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Tigger's Giant Pot

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Tigger's Giant Pot mini-game from Kingdom Hearts.

Tigger's Giant Pot (ティガーの大きなツボ Tigā no Ōkina Tsubo?) is one of the mini-game in the 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts.


When Sora finds the fourth torn page, he goes to a forest-based section of the 100 Acre Wood. At first he finds Tigger and Roo bouncing on a teeter-totter, and when he talks to them they start a mini-game, Tigger's Giant Pot.

The next game is the mini-game in the Giant Pot area. It can only be played once Sora completes the Bouncing mini-game.


In Tigger's Giant Pot, the aim of this game is to jump on the same tree stumps in the same order that Tigger and Roo do, without falling off.

In Giant Pot Area, Tigger goes into the giant pot in the middle of the area. Sora's job is to hit the nuts that Tigger throws out of the pot back at it to shatter the pot. If Sora falls off of the stump he's on, the player will lose the game unless they manage to hit the nut and jump back on the stump.

In order to obtain Cheer, one of the objectives is to complete the mini-game within 30 seconds.