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System Sector

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Data-Sora battles Heartless in a Bugged Area.

System Sectors (システムエリア Shisutemu Eria?, lit. "System Area") are locations unique to Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, replacing the Debug Areas that appeared in Kingdom Hearts coded. They can be accessed through Backdoors (バックドア Bakkudoa?), and are found in almost every world. A System Sector can have several different floors. Once one floor is cleared, a link appears, which allows Data-Sora to move up a floor. Eventually, a terminal will open, allowing Data-Sora to leave the System Sector altogether.


Inside each Sector reside bugs. If a section of the Sector is colored red, bugged enemies must be eliminated. Bugged Heartless are completely black, with a colored aura and computer monitors floating around them. The color of these auras and monitors indicates effects such as stat boosts that are applied to the enemy:

  • Blue aura (Invisible): Becomes invisible. When it attacks, is attacked by the player, or when the targeting reticle appears on it, it will become visible for a short period of time.
  • Yellow aura (Fast): The speed of all actions, such as movement and attacks, is double that of non-bugged enemies.
  • Red aura (Violent): Does not flinch when attacked by an opponent, and continues to act. The interval between attacks is shorter than that of non-bugged enemies.
  • Green aura (Giant): Body size is increased by 1.5 times, HP is doubled, and defense is increased by 1.25 times. Does not flinch when hit by an opponent's attack, and continues to act. The interval between attacks is longer than that of non-bugged enemies.

Once Data-Sora has defeated every bugged Heartless, the room will become blue. The link to move up a floor, or terminal to leave the System Sector, only appears after every room is blue, known as a 'Sector Debug'.

Defeating Heartless and destroying Prize Blox will earn Data-Sora System Points, or SP. Once Data-Sora leaves the Sector, he will be prompted to redeem his SP for rewards. The first few rewards will be highlighted in yellow, meaning that they are "system rewards", and that they can only be redeemed once.[1] Below these are other prizes, which can be obtained repeatedly. Each of these repeatable rewards will double in cost every time they are redeemed. Once the player doesn't have enough SP for an item, they must trade the remainder in for EXP or munny (only one can be chosen), with the conversion rate varying depending on the sector. The amount of EXP or munny that can be redeemed is capped at 99999.

After completing Traverse Town, System Challenges become available. Once Data-Sora enters a System Sector, he will be rewarded 1000 SP. Before he can enter each floor, he will be prompted to wager 10%, 30%, or 50% of the SP he had when entering the floor. If he can complete the challenge, he will be rewarded the amount wagered, with a multiplier added. If he loses the challenge, he will lose the amount of SP wagered. If the player runs out of HP during a challenge, they lose a large majority of their SP. Each floor has a separate challenge. Later in the game, floors may be randomly infected by a virus (ウイルス Uirusu?), forcing Data-Sora to wager all of his SP on its challenge, and causing each room to be not only bugged, but have stronger Heartless.

Avatar Sector[edit]

Main Article: Avatar Menu

A special System Sector called the Avatar Sector is available through the Avatar Menu on the title screen. This sector has several differences compared to normal System Sectors:

  • Data-Sora starts with 0 SP instead of 1000 SP.
  • While each floor does have a System Challenge, only floors that are multiples of 10 have challenges that allow betting and earning SP. All other floors' challenges award avatar parts instead.
  • It is not possible for a floor to randomly be infected by a virus in the middle of playing the Avatar Sector. The only way to have a virus in the Avatar Sector is to be infected by another avatar, and even then the virus only affects the first floor played.
  • It is possible to start from any floor that has been previously cleared, whereas normal System Sectors only allow Data-Sora to start from the first floor.
  • The amount of floors is not fixed - instead, the player builds floors one at a time until reaching the maximum of 100. Floors can also be deleted at will.
  • The level of heartless enemies will match the floor's number, whereas in normal System Sectors the enemies' level is consistent across floors.


Obtaining all of the SP rewards in a System Sector often requires a very large amount of SP. The best way of gaining SP is by taking the 50% SP bet and clearing every floor's challenge, which will cause the player's SP to increase at a rapid pace. However, this dependence on the SP multipliers changes how a System Sector should be approached as each floor is cleared.

For the first 3 or 4 floors of a System Sector, gather as many resources as possible - defeat every heartless and break every Prize Blox once in each room (leaving and returning to a room to break the same blox again won't award any additional SP). Make sure to clear out every non-bugged room before clearing the bugged rooms - if the non-bugged rooms are left for later, then there is the possibility that an Eliminator will appear in the room instead. Eliminators are very difficult to defeat and can take away a lot of SP, so they're usually not worth it unless a floor challenge specifically calls for it. Additionally, even if the Eliminator is defeated, the normal enemies in the room will not re-appear afterward, essentially making that SP lost.

After the first few floors, combat should be limited to requirements to clear the floor and challenge, and otherwise should be avoided as much as possible. This is because enemies' damage will take away a scaled amount of SP, and after a few floors of SP multipliers, damage from enemies will start taking away more SP than could be gained by defeating them. The SP given from Prize Blox will similarly start to seem small, so they can be skipped if it isn't safe to approach them.


Data-Sora finds a Backdoor, an entrance to a System Sector.

Each System Sector requires Data-Sora to find a Backdoor, which is invisible, so that he can access the System Sector. While finding a Backdoor, a beeping is heard and a blue sensor appears on the bottom screen, mini-map, around the icon representing Data-Sora. Finding a Backdoor is similar to playing a game of "Hunt the Thimble" as the player must search for the invisible door with the aid of the beeping, which beeps faster when Data-Sora goes closer to the Backdoor, and the sensor, which flashes faster and becomes red when Data-Sora gets closer. When Data-Sora is very close to the Backdoor, the invisible door is locked on and the player must examine it to open the door, making it visible.

Leveling up Scan allows Data-Sora to detect more Backdoors and System Sectors during Questploration. System Sectors that are encountered through the story do not have a Scan level requirement.

World Locations[edit]

World Location Notes Scan Level Recommended Level
Destiny Islands Destiny Islands On the wooden door north from the smaller island. Lv1
Destiny Islands On the doorway at the top of the large tree to the north. Lv2 20
Secret Place On the door at the southern end of the area. Lv3 30
Traverse Town Second District On the ground, next to the west wall on the bottom level of the area. Lv1
First District On the second-floor door to the accessory shop. Lv1
First District On the large door to the south. Lv1
Second District On the northwestern door to the hotel. Lv1
Third District On the door with a flame on it, to the west. Lv2 20
Alleyway On the red door, on the second balcony from the north. Lv4 60
Wonderland Bizarre Room On the table in the center of the room. Lv1
Hedge Maze On a wall in the northeastern alcove. A black Card Soldier stands next to it. Lv1
Aimless Path On the ground between the two T-shaped hedges to the south. Lv1
Lotus Forest On top of a small lily pad between two larger lily pads at the north of the area. Lv2 20
Olympus Coliseum Vestibule On the doorway at the north end of the area. Lv3 40
Agrabah Cave / Entrance On the ground to the west of the tiger head. Lv1
Cave / Hall of Beginnings On a wall in a small square alcove, on the north-south boulder path near the center of the area. Lv1
Cave / Gauntlet Inside a pit that can be fallen into. The backdoor is on the floor at the lowest level of the room, to the east. Lv1
Palace Gates On a wall near the high platform in the northwest corner. Requires Air Slide or Glide. Lv3 50
Cave / Gauntlet On the floor at the north end of an L-shaped platform, located at the end of the area's path. Requires High Jump, Air Slide, or Glide. Lv4 70
Hollow Bastion I High Tower On the small pipe-covered doorway on the second floor, to the north. Lv1
Entrance Hall (UL) On top of the small platform on the chandelier, at the center of the area. Lv4 80
Hollow Bastion II Destiny Islands On the small island to the south of the area. Lv1
First District On the floor near the canopy at the north of the area. Lv1
Lotus Forest On a lily pad in the northeast of the area. Lv1
Cave / Entrance On top of the tiger head's snout. Lv1

Challenge Types[edit]

Challenge Notes
"Exit the floor in # seconds or less!"
"Earn at least # SP on this floor!"
"Destroy # blox!"
"Destroy no more than # blox!" This challenge is only available in the Avatar Sector.
"Defeat # Heartless!"
"Defeat a Heartless in a single blow!" This challenge is only available in the Avatar Sector.
"Defeat Heartless in a single blow # times!"
"Defeat an enemy at MAX overclock!" This challenge is only available in the Avatar Sector.
"Defeat # enemies at MAX overclock!"
"Defeat the Gold Tricholoma!"
"Defeat the Eliminator!"
"Block at least # enemy attacks!"
"Pull off # successful counterattacks!" The counterattack does not need to land or do damage, it merely needs to be performed.
"Ignite Heartless # times!"
"Freeze Heartless # times!"
"Jolt Heartless # times!"
"Air-toss Heartless # times!"
"Use your Finish command!"
"Use a Finish command in under # seconds!"
"Use your Finish command at least # times!"
"Fight using only attack commands!" Up to 7 mistakes are allowed.
This challenge is only available in the Avatar Sector.
"Fight using only magic commands!" Up to 7 mistakes are allowed.
"Don't use any recovery commands!" One recovery command use will instantly fail the challenge. Items such as potions are counted.
"Use a Megalixir!"
"Obtain at least one item!" Items count as obtained even if there is no space in the inventory for them.
This challenge is only available in the Avatar Sector.
"Obtain at least # items!" Items count as obtained even if there is no space in the inventory for them.
"Use Attack no more than # times!"
"Miss with no more than # of your attacks!"
"Land a critical hit!" This challenge is only available in the Avatar Sector.
"Land at least # critical hits!"
"Take damage no more than # times!"
"Jump no more than # times!" Jumps that result from a combo don't count against this challenge. Only actual presses of the jump button count.
"Spend less than # seconds in the air!"
"Spend less than # seconds on the ground!"
"Play during the daytime!" Day is considered 6:00 to 17:59 on the device's clock. Starting the floor outside of this time range will cause the challenge to instantly fail.
This challenge is only available in the Avatar Sector.
"Play at night!" Night is considered 18:00 to 5:59 on the device's clock. Starting the floor outside of this time range will cause the challenge to instantly fail.
"Play on the weekend!" The weekend is considered Saturday or Sunday on the device's clock. Starting the floor outside of this time range will cause the challenge to instantly fail.
This challenge is only available in the Avatar Sector.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ The Lucky Strike in Hollow Bastion Sector B is an exception, as it is listed a few slots below the top group.