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Meet the others, Just chill, relax, and then unwind.

The Kingdom Hearts Wiki has a Discord server to socialize with others. It serves as a friendly place for the community to coordinate efforts offsite, and to socialize with other Kingdom Hearts fans!


  1. Be kind - Please be nice to everyone. If someone is being disruptive, rude, or unfair, report them to the staff.
  2. Don't engage in offensive behavior - This means don't attack anyone for any reason. Attacks based on religion, political affiliation, gender, age, race, or sexual orientation are strictly prohibited.
  3. Keep it clean - No NSFW content. This includes pornography, sexual innuendos, and violent or gruesome speech.
  4. No spam - Please limit the number of links and images you post. We love seeing what you like, but if your links begin to flood the channel, you're spamming it.
  5. No leaks - Leaks from unreleased games are strictly prohibited. Do not share leaks or unofficially released images. Also, do not promote piracy.
  6. Keep the conversation on the appropriate channels - Keep the discussion on the same topic for each channel. Especially keep unreleased or newly released game discussions in #traverse-town-square. This channel can be viewed by typing *rank spoiled in the #bot-shack channel! It's also encouraged to hide your message with spoiler tags by surrounding your text with ||.
  7. Have fun!


You are free to invite other people to the discord server using the link below!


  • @Discord Admins: Administrators of the server. They can create and organize channels and have moderating powers to remove or ban you.
  • @KHWiki Staff and @KHUX Wiki Staff: Staff members of the respective wikis. Questions about these wikis should be directed to them in appropriate channels (see below). They also have moderating powers.

You can also add yourself to the following roles, which unlock special channels! To do so, type *rank <role name here> in the #bot-shack channel!

  • @Spoiled: Unlocks #traverse-town-square, our spoiler channel. Go here to talk about rumors and news about any future Kingdom Hearts games.
  • @KHWiki: Get updates and news from the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.
  • @KHUX Wiki: Get updates and news from the KHUX Wiki.


Here's some info on how our server is set up, and the various channels.

First District

This is where you start! All the information you need to get around is right here!

  • #about: This channel! Find all the introduction material for the server here!
  • #noticeboard: Find announcements from the server admins or site staffs here.

Second District

This is where you meet the community! Come, socialize, talk, eat cheese. You know, the usual.

  • #general: All our socializing will take place here! Discuss anything you want!
  • #traverse-town-square: Discuss spoilers for new games. Join the Spoiled rank to join. See updates from the official @KINGDOMHEARTS Twitter account here, too!
  • #daybreak-town: Discuss everything about Kingdom Hearts Union X here! See updates from the official @kh_ux_na Twitter account, too!
  • #artbook: Share your art with others in the community! Don't share art that isn't yours or isn't credited to the person who made it.
  • #game-help: Need help with any of the Kingdom Hearts games? Post your needs here, and see if we can help out!
  • #gummi-garage: Have suggestions for this server? Let us know here!

Third District

Discuss improvements to our wikis here

  • #world-that-never-was: Suggest and discuss improvements to the KHWiki
  • #foretellers-chamber: Suggest and discuss improvements to the KHUX Wiki

Fourth District

Bots and activities

  • #netwixt-and-be-stream: Notify everyone when you're streaming!
  • #bot-shack: Play with our bots here.


The following is a list of channel operators for #KHWiki-social and #KHWiki-noticeboard IRC channels. Channel OPs have ability to kick, ban and quiet other users in order to maintain the channel.

Discord admins

The fourth upgrade of the Starlight (スターライト?) Keyblade.
Star Seeker KHX.png
Chainoffire KeybladeSpyMaster

KHWiki/KHUX Wiki staff

Foreteller Ira's Keyblade KHX.png
Foreteller Gula's Keyblade KHX.png
Foreteller Ava's Keyblade KHX.png
the Master's Defender Keyblade
the fourth upgrade of the Diamond Dust Keyblade
The fourth upgrade of the Bad Guy Breaker Keyblade
Foreteller Invi's Keyblade KHX.png
The fourth upgrade of the Counterpoint Keyblade
DChiuch Neumannz NinjaSheik Porplemontage ShardofTruth TheSilentHero Troisnyx Xion4ever