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This article is about Link Summons in Kingdom Hearts III.
You may be looking for the Link System from Dream Drop Distance.
Sora uses Meow Wow's Wonder Balloon.

Link Summons are a gameplay feature in Kingdom Hearts III, allowing Sora to fight alongside various allies. They serve as a replacement to the Summon and D-Link abilities from previous games.


List of Link Summons[edit]

  • Meow Wow: Meow Wow Balloon
    • Commands: Balloon Rush, Tornado Jump, Cancel
  • Wreck-It Ralph: 8-Bit Blast
    • Commands: Build, Jump, Rush, Finish, Cancel
  • Simba: King's Flare
    • Commands: Firaga Roar, Firaga Leap, Finish, Cancel
  • Ariel: Sea Spectacle
    • Commands: Splash, Mermaid Dive, Finish, Cancel
  • Stitch: Plasma Encounter
    • Commands: Plasma Surge, Jump, Finish, Cancel



  • When summoning Ariel, Simba, or Stitch, the battle theme of their home worlds will play for the duration for the summon ("An Adventure in Atlantica" for Ariel, "Savannah Pride" for Simba, and "Mkaukau?" for Stitch).
  • Additionally, the Dream Eaters theme plays when summoning the Meow Wow.