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The following is a list of affiliates who have graciously decided to link back to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.

Website and wiki affiliates[edit]

pW5Uw.png pKH2m.png qNe7u.png
Kingdom Hearts
Francophone Wiki
Kingdom Hearts Wiki (German) Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki
y9uX6.png 5qNaU.png JJUBe.png
Dead Fantasy Wiki Fire Emblem Wiki F-Zero Wiki
NintendoWiki Starfy Wiki WikiBound
Sevengamer (German) Nintendo Independent
Wiki Alliance (NIWA)
Kingdom Hearts Planet
Kingdom Hearts Wiki (Spanish)

YouTube affiliates[edit]

Cyberman65 TheErryK Thelightningspirit78

We are looking forward to more sites linking back to us! If interested in affiliating with the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, please leave a formal request on our requests page!