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Seifer KHII.png

Katakana サイファー Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Saifā
Voice actors (Ja:) Takehito Koyasu
(En:) Will Friedle
Homeworld Twilight Town
Origin Final Fantasy VIII
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II
Final Fantasy VIII

Self-appointed head of the "Twilight Disciplinary Committee."

Seifer does his best to keep the town up to his own rigorous standards, but not everyone appreciates his high-handed tactics -- take Hayner's gang, for example.

His followers Fujin and Raijin are never far away.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
The leader of Twilight Town's Disciplinary Committee and self-proclaimed "protector of the town."
"Destiny... In that case, let's be friends. I don't feel like cooperating with destiny."
—Seifer to Roxas

Seifer is a Final Fantasy character in Kingdom Hearts II, who resides in Twilight Town. Seifer is always seen with his posse Fuu, Rai, and Vivi. He shares a rivalry with Hayner and his gang, and often picks fights with them.

Much like the original Seifer of Final Fantasy VIII, he is cocky, sarcastic, and a self-proclaimed protector of order (or at least, his idea of order), which is just bullying people into following what he says.

Seifer does not appear in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, but is briefly mentioned by Hayner, Pence, and Olette.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Seifer is the leader of the Simulated Twilight Town's Disciplinary Committee, which includes his followers Rai, Fuu, and Vivi.

The virtual version of himself becomes a rival of Roxas, mocking and picking fights with him and his friends since the first day of Roxas' time in the simulation. However, Roxas has been framed as a photo thief, explaining Seifer's hostility. He is also the town's Champion for the Struggle Tournament in Twilight Town. Seifer is the first evidence of a malfunction in the virtual world; when he taunts Roxas, things start to get slow and strange.

While on Sunset Hill, he confronts Roxas's group. He wonders why looking at Roxas ticks him off. Roxas posits that it's destiny, to which Seifer replies that they should be friends, as he does not want to cooperate with destiny.

In the real Twilight Town, when he meets Sora, Donald, and Goofy, he treats them like Roxas in the simulated Twilight Town. However, when they save him and his gang from trouble, he gives them the Struggle Trophy as a sign of great respect.


Seifer's clothes are slightly based on Final Fantasy VIII's original version, but redesigned to match with his age and new style, that includes a black tuque with the "Ore" kanji (which is a distinctly masculine and sometimes vulgar way of referring to oneself; the backwards kanji also stands for battle). He wears a blue crop-top vest with white lining underneath a floor-length white jacket. This jacket resembles the one he wore in Final Fantasy VIII, though it lacks sleeves and the red crosses it originally had. He has baggy, aubergine colored pants, with the legs tucked into black combat boots with light blue laces. Seifer's eyes are blue-green and his hair, partially visible under his hat, is blond. The scar Squall gave him in Final Fantasy VIII is also shown in the game, and it is the mirror of Leon's. It is unclear why Seifer has the scar here. In Kingdom Hearts II, Seifer's gunblade "Hyperion" is replaced with a Struggle Bat which he uses for all battles, but wields it in a similar stance to how he wielded Hyperion.


Seifer appears as very brash, rude, and taunting. He signifies himself as the "protector of the town". Seifer's personality contrasts in small ways from his personality in Final Fantasy VIII where he played as Leon's rival. Since he is younger in Kingdom Hearts II than in Final Fantasy, his behavior and personality is more brash and childish than in Final Fantasy. Although he often seems like a bully, he is shown to care about the town and is nice to Roxas or Sora when he sees fit.

Seifer often makes allusions to his character in Final Fantasy VIII. For example, his derogatory nickname for Zell Dincht on various occasions in Final Fantasy VIII ("chicken wuss") is used as his nickname for Roxas, and his position as the head of Twilight Town's Disciplinary Committee reflects his Final Fantasy counterpart being the head of the Balamb Garden Disciplinary Committee.


Seifer FFVIII.png

Seifer Almasy is a classmate of Squall Leonhart in Final Fantasy VIII, as well as his chief rival. Like Squall, Seifer was one of the very few people to wield a Gunblade, his model called the Hyperion. Leader of the Balamb Garden Disciplinary Committee, he was close friends with fellow students, Raijin and Fujin.

Seifer was also training to become a SeeD member but was unable to make the cut due to his rash attitude and rebellious nature. He later on becomes a regular antagonist/anti-hero after being swayed by the main antagonist, the Sorceress known as Ultimecia, as it was his 'romantic dream' to become a Sorceress's Knight, although he realizes his wrongdoings and redeems himself in the end.

Although he and Squall are enemies in their original game, they never meet or even see each other in the Kingdom Hearts series.

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