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Flowmotion (フリーフローアクション Furīfurō Akushon?, lit. "Freeflow Action") is a gameplay mechanic that appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- and Kingdom Hearts III. It allows Sora, Riku and Aqua to traverse their surrounding environments with great ease when they interact with certain environmental elements. Using Flowmotion, Sora and Riku can jump off of walls, grind rails, leap great heights, and dynamically attack opponents.

In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance when Sora and Riku use Flowmotion, they are enveloped in a magenta aura, and they are sometimes accompanied by two orbiting lights of the same color, that trail light behind them. In Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- and Kingdom Hearts III when Aqua and Sora use Flowmotion, they are enveloped in a blue aura.

The full set of Flowmotion commands are automatically equipped to Sora and Riku's command decks after Sora meets Neku in Traverse Town.


Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

When Sora awakens in Traverse Town, Neku can be seen using Flowmotion over the rooftops, using a Wall Kick off the side of a particularly tall building. After the two of them meet, Neku heads for the Second District, executing a Pole Spin, Rail Slide, and Super Jump along the way.

In the Grid, when Rinzler attacks Riku and Sam Flynn on the Throneship, Riku uses a Wall Kick to knock Rinzler off of the ship's bridge.

Back in Traverse Town, Riku corners the Spellican in the Third District by Wall Kicking and Super Sliding in front of it, forcing it to switch to Sora's Side.

When Sora confronts the Spellican in Symphony of Sorcery, it leads him on a chase through a starry sky, as he Rail Slides along a sparkling trail.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -a fragmentary passage-[edit]

When Aqua heads toward the Castle of Dreams from the Main Road, a tremor causes the ground to collapse, forcing her to Rail Slide across a frozen river to reach the other side. She also uses Rail Slides while evading Darksides in the Forest of Thorns of the Enchanted Dominion.



Flowmotion is activated by pressing Y to Dodge Roll or Air Slide into a wall or other interactive object, or by landing on certain environmental features, such as rails or fountains. Sora or Riku will perform a context-sensitive action, such as briefly sticking to and jumping off of a wall or spinning around a pole after Air Sliding into it. Using an Air Slide, Sonic Impact, or Double Impact to transition into Flowmotion will work faster than using a Dodge Roll. During a Flowmotion command, Sora or Riku cannot be staggered, but they can still receive damage.

Once a Flowmotion is activated, it can be chained together with additional actions. The player may press Y to use a Burst of Speed to travel long distances or transition to another Flowmotion-compatible surface, B to perform a Super Jump that boosts the user to a great height, or A to use a Flowmotion Attack (フリーフローアタック Furīfurō Atakku?, lit. "Freeflow Attack"), which depends on the Flowmotion action the player is using.

List of Flowmotion commands[edit]

Name Description
Pole Spin (ポールスピン
Pōru Supin
Slide toward vertical poles and columns with Y to spin around them and knock any enemies you hit into the air.
Pole Swing (ポールスイング
Pōru Suingu
Slide toward horizontal poles and columns with Y to swing around them.
Rail Slide (レールスライド
Rēru Suraido
Slide at high speed along ropes, rails, and more.
Kick Dive (キックダイブ
Kikku Daibu
Press A after a wall kick to spin toward the enemy and generate shockwaves on the ground.
Buzz Saw (ターンカッター
Tān Kattā
?, lit. "Turn Cutter")
Press A during a vertical pole spin to perform a spin attack.
Blow-off (ブロウオフ
Press A while spinning around a large enemy to hurl it toward other foes.
Wheel Rush (ホイールラッシュ
Hoīru Rasshu
Press A during a horizontal pole swing to whirl toward enemies and deal damage.
Sliding Dive (スライドダイブ
Suraido Daibu
?, lit. "Slide Dive")
Press A during a rail slide to warp next to an enemy and perform a slash.
Shock Dive (ショックダイブ
Shokku Daibu
Press A after a super jump to slash groundward and generate shockwaves on impact.
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