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Toy Box

Toy Box KHIII.png
Toy Box Logo KHIII.png
Kana トイ・ボックス

Romaji Toi Bokkusu
Game Kingdom Hearts III

Allies Woody
Buzz Lightyear
Origin Toy Story

KHIII tracks
Field theme - You got a friend in me
File:You got a friend in me KHIII.ogg
Field theme - Toy Box field theme
File:Toy Box field theme KHIII.ogg
Battle theme - Toy Box battle theme
File:Toy Box battle theme KHIII.ogg
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Toy Box is a world in Kingdom Hearts III. It is based on the Pixar film series Toy Story.

Creation and development[edit]

The proposal folder shown to Buena Vista included plans for a world based on Toy Story in the original Kingdom Hearts.[citation needed]

The Galaxy Toys region of Toy Box is inspired by Al's Toy Barn from the films, but its overall layout is original to the Kingdom Hearts games.[?]

Settings and Areas[edit]

The Toy Box consists of two main areas: Andy's House and Galaxy Toys.

Andy's House[edit]

Andy's House (アンディの家 Andi no Ie?) is a small, self-contained area where Sora's party arrives in the world, consisting solely of Andy's bedroom where Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and all the other toys normally reside, and the street directly in front of the house. The party can go out one of two windows from the bedroom: one next to the bed which leads to the garage roof, and the other over the desk which leads to the front yard. Once outside, the party can use a trampoline situated in front of the garage to return to the bedroom. Going down either side of the street leads to the next area.

Galaxy Toys[edit]

Galaxy Toys (ギャラクシートイズ Gyarakushī Toizu?) is a three-story toy store where the majority of the world is set. This area is unique in that the party will be attacked by toys possessed by the Heartless, primarily the Gigas mech toys, which can be hijacked by Sora once defeated. Inactive Gigas are also found on display podiums throughout the building to be used at any time.

Directly inside the front doors is the Main Floor: 1F (ホール:1F Hōru: 1F?, lit. "Hall: 1F"), where access to the upper levels is available via the rails on the giant toy vending machine in the center of the room. The red rail leads to the Main Floor: 2F (ホール:2F Hōru: 2F?, lit. "Hall: 2F"), which has two open sections: one is called Action Figures (キャラクターグッズコーナー Kyarakutā Guzzu Kōnā?, lit. "Character Goods Corner"), where they must rescue Rex from possessed Supreme Smashers; and the other is the Rest Area (ドリンクコーナー Dorinku Kōnā?, lit. "Drink Corner"), where they will find the Strawberry Flan. The blue rail leads to the Main Floor: 3F (ホール:3F Hōru: 3F?, lit. "Hall: 3F"), as does the green railing, which leads to a small alcove in the ceiling. The third floor has three available sections: Babies & Toddlers: Dolls (ベビートイ:ドールズ Bebī Toi: Dōruzu?, lit. "Baby Toy: Dolls"), a doll section where the party finds the Green Army Men and Hamm before fighting Angelic Amber; Video Games (テレビゲームコーナー Terebi Gēmu Kōnā?, lit. "Video Game Corner"), where Sora may play the Verum Rex: Beat of Lead minigame; and a play place called Babies & Toddlers: Outdoors (ベビートイ:アウトドア Bebī Toi: Autodoa?, lit. "Baby Toy: Outdoor"). From the play place, the party can enter an indoor playground called Kid Korral (キッズスペース Kizzu Supēsu?, lit. "Kids' Space"), where Sora must reach a Corridor of Darkness left by Young Xehanort by building a giant Cactuar from magnetic blocks, leading to a battle against the King of Toys Heartless.

Alternatively, the second and third floors are connected via the ventilation system, which is made up of the Lower Vents (空調ダクト:下部 Kūchō Dakuto: Kabu?, lit. "Air Conditioning Duct: Lower Part") reached through Action Figures, and the Upper Vents (空調ダクト:上部 Kūchō Dakuto: Jōbu?, lit. "Air Conditioning Duct: Top Part") reached through Babies & Toddlers: Dolls.


Rex and Hamm watch a commercial of Verum Rex when Woody turns it off afterward, Heartless suddenly appear in Andy's room and the toys prepare to attack. At the same time, Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive in their new forms and they take care of the Heartless. The toys then meet the trio and Rex confuses Sora for Yozora from Verum Rex and talks about playing his game. After everyone introduces themselves, Woody explains that it wasn't always lonely and that there were more toys and Andy hasn't come home in ages. Sora, Donald, and Goofy decide to investigate the case and Buzz tells them that a man in a black coat also came with the Heartless. The trio decides to team up with Buzz and Woody to locate the missing toys and a pointer from Sarge leads the gang to Galaxy Toys. Before setting off, Buzz grows skeptical and suggests waiting for Andy, but Woody assures him that they tried waiting and that Sora, Donald, and Goofy might be of help.


  • Characters who are mentioned but not seen include the toys' owner Andy, his younger sister Molly, their mother Mrs. Davis, and fellow toy Slinky Dog. Emperor Zurg is also alluded to, albeit not by name.
  • A statue of Reptillus Maximus and The Cleric toys from the TV special Toy Story That Time Forgot can also be seen inside Galaxy Toys.
  • In the Bugs and Beasts section, an advertisement display for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT can be found, along with scale models of Bahamut, Ifrit, and Odin. Boxes for models of Ramuh, Leviathan, and Alexander can also be found near the display.
  • After assembling all the blocks in the play room, it creates a Cactuar.
  • Yozora is featured in an advertisement for Verum Rex.

Character Design[edit]

Sora, Donald and Goofy turn into Toys when they visit the Toy Box.






  • The world contains two visual easter eggs that are well known for showing up in Pixar's various films and shorts:
    • A Pizza Planet truck is parked outside the Galaxy Toys entrance. Pizza Planet is a restaurant in the Toy Story universe that served as a key location in the first film. The truck has made various cameos both inside and outside the Toy Story universe since.
    • A113 appears on the license plate of a car opposite Andy's house, and on a signpost outside the Kid Corral.
  • Another Pixar-related easter egg in this world is that two of the books on Andy's bookshelf bear the titles of two Pixar short films, Tin Toy and Red's Dream. These same books also appeared in the original movie.
  • As in the Toy Story films, Andy's room features a Mickey Mouse clock on the wall, based on the famous design by the Ingersoll Watch Company.
  • Likely due to a translation error Sarge says Hamm was located in Babies and Toddlers, but the group actually ends up in the section for girl toys. He later says the window to Kid Koral is located in Babies in Toddlers.
  • After assembling the Cactuar from blocks, the iconic "Victory Fanfare" plays.
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