he'll counterattack! Watch out for attacks that lower or overwrite your strength.

The number above this foe gets smaller with every attack, and he'll counterattack once it hits 0! Watch out for attacks that lower or overwrite your strength, and
Kingdom Hearts III
A member of the real Organization XIII.

Despite his defeat at Sora's hands, Xigbar has returned, and continues his attempts to manipulate and mislead Sora.
"Rambling? As if! All I'm trying to tell you, traitor, is that your time is up!"
—Xigbar to Sora

Xigbar, the Freeshooter (魔弾の射手 Madan no Shashu?, lit. Magic Bullet Shooter), is the Nobody of Braig, the current vessel of the ancient Keyblade Master Luxu, Rank II within the original Organization XIII, and a member of the real Organization XIII. He is an antagonist in Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and Kingdom Hearts III. Xigbar has power over space, and he uses this to freely redirect the projectiles fired from his twin Arrowguns, as well as to alter the battlefield. He commands the Sniper Nobodies.

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Xigbar is featured as a playable character in Mission Mode. In an interview, Tetsuya Nomura said that "Xigbar's attacks have a high range, but he has slow reloading time."[citation needed] He also said Xigbar is his favorite character to play as in Mission Mode.[citation needed]


Between Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

Xigbar tells Zexion about the Chamber of Repose.
"Oh, don't be like that. Come on. Stay and talk. Isn't it time you told me about Xemnas's secret?"
—Xigbar asks Zexion to tell him about Xemnas's origins.

Xigbar was formed when his original persona, Braig, and the other five apprentices dabbled too deep into darkness through their continued experiments. Braig found Even and Ienzo lying lifelessly on the ground inside Ansem's computer room, and he was surprised by Xehanort, who summoned No Name and proceeded to stab him in the chest, extracting his heart. In his last moments, Braig asked if the man before him truly was the Master Xehanort he knew, only to be scoffed at, as his attacker preferred to be called "Ansem." Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Although his heart would go on to become a Heartless, Braig's strong will enabled his body to continue existing as the Nobody Xigbar. The Nobodies of the six apprentices formed Organization XIII, and they banished Ansem the Wise to the Realm of Darkness. Because of his original self's strong ties to Master Xehanort, Xigbar was aware of the true purpose of Organization XIII.

Xigbar found and inducted Marluxia into the Organization. After his return to the Castle That Never Was, he dropped in on Zexion to find out what he knew about Xemnas's private room in the Chamber of Repose, hinting that it is part of pair with a rumored "Chamber of Waking" that lies within the Organization's new headquarters at Castle Oblivion.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

"Kiddo, the only thing you'll ever save me from is boredom."
—Xigbar to Roxas.
Xigbar accompanies Roxas on a mission to Olympus Coliseum.

Present when Xion joins the Organization, Xigbar is shocked when Demyx reveals the eliminations that took place at Castle Oblivion. Later joining Roxas on a recon mission to Agrabah, they overhear Aladdin and Jasmine discussing the rebuilding of their city after many sandstorms strike. Xigbar also tells Roxas that while Heartless leave a heart behind when destroyed, there is nothing left when a Nobody perishes. On a recon mission to Olympus Coliseum, Xigbar tells Roxas about how Nobodies come into existence, and that they are looking to refill the empty seats left by the demise of the Castle Oblivion team. Xigbar later challenges Roxas at Olympus Coliseum when he first enters the Games, claiming to "care about his future." The fight is cut short when the Guard Armor appears. During a mission in Halloween Town, Xigbar takes it upon himself to teach Roxas a "hard and valuable lesson" by letting him vanquish a Heartless that was not their target; he then saves Roxas from an attack by Chill Ripper, their real target.

Xigbar meets with Xemnas and Saïx in Where Nothing Gathers several times to discuss the defaulting Xion before challenging "Poppet" himself in Wonderland. Xigbar then sees Xion as Ventus, and Xion is able to quickly strike Xigbar down with the power she was unknowingly sapping from Roxas. While Xemnas and Saïx are annoyed when Xion defects, Xigbar is only amused.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Xigbar talks nonsense to Sora.
"That's RIGHT, he used to give me that same exact look."
—Xigbar compares Sora to Ventus.

Not long after arriving in Hollow Bastion and reuniting with Aerith, Leon, and Yuffie, Sora engages a number of Dusk Nobodies in battle around the city. After being led away from the main town, Sora, Goofy, and Donald hear voices mocking them, but they can't find their source. After Sora demands that the sources of the voices show themselves, the remaining Organization members materialize, laughing. Though they are hooded, they are recognizable as the Organization from the description given to Sora and his companions by Yen Sid.

The Organization eventually departs, but Xigbar, still hooded, stays behind to taunt Sora further and compares the glare Sora gives him to the way Ventus used to look at him. Sora dismisses his words as babble, and Xigbar returns to the World That Never Was. As the Organization discusses whether Sora is strong enough to slay Heartless for them, Xigbar assures them that Sora is clearly pure of heart, and calls Demyx on trying to excuse his own laziness.

After the Battle of the 1000 Heartless, the members meet again to discuss whether Sora can still be controlled, now that he knows the Organization is using him. Xigbar posits that Sora's altruism will ensure that he continues to slay Heartless, and expresses concern that Xaldin's desire to beat Sora into submission will endanger their plans.

Xigbar about to fight Sora.

Xigbar then travels to The Land of Dragons, where he transforms a dragon into the Storm Rider Heartless to harvest hearts for the Organization. Sora runs into a hooded Xigbar at the gates to The Emperor's throne room and confuses him with Riku, but Xigbar reveals himself and summons several Snipers to distract Sora as he vanishes.

After Axel sacrifices himself to save Sora, Xigbar waits in Where Nothing Gathers and voices confusion at what Axel was trying to achieve.

Later, Sora and his friends storm the Castle That Never Was, and are held up by a swarm of Heartless summoned by Saïx in the Hall of Empty Melodies, just as Kairi, Riku, Maleficent, and Pete arrive in two more groups. Xigbar unleashes a rain of bullets from above to destroy the Heartless surrounding Sora. He attempts to confuse Sora by criticizing his skill and treating him as if he were Roxas, then engages him in battle. Though he is defeated by Sora, as he fades into darkness, he continues to mock Sora's ignorance of Roxas.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

With the destruction of his Heartless and Nobody, Braig is revived as a human at the Heartless Manufactory, alongside the other former members of the Organization. Young Xehanort arrives and wakes Braig before the others, and the two decide to take Isa with them in order to further Master Xehanort's plans to create the real Organization XIII. Destiny

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

Xigbar reveals he is half Xehanort.
"Me? I'm already half Xehanort."
—Xigbar to Sora.

By the time Sora reaches The World That Never Was, Braig has once again become his Nobody, Xigbar, and makes his entrance to Sora. He explains that the new Organization had secretly arranged for Sora's journey through the Sleeping Worlds to bring him to their domain, and hands the reins to Young Xehanort as the youth places Sora in a deep sleep.

Later, as Sora reaches the edge of the dreamlike Dark City, Xigbar and Xemnas confront him again, explaining to the boy that the true purpose of Organization XIII was to gather thirteen potential vessels for Xehanort's heart, and provokes Sora's shock by revealing that he is already a completed vessel. When Sora resolves to fight the two Organization members, a livid Xigbar leaves Xemnas to deal with Sora.

Later, at Where Nothing Gathers, Xigbar is in attendance as Master Xehanort returns and attempts to make Sora his final vessel. However, they are interrupted by the arrival of Lea, Donald, and Goofy, resulting in the expiration of the Organization's allotted time. As the time-traveling members retreat to their rightful points in time, Master Xehanort and the Nobodies, including Xigbar, flee elsewhere.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Xigbar informs the Organization of the Black Box's existence, prompting their search for it, but declines to provide any additional details.[1] Following their failed attempt to add Sora as their thirteenth vessel, Xigbar tasks Luxord with looking for the box.

Meeting with Master Xehanort and Saïx at the Keyblade Graveyard, Xigbar ponders how to get thirteen members in the Organization when the replicas can't hold the hearts of those who traveled from the past. Saïx informs him that they will bring in Vexen to refine the replicas and recreate the lost "No i" replica to take Sora's place. They will keep Vexen and Demyx as reserves. With those orders, Xigbar leaves to turn Demyx back into a Nobody. Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind

Xigbar gives Sora cryptic advice to recover his lost power.

During Sora's visit to Olympus, Xigbar cryptically pushes Sora to follow the "breadcrumbs" the Organization leaves.[2] Later, he observes as Maleficent and Pete, following faulty information from Hades, dig up Pandora's Box instead of the Black Box. Xigbar mutters to himself "May your heart be your guiding key." Kingdom Hearts III To Xigbar's surprise, Luxord appears and reveals he's figured out the reason Xigbar wants the box is to hide his own connection to it. Luxord leaves to continue his mission, content to play ignorant of the truth. Xigbar ponders who Luxord truly is. Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind

Xigbar arrives later in Twilight Town and cautions Ansem and Xemnas against sharing too much of their plans with Sora; though they counter Sora is too simple for indirect manipulation.

After Sora manages to destroy the Demon Tide in the Keyblade Graveyard, Xigbar confronts them alongside Dark Riku; they release an army of monsters to test the guardians before leaving. However, Sora and Riku shortly catch up to the pair at the Skein of Severance, where Dark Riku is defeated. Faking his termination, Xigbar claims that he would have won with the Keyblade that Xehanort promised him, to the Guardians' protests, then throws himself off a wall into the canyon below.

After the Real Organization XIII's defeat and the departure of the Guardians, Xigbar returns to claim the resurfaced black box and his ancient No Name Keyblade, just as Ira, Aced, Invi, and Gula return to the world, having been summoned by the realization of the Keyblade War and the opening of Kingdom Hearts. He identifies himself as their erstwhile companion, Luxu, and affirms that events have transpired just as the Master had foretold. He remarks on Ava's absence, claiming that like him, she has fulfilled her true role. When the foretellers question the nature of his said role, Xigbar directs them to the black box.[3]


Xigbar wears the usual Organization garb of a black cloak, black boots, and black gloves, though his cloak is distinguished by its more pointed, sagging shoulders. The sleeves of his cloak are also somewhat closer-fitting than normal, though not as close as those on Axel's cloak. In terms of facial features, Xigbar sports gold eyes, pointed ears, upturned eyebrows, and dark hair with several grey streaks that are tied into a long ponytail. His gold eye and pointed ears are traits that he gained due to harboring a fragment of Master Xehanort's heart, which he accepted during his time as Braig.[citation needed] The grey streaks in his hair, which is also considerably longer than Braig's and worn tied back, are the primary indicators of his status as a Nobody, as these traits were lost upon his reunion with his original heart. Destiny

Xigbar's right eye is badly damaged and covered with a black eyepatch. He also has a large, jagged scar extending from his left cheek to just under his left eye. His original self, Braig, received these injuries when he fought the Keyblade wielder Terra in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


Xigbar is laidback and cocky, taking pleasure in taunting his opponents. When not on missions, he occasionally enjoys eavesdropping on his fellow Organization members. In the English localization, Xigbar speaks with a stereotypical surfer accent, emphasizing his extremely casual attitude, and habitually uses the phrase "As if." He relies heavily on instinct as well as intelligence, making him adaptable and unpredictable in battle. He is described by Roxas as being difficult to trick.

Xigbar is one of the more genial members of the Organization, alongside Axel and Demyx, due to his fondness for wisecrack jokes with a form of sarcasm. He is rarely serious, even making sarcastic quips during battle. Like Demyx, Xigbar has given several members of Organization XIII nicknames, calling Roxas "kiddo" or "tiger", Xion "Poppet", and Axel "Flamesilocks". Despite this, Xigbar seems to care very little for his fellow Organization members, such as displaying casual indifference when he tells Roxas what had happened to the members stationed at Castle Oblivion and even states that he is glad the castle is quieter. In the Organization's final meeting, Xigbar jokingly remarks that there are more free seats. Xigbar does show a degree of empathy on occasion, especially towards Xion when she failed to defeat the Organization's "impostor".

Despite his high rank, Xigbar is not given high authority like Saïx or Marluxia and is instead sent on missions against Sora. He does, however, maintain a position of importance in the Organization due to his past with Xehanort, and is privy to information about the Organization's leader that few others know. Xigbar has a habit of divulging relatively important information to his enemies through his taunts, though he is typically vague enough that they do not understand his meaning, namely his numerous comments to Sora about Ventus and Roxas. Xigbar does not seem to be intimidated by Xemnas as some other Organization members are, going so far as to spy on him in the Chamber of Repose.

Unlike the other Organization members, Xigbar does not express fear or remorse while fading into darkness, instead chuckling rather triumphantly.

Ultimately, it is revealed that Xigbar's identity is a ruse and that he is actually the ancient Keyblade Master Luxu, who put on a façade in order to get close to Xehanort to ensure his plan to enact a second Keyblade War came to pass. Though his identity was faked, his laidback and nonchalant personality seems to have been genuine.


"Clever little sneak!"
—Xigbar, during his battle with Sora

Xigbar strikes his enemies from a distance, attacking with rapid barrages of laser bullets. He uses space manipulation to teleport, warp his shots, and levitate upside down, making him agile and difficult to hit. Xigbar can open spatial rifts to redirect the shots he fires, enhancing his accuracy. Xigbar possesses deadly aim, as seen in Kingdom Hearts II, when he destroys a group of Heartless surrounding Sora, Donald, and Goofy without harming any of the protagonists even once.

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Xigbar has a Limit Break called Critical Snipe, in which he fires massive energy bullets at enemies, using an over-the-shoulder third-person-shooter mode to aim. His Final Limit shoots orbs of colored energy.


The Japanese release on the top, North American on the bottom.

Xigbar wields two ranged weapons called Arrowguns; the main model he wields is called Sharpshooter. The top of each weapon bears a pattern similar to the Nobody symbol. They are purple, strangely shaped weapons resembling crossbows, and shoot red laser arrows which bend towards a target. Xigbar can create wormholes to direct his shots. The shots can be rebounded at Xigbar using the Keyblade's "Guard" ability. During Xigbar's desperation attack, the Arrowguns are able to fire a massive, rapid-fire stream of powerful rounds, which glow blue rather than red. When held together and charged, the Arrowguns can fire a massive, blue energy arrow that ricochets around the area, and can be angled to hit an enemy multiple times. After several attacks, the Arrowguns need to be reloaded.

The Arrowguns can be combined together into a makeshift sniper rifle with deadly accuracy. In the North American release of Kingdom Hearts II, this was changed to Xigbar spinning his guns around and sniping with one while using the other to steady his aim. The sniper rifle's HUD was also changed to make it less realistic; in the Japanese version, it is decorated with a black silhouette of Xigbar's individual Arrowguns in each of the four cardinal directions, which was localized into three dots vaguely showing his aim. Xigbar's sniper rifle was later brought back for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, despite keeping many changes from the English versions, and was retained in the English release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX.

Xigbar also uses his sniper rifle in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days during Critical Snipe, and in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance in a cutscene while confronting Sora. The rifle and the scope HUD were both retained in the English releases.

In Kingdom Hearts III, he can combine his Arrowguns into a longbow.

After the defeat of Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts III, Xigbar reclaims his No Name Keyblade.

Notes and references[edit]

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