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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix

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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Logo KHBBSFM.png
キングダム ハーツ バース バイ スリープ ファイナル ミックス
Kingudamu Hātsu Bāsu Bai Surīpu Fainaru Mikkusu
Developer(s) Square Enix
Publisher(s) Japan Square Enix
Release date(s) Japan January 20, 2011
Genre Action RPG
Game modes Single player, multiplayer
Ratings CERO: A
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix is a reissue of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). Most plot and gameplay elements are the same, and the game also includes the features added to the North American and European versions of the game. Much like its predecessors, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix combines English voice-overs with Japanese text and controls.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix was officially confirmed for release on September 14, 2010, a week after the North American release of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It was first announced in the September 13 issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine.[1] The game was released on January 20, 2011.[2]

The game was remastered in HD and released outside of Japan for the first time as part of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX on PlayStation 3, and later Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Tetsuya Nomura was questioned during an interview in early 2010 if Birth by Sleep would receive the Final Mix treatment like Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II before it. Nomura answered that he was interested, particularly citing his affinity for the English voice cast and their work on the English dub. However, he also voiced concern that the main reason Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix sold as well as it did was because it was part of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +, a privelege this game would not receive, so he and the team would continue to debate the topic.

In September of that year, Square Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Final Mix would release in Japan on January 20, 2011. As per tradition, the game's primary language dub was English with Japanese subtitles, and includes the content added in the international release alongside more new content.


New Features[edit]


  • A New Difficulty Level called Critical Mode.[2]
  • All Unversed have been given new color schemes. For example, the Flood is now purple instead of blue.[2]
  • The Sticker Album and its related quest have been added, though several of the rewards have been modified from the international release.[2]
  • The Rhythm Mixer Command Style has been added. It is musical themed, and requires the player to press button prompts for the finisher.[2]
  • The Unison Rush, Voltage Stack, Aerial Recovery and Illusion commands have been added.[2]
    • The Illusion commands are obtained by completing Unversed Missions, which can be found throughout the worlds as floating orbs emblazoned with the Unversed emblem, similar to that of the Vanitas Remnant. Each Unversed Mission has its own rules and win requirements.[2]
  • Characters in certain cutscenes, including ones on the Destiny Islands with Sora and Riku, are given higher quality facial animations.
  • The Skull Board has been added as a Command Board.[2]
  • Pete has been added as a Dimension Link.[2]
  • The Castle Circuit track has been added to Rumble Racing.[2]
  • The "Destiny Islands" song has been added to Ice Cream Beat.[2]
  • The Vanitas Remnant drops the Void Gear.
  • The Unknown appears as a boss, and drops the No Name.[2]
  • Armor of Eraqus, Monstro, and No Heart appear as bosses of the three new Mirage Arena battles, "Light's Lessons", "Monster of the Sea", and "Peering into Darkness", respectively.[2]
    • The "Monster of the Sea" battle is made up of a timed stage where the player can attack Monstro directly, and an acid-filled stage within Monstro's belly where the player is sent once the two minutes run out. The player must defeat the Unversed within Monstro to escape and try to damage Monstro further.[2]
    • Beating the "Peering into Darkness" Mirage Arena match grants the player a new Keychain, the Royal Radiance.
  • The Theater Mode now has the option of viewing cutscenes in Japanese or English, although both options feature Japanese subtitles.
  • A new secret scene named "A Fragmentary Passage" has been introduced, in contrast to the secret movies seen in previous games. In the "Secret Episode", the player can actually control the characters that appear, rather than just watching the scene as a bystander.[3][4] Additionally three new cutscenes with Aqua were also created and recorded in Japanese.


Notes and references[edit]

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