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The Wayward Canary

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The Wayward Canary is a Classic Kingdom mini-game in Kingdom Hearts III. In this game, Sora has to catch canaries.

Game Help[edit]

Collect all the canaries on the loose!

Steer clear of the cats! If you grav the broom, you'll be able to chase the cats away for a short period of time.


The objective of this mini-game is to collect all canaries within the time limit. The "CONTROLLER" buttons can be used to move Sora around. Moving Sora to a space with a canary in it will catch the canary.

In later levels, cats will appear. When Sora is hit by a cat, he will lose a life. In stages with cats, Mickey will appear with a broom either from the start, or after 15 seconds have passed. When Sora moves to the space where Mickey is, he will obtain the broom from Mickey. Touching a cat while holding the broom will make the cat leave for 5 seconds. The broom will disappear after 5 seconds have passed.

When all canaries are collected in a stage, the stage is cleared and the next stage starts.


The Wayward Canary is based on the Mickey Mouse short of the same name from 1932. In the short, Mickey gives Minnie a canary. However, the canary has a bunch of babies, who fly around the house, and Mickey tries to catch them. At some point, a cat starts chasing one of the canaries, but Pluto saves it.