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Gift Wrapping

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Screenshot of Gift Wrapping minigame from KHII
Gift Wrapping mini-game from Kingdom Hearts II.

Gift Wrapping (プレセント作り Puresento Tsukuri?, lit. "Present Making") is a mini-game that can be played by Sora in Kingdom Hearts II. It is located in the Wrapping Room in Santa's House at Halloween Town and can be played by talking to the elf.

In Gift Wrapping, Sora has to aim and shoot toys inside gift-boxes using a cannon-mounted machine within a one-minute time limit. The cannon has an ammunition clip of 30 toys, which can be reloaded at any time. More points are earned when boxes are filled quicker and when larger boxes are filled. Lock, Shock, and Barrel roam around and knock away boxes that are being filled. Shooting toys at them will stun them temporarily.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

On the second visit to Halloween Town, there is a known thief that has stole some Christmas presents and Dr. Finkelstein's experiment. To apprehend the thief, Jack plans on using Christmas presents as bait. Hence, Santa grants permission for Sora and Jack to use his workshop to make Decoy Presents.


  • X: Shoot (Circle in the Japanese version)
  • Triangle: Reload


In the main story, the player must achieve a score of 100 to complete the mini-game.

To complete Jiminy's Journal's objective, the player must achieve a score of 150 or more. At difficulty levels below Proud, this is a requirement to unlock the secret movie.


Gift Wrapping - Kingdom Hearts II