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Wonderland KH.png
Wonderland Logo KH.png
Kana ワンダーランド

Romaji Wandārando
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts coded
Kingdom Hearts χ

Origin Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Wonderland is a world from Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts coded, and Kingdom Hearts χ. It is based on Walt Disney's 1951 feature film Alice in Wonderland. This world is nonsensical and bizarre in its own way. Houses that have foldable furniture, a tea party without any guests, and a forest of giant flowers are just some of the odd things found here. The world is ruled by the stroppy Queen of Hearts and her card-like soldiers.

Wonderland is the one of the few Disney-based worlds without a world-exclusive ally.

Settings and Areas[edit]

The Queen's Court.

When Sora, Donald, and Goofy first arrive in Wonderland, they find themselves floating down a Rabbit Hole (うさぎの穴 Usagi no Ana?) into the house of the White Rabbit, which is a large room with a hallway. The hallway leads to the main room, called the Bizarre Room (不思議な部屋 Fushigina Heya?), which has a table with "Drink Me" bottles which cause the drinker to grow or shrink in size. The Rabbit's furniture can be folded up into the walls or flattened to change the room's structure, reveal treasures, or open new doors. Different doors around Wonderland into the Bizarre Room cause the gravity to shift, allowing Sora and company to explore the walls and ceiling of the room.

Entering the door behind the bed leads to the Queen's Court (ハートの女王の城 Hāto no Joō no Shiro?, lit. "Castle of the Queen of Hearts"), outside of her castle in a hedge maze. Here she runs her pointless court sessions, and is where the boss battle against the Card Soldiers is fought.

The way to the Lotus Forest (ハスの森 Hasu no Mori?) is through the opening to the left. It is a large wood full of giant mushrooms and flowers which ask for potions and other items; one flower can be given a potion to make Sora grow larger. Various items that can be manipulated, depending on Sora's size, such as the stump, the boulder, and the tree in the center of the wood; knocking the nut from the tree and consuming it returns Sora to a shrunken state.

Finally, there is a small area that is the location of the Tea Party Garden (ティーパーティー会場 Tī Pātī Kaijō?, lit. "Tea Party Grounds"), where the Mad Hatter and March Hare's tea party is laid out; the hosts themselves are imprisoned in a portrait on the wall, but sitting on the chairs around the table can grant prizes or penalties. The portrait also changes depending on the prize/penalty.

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, there is the Hedge Maze Entrance (迷路庭園入口 Meiro Teien Iriguchi?, lit. "Maze Garden Entrance") which is an annex between the Bizarre Room and the Queen's Court. On either side of the small hallway it leads to two Red Rose Hedge Mazes (赤いバラの迷路庭園 Akaibara no Meiro Teien?, lit. "Maze Garden of Red Roses"), giant mazes sometimes guarded by Card Soldiers, and, when not, are inhabited by Heartless.

In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded there are several new areas that are introduced. Data-Sora first arrived on Wonderland and meets Alice in the Clearing (中央広場 Chūō Hiroba?, lit. "Central Square"). There is also a new maze called the Aimless Path (迷いの小道 Mayoi no Komichi?, lit. "Trail of Hesitation"). Inside the Wonderland: Keyhole, there are three bugged areas called The Falsewood (惑わしの森 Madowashi no mori?, lit. "Forest of Delusion"), Fleeting Forest (うつろいの森 Utsuroi no Mori?, Transitory Forest), and Terminus (最深部 Saishinbu?).


Kingdom Hearts χ[chi][edit]

Hearing about the Darkball Heartless in the Dwarf Woodlands are from Wonderland, the Player leaves immediately and makes way for Wonderland. After descending the Rabbit Hole, the Player finds themselves in the Hall of Doors, where they attempt to go through a small door. The Doorknob reveals himself to be sentient and suggests that the Player look for another way, as they’re too big to fit through the door. The Doorknob then perks up and advises the Player to ask the other outsider who’d come through there about how to get small enough to proceed – though when the Player asks, Doorknob reveals that she’s already on the other side. While the Player once again tries to fit through the door, Doorknob instead tells them to look at the message attached to the bottle that had just appeared on the table in the centre of the room. After reading the message (“Drink Me”), Doorknob suggests that the Player do as the message says – however, a Soldier Heartless steals the bottle before the Player can drink from it. After defeating the Heartless, the Player proceeds to drink from the bottle, shrinking down to a size that would allow them through the door.

On the other side, the Player finds Chirithy, who reveals that if they eat the mushrooms before them, they will grow – allowing the Player to once again return to his normal size. At a crossroads, the Player meets Alice, who is relieved by how normal they seem. Alice then asks if the Player had seen a rabbit – though she finds herself disappointed and wonders to herself where he might have gone to. Further down the road, the White Rabbit carries on his way – muttering about how late he was for a very important date – upon seeing the White Rabbit, Alice chases after him, leaving the Player alone at the crossroads. The Cheshire Cat theb materializes, stating that the Player appears to be rather lost for the time being, and that if they needed to know anything they could just ask him. The Player then asks the Cheshire Cat about Alice and the White Rabbit, and Cheshire clarifies that the White Rabbit always appears to be worried and is constantly running around late for something. Carrying on, the Player manages to catch up with the White Rabbit – who is worried because the numbers 2, 4, 5 and 11 are missing from his clock, so he doesn’t know the time and whether he’s late or not – having become soaking wet when he had fallen in a pond and ruined his clock. The Player manages to round up the missing pieces, and the White Rabbit is relieved, only to find out that he is indeed running late. The White Rabbit then carries on to his house, only to find a Large Armor waiting out in front of it – which he asks The Player to help him with so that he can get inside – as he’d be late for tea if he couldn’t make the proper preparations.

The Player later meets Alice once again, who claims to be on her way to see the Doorknob, however she needs the Player to clear the path of Heartless for her. Afterwards, she continues to the Bizarre Room and speaks with the Doorknob, who tells her where to find the White Rabbit’s house. Despite this, Alice takes a wrong turn and finds herself lost again, though she does eventually find her way. The Player then comes across Chirithy, who had come to check their progress, asking that they defeat all the Heartless in the area in order to advance their skills. Once Chirithy sees the Player’s progress, it returns to report to their Foreteller.

The Cheshire Cat calls the Player to the crossroads, where he asks the Player for a favor: to eat some of the mushroom and get smaller, then meet the Cheshire Cat in the forest. He then informs the Player that he needs some nectar from white flowers that specially grow in the forest, and after the Player does, he reveals that the nectar’s purpose is to sweeten his tea.

The Player returns to the crossroads to find Alice, who’d gone on a walk when the White Rabbit was taking too long to come out of his house. She asks the Player to defeat the Heartless blocking the path back to the White Rabbit’s house, so that she can return there – only when she does she realizes that she’d lost her handkerchief and so the Player offers to find it for her.

Returning to the Bizarre Room, the Doorknob claims that something was making a lot of noise toward the back of the room, asking the Player to take a look at the area since he’s immobile, as he would like to take a nap - a mission which the Player is happy to accept.

The Cheshire Cat asks the Player to check in on Alice, as she has not been back in quite a long time after deciding to take a stroll when the White Rabbit continued to remain inside his house. When the Player finds Alice, however, there is no need for alarm. Noting that the White Rabbit must still not be ready to come out yet, Alice suggests that she and the Player play a game of hide-and-seek, offering to hide first. When Alice hides for a second time, her choice of hiding place attracts the attention of a nearby group of Heartless. After the Player defeats them, they return to the White Rabbit’s house with Alice, where they find the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat outside. They tell Alice that the White Rabbit’s gloves are missing. The Player offers to look for them, but the Cheshire Cat tells them that he knows where the gloves are and will tell them somewhere more private. In the yard behind the Bizarre Room, the Cheshire Cat reveals that Alice has the White Rabbit’s gloves, having picked them up during her travels, thus she needs to be reminded that she has them. The Player races back to the White Rabbit’s house, where he finds Alice missing and the White Rabbit locked out of his own house.

Chirithy asks the Player to defeat more Darkballs that have been appearing throughout Wonderland. Following the defeat of the Darkballs, Chirithy suggests that the Darkballs came from another world and that the Player should investigate Agrabah.

Upon returning to Wonderland, the Player seeks out the White Rabbit to see how he is doing. The White Rabbit explains that he had sent his housekeeper Mary Anne in after his gloves, but she has not yet returned. To make matters worse, the door is still locked, so the White Rabbit himself cannot get in. The Player then shows the White Rabbit their Keyblade and offers to unlock the door. However, the White Rabbit stops them as he is convinced that the power of the Keyblade would destroy his house, mentioning how it would not even fit in the keyhole anyway. The White Rabbit then remembers that he dropped the key to his house in the Bizarre Room and asks the Player to go get it for him. When the Player tries to make the White Rabbit see that the Keyblade could unlock the door, the White Rabbit becomes insistent that the Player go fetch the key for him immediately.

When the Player returns with the key, the White Rabbit is overjoyed, only to take out his pocket watch and realize the time, causing him to hurriedly scramble into his house. Just as the Player is about to leave, they hear a loud crashing sound, as well as someone screaming about the sudden appearance of monsters. Running back to the White Rabbit’s house, the Player finds that Alice has grown to monumental size and unintentionally destroyed the White Rabbit’s house and that many Possessor Heartless have begun moving in toward her. The Player wastes no time in dispatching the Possessors, receiving Alice’s thanks following their victory. However, it doesn’t solve the problem of her size. As she questions how to return to normal, she spies a nearby garden and reasons that something from it may be able to make her normal again. The Player retrieves some of the vegetables from The White Rabbit’s garden, which fortunately do shrink down Alice. With this crisis averted the White Rabbit looks to his pocket watch again only to discover that he’s late and frantically runs off. Alice then emerges from the house, revealing herself to be a little too small now, calls after The White Rabbit and asks him to wait. When Alice leaves to chase after the White Rabbit, Chirithy appears and comments on how so many strange things seem to keep happening in Wonderland.

At the crossroads, the Player once again finds the Cheshire Cat, who explains that Alice had gone after the White Rabbit, suggesting that they may be able to find her if they travel west. This leads the Player to the Mad Hatter’s house, where they find the Mad Hatter and March Hare celebrating their Unbirthdays with a tea party. Upon seeing the Player, the Mad Hatter and March Hare rush over and claim that there are no more seats available and that it is impossible for the Player to join them. The Mad Hatter seems cross over having to deal with the Player on his Unbirthday, while the March Hare tells the Player that it is very impolite to show up uninvited. Taking the hint, the Player then motions to leave, only to be stopped by the Mad Hatter, who asks if the Player would like to stay for some tea. As the Mad Hatter and March Hare push the Player toward a nearby seat, the March Hare realizes that they need sugar for their tea – only for the Mad Hatter to find that they are all out of sugar. Reasoning that they can’t have tea without sugar, the Mad Hatter and March Hare send the Player out to get some so that they can continue their tea party.

The Player does as directed, looking to the Mad Hatter’s and White Rabbit’s houses for sugar, only to return to find that the tea had gone cold while they were out and that the Mad Hatter is also out of butter and jam. Venturing to the Bizarre Room, the Player finds the butter and sugar in boxes there and returns to the tea party post haste. As the Player is about to enjoy some tea, however, the Mad Hatter and March Hare have them switch seats. Then the two note how special that day had been, and as the Player reaches for some tea, the March Hare takes it and drinks it – revealing that today was his Unbirthday – one of the many days of the year which are not one's birthday. It is then that the Mad Hatter and March Hare realize that they were in the middle of a tea party when the Player arrived, chasing off the Player so that they could continue their festivities.

Chirity materializes and voices its frustration, reminding the Player that their mission is to collect Light from the worlds and that they cannot afford to waste time in a tea party. Looking back to the Mad Hatter and March Hare, Chirithy laments that Wonderland is a world with many mysterious things which can easily distract the Player. Even so, Chirithy asks that the Player put their entire heart in their missions, believing that everything should be fine now. Chirithy then asks if the Player had noticed that Alice was another Princess of Heart, the Light of Wonderland. This being the case, Alice may be targeted by Darkness. Chirithy asks that the Player watch over Alice for the time being. Of course the Player will first have to locate her, and so Chirithy suggests that the Cheshire Cat may be a good place to start.

At the crossroads, the Player asks the Cheshire Cat what he knows, only for him to teasingly state that the Player wants to know what he knows, disappearing as he does so. As the Cheshire Cat reappears, he provides the Player with a shortcut to Alice, who had gone to see the Queen of Hearts – meaning that the Player would have to follow her through the Hedge Labyrinth. As the Player delves deeper into the labyrinth, they come across two Trump Soldiers, who block the exit leading to the Queen’s castle and advise the Player to take the safer route and turn back. When the Player remains persistent, the Trump Soldiers mention that someone had planted white roses not far from there, which the Queen detests. As such, the Trump Soldiers suggest that they should paint the roses red, only they do not know where in the labyrinth the paint is. The Player volunteers to find the red paint, but when they return with it they find only one Trump Soldier, who reveals that a Red Rose Heartless was attacking and asks the Player to help eliminate them. The Player sweeps through the labyrinth, defeating all the Red Roses they can find. Once the Heartless have been wiped out, two Trump Soldiers direct their attention to the castle of the Queen of Hearts – where trumpets blare, signifying the need for their presence in the Queen’s court.

Upon arrival, the Player finds that Alice is standing trial for causing chaos by acting as she pleased, and that the Queen of Hearts is the judge. As the White Rabbit details the charges, the Queen of Hearts demands that he skip over that and get to the part where she gets angry, fast – prompting Alice to question what kind of court skips right to the judgement. The Queen of Hearts reiterates that everything in Wonderland is under her rule, and so Alice asks what it is that she has done wrong. Enraged, the Queen of Hearts orders the White Rabbit to read the charges against Alice. The White Rabbit details how Alice had picked the Doorknob and illegally invaded Wonderland, but Alice argues that she didn’t pick any locks, as she’d used a potion to make herself smaller to fit through the door and enter Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts writes this off as nothing more than a simple lie, but a desperate Alice then looks to the Player for help, knowing that they’d gone through the door in the same way. When the Player steps forward, Alice tells the Queen of Hearts that the Payer would provide the evidence – which the Queen allows. Hurriedly, the Player makes their way to the Bizarre Room, where they grab the bottle that makes you smaller and hurries back to the Queen of Hearts’ castle. Having drank from the bottle themselves, the Player arrives smaller than usual as additional proof. Despite this, Alice is still under suspicion, being charged with planting white roses in the Queen’s garden. As such, the Player ventures through the labyrinth in search of the white roses – only finding a White Rose Heartless, which they quickly dispatch before returning to court and telling the Queen that there were no white roses to be found in the labyrinth.

Again, Alice still remains under suspicion – now being accused of being the one who summoned the Heartless to Wonderland in the first place. Knowing this to be false, the Player seeks out the Cheshire Cat, asking him to act as a witness on Alice’s behalf to prove her innocence. The Cheshire Cat agrees, claiming that he would go on ahead to the court, leaving the Player to follow behind him. However, the Player arrives at the court at finds that he is nowhere to be found. When it seems as though the Queen of Hearts is ready to convict Alice, the Cheshire Cat appears beside the White Rabbit. Alice asks if the Cheshire Cat had come to act as a witness on her behalf, to which he claims that he knows it all, but that does not mean he would tell all. Alice then begs the Cheshire Cat to help her, and so he says that the answer and the culprit are both shrouded in the dark. That being said, the Heartless came from the darkness. The Cheshire Cat appears directly in front of the Queen and proclaims that Alice is innocent before disappearing in a bout of laughter.

With this, The Queen looks to the White Rabbit for further accusations against Alice, though he is unable to provide anymore. Alice thanks the Player, as it seems as though she has nothing more to be convicted of because of them, then turning to the Queen and asking to hear her final judgement. Furious, the Queen of Hearts insists that Alice is guilty and orders for Alice to be beheaded. When the Trump Soldiers assemble, the Player helps Alice escape into the labyrinth – encouraging the Queen of Hearts to order their execution as well. The Player fights off the Trump Soldiers, preventing them from going after Alice – though the Player cannot stop the Trump Soldiers all together, and instead flees the court while the Trump Soldiers are knocked down.

The Player makes their way out of the labyrinth where they find Alice, who is glad to see that they are safe and thanks them for helping save her as well. Alice then voices her disbelief that such a selfish person could be queen, feeling sympathy for the residents of Wonderland. Ultimately, Alice decides that she is going to look around Wonderland a bit longer, admitting that she was a little anxious, but she would be fine now thanks to the Player, bidding them farewell as she wanders off again. The Player initially moves to stop Alice, but ends up stopping short and letting her go, giving way for Chirithy to appear. Chirithy feels sympathy for Alice, as she is still unaware of the fact that she is one of the most important Lights – but doing as she pleases may just be her strength. Looking to the Player, Chirithy tells them that they should maybe learn that alongside her so that they would be able to understand when their time is due. Chirithy encourages the Player to join Alice in her willfulness for a while, as Alice is the Player’s top priority still. Chirithy then attempts to tell a joke in relation to Alice’s willfulness and the Queen of Hearts’, though the Player doesn’t get it, prompting Chirithy to take its leave so that the Player can continue with protecting Alice for a while before returning to Daybreak Town.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive in Wonderland just in time to witness Alice be put on trial for apparently trying to steal the Queen of Hearts's heart. Alice is sentenced to beheading, but Sora intervenes, promising the Queen he shall bring evidence to prove Alice is innocent. While searching for evidence, Sora is helped by the Cheshire Cat, who also gives him the Blizzard element.

Upon returning with evidence that the Heartless were responsible, the furious Queen locks Alice in a cage, turning her card minions upon Sora. The party defeats them and rushes to save Alice, but discovers her cage is empty. Sora and his friends rush off to find Alice, but after a search through the world, they return to the normal Bizarre Room and face off against the Trickmaster Heartless, which they destroy. They then discover the world's Keyhole in the sleeping Doorknob's mouth and seal it.

Soon after, it is revealed that Alice was kidnapped from Wonderland because she was a Princess of Heart.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

The world and characters of Wonderland return in the form of memories of Sora's, during his time in Castle Oblivion. Alice is accused of stealing the Queen's memory and once again put on trial of her alleged crime. Sora intervenes and claims he is the thief, which causes the Queen to have her cards attack. After fighting and escaping, Sora and Alice talks to the Cheshire Cat about the Queen of Hearts and her memory loss. The Cheshire Cat also comments that "If you try too hard to remember something, your memory could lie to you."

They are later found by the Queen, who attempts to indict them, but she suddenly forgets what she was doing. The Trickmaster shows up and is revealed to be the one responsible for stealing her memory. After it is defeated, Alice tells the Queen that she ordered for Sora and Alice to destroy it. The Queen, being too proud, commends them on a job well done.

Later, in the Basement, Riku enters the memory-based Wonderland, but he only encounters the Trickmaster, which he defeats.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

When Roxas first arrives in Wonderland, he has another vision of that boy in red standing where he is standing, holding a Keyblade. He is soon distracted by the strange sight of a white rabbit in a waistcoat looking at a pocket-watch and speaking of his lateness. Roxas is not quite sure what he has just seen, but wonders what might be up ahead to make the rabbit react so. When he reaches the next room he sees the White Rabbit again, but shrunken, and running through the door. He wonders just how the rabbit might have gotten smaller, and is answered by the Doorknob, who tells him to drink what’s in the bottle on the table. Roxas drinks the contents of the bottle, causing him to shrink. Heartless appear, and he is able to continue with his mission of collecting hearts. After the defeat of a few enemies, a Lurk Lizard appears, but is defeated.

On his second mission to Wonderland he is sent with Luxord to take out some Pink Concertos. Roxas looks around, thinking to see the White Rabbit once more, but he does not appear. When Luxord questions him about his behavior, he tells him what had happened on the previous mission. Luxord tells him that even small happenings with luck could turn into fated meetings. Roxas looks confused, but they continue on with their mission. During the mission, the Cheshire Cat appears several times to give cryptic advice on where they might find the Heartless. Roxas asks him whether or not he is connected with the Heartless, but the Cheshire Cat would not give him a straight answer. On this mission, he had several more visions of the boy in red, this time with his friends.

A couple weeks later, returning for another mission in Wonderland with Luxord, they both see the White Rabbit run past, once again complaining of lateness. Luxord comments that the White Rabbit could be either lucky or unlucky for Roxas, though he didn’t know which. Roxas tells him it doesn’t really matter, since the White Rabbit is unrelated to their current mission, but Luxord decides that they should follow him. They find the rabbit to the Queen's Court, where he tells the Queen that they have been unable to locate the trio that gave her a shock. She demands that they be found, and the card soldiers run to check the Maze Garden, the only place they haven't checked. Thinking that perhaps the "trio" the Queen is searching for are the three Heartless they have been sent to dispatch, Luxord and Roxas take a look at the Maze Garden as well. The card soldiers are everywhere, but by sneaking by them they manage to find and finish off the trio of Heartless. Roxas has another vision of the boy in red, before they hear the Queen screaming at her soldiers. Luxord muses that now they’ll never find those three Heartless they had been searching for, and it was due to Roxas’s curiosity that they managed to find them before the soldiers did.

Several months pass until Roxas has his next mission in Wonderland with Luxord. The Queen is still looking for the trio of Heartless, but no one has yet to find them. Luxord wonders if luck will be on their side this time, when the Cheshire Cat appears to tell them of a new shadow that has appeared in place of the old ones. He gives them a hint that they will find the shadow by turning on the four switches in the Opposite Maze Garden. They made their way through the garden, avoiding the card soldiers, to turn on the switches. Returning to the Bizarre room, the light now makes a shadow on the floor, which turns into the Novashadow that they had been sent to fight. They take care of it, and return to The World That Never Was.

A few weeks later, Roxas is sent by himself to take care of a unknown Heartless. Before he goes anywhere, the Cheshire Cat appears and asks if he is looking for a Heartless. Roxas asks where he could find it, and the cat answers that it is in the room with the shadows. Roxas asks him what he wants, and the cat replies that it is whatever Roxas thinks that he wants. Roxas gets irritated and moves past him into the next room, but as soon as he drinks from the bottle, the cat appears again. The Heartless springs from the shadow, but Roxas defeats them. When the cat appears again to congratulate him, Roxas asks the cat who or what he is, but the cat only replies that he should believe whatever it is he wants to believe and that "lies and truth are the same if you believe in them" and that "he should choose where his heart lies".

Sometime later, Roxas is transported here by Xion in the Bizarre Room. Xion uses the Organization XIII Device to transform into a winged form, and she attacks Roxas. However, Roxas manages to destroy the wings. Xion then transports Roxas and herself to Halloween Town to continue the fight.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

In a data version of Wonderland created from Jiminy's Journal, Data-Sora meets Data-Alice, she says she cannot remember a thing. Sora also confronts the mysterious Organization member in this world. Also, the Queen of Hearts sends her Card Soldiers to attack Alice and Sora, and they run into the Cheshire Cat and Sora fights the Trickmaster once again. The Data Keyhole in this world is inside the cage in the Queen's court.


  • In the manga adaptation for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, several Umbrella Vultures, Hammer and Pencil Birds, and Mome Raths appear as cameos while Roxas and a shrunken Luxord wonder the woods. Also, the White Rabbit mentions his maid, Mary Ann, whom Roxas disguised himself as.






  • When Roxas visits Wonderland for the first time, he has a vision of Sora fighting Possessors, which is impossible as Possessors were not introduced until Kingdom Hearts II.
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