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The following is a list of affiliates who have graciously decided to link back to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.

Website/Wiki Affiliates[edit]

KHA+affiliation+image.png pW5Uw.png pKH2m.png qNe7u.png
Kingdom Hearts Answers Kingdom Hearts
Francophone Wiki
Kingdom Hearts Wiki (German) Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki
y9uX6.png fJnKd.png 5qNaU.png JJUBe.png
Dead Fantasy Wiki Donkey Kong Wiki Fire Emblem Wiki F-Zero Wiki
mfdO9.png nuMyc.png
NintendoWiki Spyro Wiki Starfy Wiki WikiBound
YGAG4.png 5069491d-a08f-4467-a2e0-e64b3273efa2_zps7b1bdf56.png 822574d6-14aa-4f21-b13e-b6f95033dfb8_zps08fa0c9a.png
Sevengamer (German) Nintendo Independent
Wiki Alliance (NIWA)
Final Fantasy Wiki Kingdom Hearts Wiki (Spanish)
1zg934m.png xpCn4IGm.png
Kingdom Hearts Planet KH Hypetrain

Youtube Affiliates[edit]

Cyberman65 TheErryK Thelightningspirit78

We are looking forward to more sites linking back to us! If interested in affiliating with the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, please leave a formal request on our Requests page!