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Link Summon

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This article is about Link Summons in Kingdom Hearts III.
You may be looking for the Link System from Dream Drop Distance.
Sora uses Meow Wow's Wonder Balloon.

Link Summons are a gameplay feature in Kingdom Hearts III, allowing Sora to fight alongside various allies. They serve as a replacement to the Summon and D-Link abilities from previous games.


List of Link Summons[edit]

Name Description Commands Obtained
LS Sprite Meow Wow Balloon KHIII.png
Wandā Barūn
?, lit. "Wonder Ballon")
Summon Meow Wow to bounce around the field and damage foes. With each bounce, Meow Wow grows bigger in size, buffing the damage of Deflate Dash and Finish. Bouncing around for too long without using one of the commands causes him to automatically deflate. Triangle: Finish
X: Deflate Dash
Circle: Tornado Pounce
L1: Cancel
Given to by Yen Sid after returning to Mysterious Tower.
LS Sprite 8-Bit Blast KHIII.png
8 Bitto Bomu
?, lit. "8-Bit Bomb")
Summon Wreck-It Ralph to to build and destroy blocks. Each block has a unique function, and once you've arranged them to your liking hit the Finish command to wreck them all and deal heavy damage to foes. Triangle: Finish
X: Build
Circle: Jump
Square: Rush
L1: Cancel
Toy Box: Reward from clearing Verum Rex: Beat of Lead for the first time.
LS Sprite King's Flare KHIII.png
Kingusu Furea
Summon Simba and ride atop him to damage and burn foes. Triangle: Finish
X: Firaga Roar
Circle: Firaga Leap
L1: Cancel
Monstropolis: Received for putting out the fires at the Tank Yard.
LS Sprite Sea Spectacle KHIII.png
Shī Supekutakuru
Summon Ariel to fight alongside you. Jumpin in and out of the ground shoots out orbs of water to damage foes. Triangle: Finish
X: Splash
Circle: Mermaid Dive
L1: Cancel
The Caribbean: Found in a chest at the Underwater Cave.
LS Sprite Plasma Encounter KHIII.png
Purazuma Enkauntā
Summon Stitch to line up and connect strands of electricity. Pressing Finish causes the strands to unleash a powerful charged attack. Triangle: Finish
X: Plasma Surge
Circle: Jump
L1: Cancel
San Fransokyo: Reward for completing Flash Tracer for the first time.