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Chirithy KHXBC.png

Chirithy (Nightmare) KHX.png

Katakana チリシィ Nightmare and Spirit Combination KH3D.png
Rōmaji Chirishī

Type Spirit Dream Eater
Nightmare Dream Eater
Voice actors (Ja:) Tomoko Kaneda [1]
(En:) Lara Jill Miller [2]
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Game Kingdom Hearts χ

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
Created by the Master to serve the Keyblade wielders. They originally exist as helpful Spirits. If their wielder becomes lost to darkness, however, they turn black and become Nightmares.

The Chirithy are cat-like, anthropomorphic Dream Eaters that appear in Kingdom Hearts χ and act as the player's companion. They were created by the master of the Foretellers and oversee the players' progress, putting them through trials but also offering advice and help so that they may get stronger. The Chirithy support all five Unions, and though they are not subordinates to the Foretellers directly, they work together with them to drive back the darkness. A Chirithy is bound to its player; in the event that the player succumbs to the darkness or vanishes, so does the Chirithy.


Before Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Ava marveling at the newly created Chirithy.

The Master of Masters creates the Chirithy and introduces him to the Foretellers: Aced, Ava, Gula, Invi and Ira. While Ava gushes over Chirithy's cuteness, the Master explains that the Spirit Chirithy are meant to aid Keyblade wielders in their endeavors, but he warns that should a wielder fall to darkness, so will their Chirithy, causing them to transform into a Nightmare. This inspires Aced to suggest that they destroy any Nightmare Chirithy they come across; however, Ava refutes the idea. When Gula comments on Aced's identity as the bear being due to his scary demeanor, Ava teases that Aced could simply growl at the Nightmares instead, much to Aced's embarrassment.

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi][edit]

Chirithy is the first being which Player encounters after arriving in Daybreak Town, commending Player's potential with the Keyblade and explains to Player their duty as a Keyblade wielder to defend the light and prevent darkness from consuming worlds by destroying the Heartless. Moreover, Chirithy reveals he is tasked watch over and support Player and introduces the concept of Medals to them. Chirithy then sends Player off to defeat some Heartless in the immediate area for some practice. After a short while, Chirithy informs Player that darkness has spread to other worlds, teaching Player how to access the Gates in order to access these other worlds.

Chirthy continues to guide the Player throughout his time in Daybreak Town, sending Player on missions and helping them out. One day, while sitting in the Fountain Square of Daybreak Town, Player is approached by a Nightmare Chirithy, posing as Chirithy, who commends Player's progress, but suggests that there's something that can make him even stronger. Revealing the Power Bangle, Nightmare Chirithy explains that it will enable Player to strengthen his Medals even more; asking that Player give it a try and have fun with it. When Player seems wary, Nightmare Chirithy offers some encouragement and states that the Power Bangle is a gift. However, Player doesn't seem comfortable with not giving anything in return for the Power Bangle, thus Nightmare Chirithy asks that Player simply keep it equipped and continue what he's doing; hoping that the Bangle will motivate Player to get out there and do even better. As the Chirithy disappears, Player's true Chirithy walks into the Fountain Square, confused about what had just happened.

Nightmare Chirithy is found by Ira to be snooping around the Foreteller's Chamber, believing that Nightmare Chirithy is responsible for the Power Bangles which the Keyblade wielders have been receiving to collect dark energy, but that he does not possess the power to obtain the Bangles himself; Ira surmises that there is a traitor among the Foretellers. Ira then calls for a meeting of the Foretellers in order to bring this issue to their attention, casting doubt among his peers.

With the appearance of Neoshadows in Daybreak Town, Chirithy directs Player to take on the new threat. While Player is busy, Chirithy meets with another wielder's Chirithy - asking them how their wielder is faring. The other Chirithy explains that his wielder is indifferent and that he doesn't understand what's going on; with Chirithy offering some encouragement to his comrade. Accepting this, the other Chirithy remarks on how there are only five Unions, to which Chirithy states that they can't afford to lose any of them, meaning that they have to trust that their wielders will flourish. As Player ventures back to meet with the three wielders he'd teamed up with to defeat the Neoshadows - he instead finds Chirithy. Chirithy explains that none of Player's comrades would be returning, implying their descent into Darkness, but that he has a message from one of them, who had apologized for being unable to keep their promise to Player. Chirithy then takes his leave, once again meeting with the other Chirithy - finding them collapsed on the ground. The other Chirithy reveals that their wielder had fallen to the Darkness and questions if this was the end for him. Morosely, Chirithy adds that they each share a connection with their wielders, and that should a wielder fall to Darkness, so shall their Chirithy. Accepting this, the other Chirithy lifts from the ground and fades from existence.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Events dependant on Player's Union

Following the disappearance of the other Chirithy, the Foreteller leading Player's Union appears to speak with Chirithy. The Foreteller reveals that even though the Keyblade wielders are gathering Lux at an amazing rate, the Darkness is spreading even faster. With this, Chirithy asks if that means that there really is a traitor among them - to which the Foreteller states that he is not willing to believe that yet.

One night, Player is shown a dream by Chirithy in which Aced, Ava, Gula, Invi and Ira are meeting with the Master of Masters in the Foreteller's Chamber - however before Player can explore the dream, Nightmare Chirithy puts a stop to it. When Player wakes, Chirithy notes that the dream had caused Player to toss and turn like crazy and advises Player to try going back to sleep. Afterwards, Chirithy turns to the window and asks Nightmare Chirithy if he was the one to interfere. Nightmare Chirithy asks if Chirithy had shown Player the dream and what it is that he is trying to do, to which Chirithy firmly states that it is the opposite of what his Nightmare counterpart is trying to do. Nightmare Chirithy then declares the two of them to be enemies before disappearing, prompting Chirithy to look to Player and vow to protect them.

The next day, Player defeats Heartless throughout Daybreak Town, eventually finding himself in Waterfront Park - where another Keyblade wielder is facing off against an Invisible. Player helps the wielder defeat the Heartless, with the wielder collapsing with exhaustion afterwards. The wielder introduces himself as Ephemer, and reveals that he is from another Union. Together, Player and Ephemer decide to help each other understand the mysteries surrounding the Book of Prophecies and the reason why the Unions fight over the Light; taking the first step by analyzing Player's dream and resolving to investigate the Foreteller's Chamber. After Player leaves with Ephemer, Chirithy appears and asks if Ephemer is Nightmare Chirithy's wielder. As Nightmare Chirithy materializes, he mocks Chirithy - only for Chirithy to notice that Nightmare Chirithy has gotten darker. Nightmare Chirithy commends Chirithy's perception and asks what Chirithy will do next - making note of how close Player is getting to the truth and whether or not that's something Chirithy will allow.

That night, after Player returns home, Chirithy notices how happy Player looks, asking if there's a reason for it. Upon learning that Player has made a new friend, Chirithy mentions that he hears that having friends is nice, though he wouldn't know because he doesn't have any. With this, Player assures Chirithy that he is his friend, much to Chirithy's surprise.

Living up to his promise, Player waits for Ephemer in the Fountain Square the following day. However, as the hours pass by, it becomes more and more apparent that Ephemer is not coming. Towards the end of the day, Chirithy wanders into the Fountain Square and asks if Player had been there all day, suggesting that they head home. This makes Player wonder what had happened to Ephemer, to which Chirithy suggests that something important must have come up, as friends always keep their promises. Chirithy recommends that Player given Ephemer the benefit of the doubt and not be sad, because when Player is sad it makes him sad too - reminding Player that they're friends. Moved by what Chirithy had said, Player picks Chirithy up and hugs him - revealing the Dream Eater sigil on his back - surprising and confusing Chirithy.

At one point in Daybreak Town, Player has another dream, this time about Ephemer meeting with Ava in the Fountain Square after parting ways with him the day that they made their promise. As well, Ephemer ventures to the Foretellers' Chamber with Player, only for Player to realize that he's still not ready, prompting Ephemer to state that he'll be waiting, before dispersing in a cluster of dandelion seeds. When Player is jolted awake, he wakes Chirithy as well, who asks if Player has had another dream; realizing that it must have been about Ephemer. Player voices his interest in searching for Ephemer in the Foreteller's Chamber, but Chirithy reminds him that it is forbidden. Furthermore, Chirithy mentions that it's not a good time for all of that anyway - hinting at the unease among the Foretellers, but refusing to go into details about it.

Player ultimately decides to ignore Chirithy's warning, returning to the bridge where he and Ephemer had scoped out the Clock Tower; with Chirithy in tow not far behind him. Chirithy feels uneasy about the whole thing, writing it off as a bad idea, but Player doesn't listen and instead ventures off to get some answers; questioning other Keyblade wielders about Ephemer. Player learns that Ava is rumored to be gathering Keyblade wielders with potential and that Ephemer had been seen with her in the Fountain Square recently. Player then resolves to simply go and investigate the Foretellers' Chamber, entering through the sewers with Chirithy as he had done with Ephemer – immediately encountering Ava.

Ava recognizes Player and questions why he'd come. Player instead questions Ava as to whether or not she knows who Ephemer is. When she confirms this, Ava reiterates her question, prompting Player's explanation of his dream and the rumors circulating about Ava. Player then voices his concern that Ephemer may have gotten himself caught up in the recent issues among the Foretellers. Ava surmises that, because someone had told Player that they'd seen her with Ephemer the other day, Player assumed that she may have something to do with Ephemer's disappearance. Ava appreciates Player's honesty but can not tell him anything more for the time being. Ava decides to test Player's strength, summoning her Keyblade against Player - shocking and confusing Chirithy. Player dives into battle with Ava, though the battle is cut short not long after. As Ava withdraws, Player falls to the ground and Chirithy rushes to their side. Ava assesses that Player has potential, but also has sadness in his Heart, which will eventually lead him to Darkness; however she's confident that Player will be fine with Chirithy's help. Ava then sends Player and Chirithy back home, forbidding them from returning to the restricted area.

Back home, Player rests while Chirithy watches over him. Ava appears in the room and apologizes, admitting that the clash wasn't fun for her either, asking if Chirithy had been the one to show Player the dream about Ephemer. When Chirithy denies this, Ava questions whether it could have been Ephemer himself, which Chirithy doesn't understand. Ava explains that Ephemer is close to the truth, has fallen into an unchained state and is now in another realm - with Ava believing that Ephemer is reaching out to Player from that realm. Furthermore, Ava states that if the two are connected, even in a dream, then it means that Player is getting closer to that realm as well - though whether or not he continues down that path is up to his Heart. Ava bids Chirithy farewell, but not before telling him that he must protect Player from the nightmares so that the wind can carry him far away from there; worrying Chirithy.

Having received a special mission for Player from the Foretellers, Chirithy meets with Player in the Fountain Square. Commending Player's progress, Chirithy gives him the Bracelet of Light - which will protect Player from Darkness. Chirithy mentions that Player will need the Bracelet for his next mission, in which he'll be delving into the Corridors of Darkness and adds that the Bracelet of Light can only protect him for so long, before sending Player on his way. After clearing the Heartless from within the Corridors of Darkness in Daybreak Town, Agrabah and the Dwarf Woodlands, Player calls it a day, though Chirithy advises him to be prepared, as they never know when they'll get another mission like this one.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Events dependent on Player's Union

Soon after, Chirithy meets with the Foreteller to update him on Player's progress. When Chirithy asks if it hadn't been a little early to send Player on a mission in the Corridors of Darkness, the Foreteller explains that he has no choice but to hasten Player's training - as Player needs to strengthen his resistance to the Darkness as quickly as possible. Not understanding, Chirithy asks why this is a necessity, prompting the Foreteller to explain that the Darkness is drawing near, and that the need as many warrior as possible on their side.

The next day, Player happens upon another Keyblade wielder with blue hair in the Moogle's Shop - though rather than viewing Player as a comrade, he views Player as a rival. Stepping forward, Chirithy tells the wielder that this isn't a game, though the wielder understands that collecting Lux is a serious business, but he's not going to let making friends from other Unions slow him down; declaring that friends aren't his power. As the wielder leaves, another wielder with ashen hair comes running in after him. This wielder notes Player's sullen expression and asks what's wrong, with Chirithy explaining that the wielder's apparent friend had called them his rivals. The wielder apologizes, noting that his friend has a habit of pushing people away - though he is a good guy - asking that Player just given his friend some time. Wondering where his friend had wandered off to, the wielder proceeds to chase after him. Chirithy then asks Player to cheer up, but Player's concern for the arrogant Keyblade wielder convinces him to take priority with that rather than focussing on collecting Lux for the day.

Player and Chirithy follow the arrogant Keyblade wielder in order to keep an eye on him - which garners the wielder's attention and prompts him to suggest that they make friends elsewhere. Chirithy expresses Player's worry for the arrogant Keyblade wielder, noting that his friend had been worried about him as well. The arrogant wielder denies that the other wielder is his friend, complaining about how he'd wish the wielder would stop following him around. From there, the arrogant wielder tells Player to save his worry for someone else, as he can handle himself, and in order to prove it he'd take down the new Heartless, the Huge Snowman, alone. As the arrogant wielder leaves, the other wielder finally catches up, asking if his friend had said where he was going. When Chirithy mentions that the wielder had said he was going after a new breed of Heartless, the other haired wielder comments on how he may have been referring to the rumor that a new powerful Heartless had appeared at Beast's Castle. With that, the wielder follows his friend to Beast's Castle, with Player and Chirithy not far behind.

Player and the other wielder split up to look for the arrogant wielder - with Player eventually finding him in the forest. The arrogant wielder tries to push Player away, not wanting Player to get hurt like the other wielder - who had found him when he was fighting the Huge Snowman and had gotten himself hurt trying to help. Chirithy calms Player down and then allows him to go after the arrogant wielder, finding him just as he jumps into battle with the Huge Snowman. Together, Player and the arrogant wielder manage to defeat the Huge Snowman - with the arrogant wielder finally understanding that he needs to rely on his friends as his power. Afterwards, Chirithy makes note of how anger is another path to Darkness - but that Player didn't allow it to consume him or the arrogant wielder, who now views Player as a friend.

Having made their rounds in the other worlds, Player and Chirithy return to Daybreak Town, where Chirithy commends Player's continued success; though Player is worn out. Chirithy offers some encouragement, suggesting that if Player gives up now then the other Unions will get ahead, only to be answered by an unseen voice - which questions why such a thing matters. Another Keyblade wielder emerges from a Gate and sits with Player and Chirithy, introducing herself as Skuld and reasoning that all Unions share the same goal of collecting Light - thus there should be no reason to fight over it. Skuld reveals that she'd heard about Player from Ephemer, and that the two of them used to be in the same party. Recently however, Skuld has had a dream in which Ephemer appeared to tell her to find Player. When Chirithy asks for clarification, Skuld admits that she cannot provide any, as she was hoping Player could answer some of her questions herself. With this, Player reveals that he too has seen Ephemer in his dreams, revealing them to Skuld. Skuld then suggests that they investigate the Foreteller's Chamber, which Chirithy forbids - reminding Player that Ava had told them to stay away from there. This only fuels Skuld's fire, as she believes there must be a reason why Ava said that, which she believes is tied to Ephemer.

Before saying anything else, Daybreak Town is shaken by what feels like an earthquake, and Player, Skuld and Chirithy rush to investigate. The three witness Invi being chased across the rooftops by Aced, with Aced continuously trying to strike her down. Skuld takes this as a sign of what Ephemer had said in her dream, revealing that he'd told her that the end of the world is near. Player and Chirithy are shocked to hear this, with Player suggesting that they press on to the Foreteller's Chamber - with Chirithy seeing that he's being ignored and wondering what's going on.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Daybreak Town, Ava is lead to the scene where Invi and Aced continue their fight by her own Chirithy, soon joining Invi and Gula after Invi accuses Aced of being the traitor.

Skuld and Player make their way toward the Clock Tower with Chirithy not far behind. However, before they can reach their destination, several odd Heartless, called Darklings, appear to block their path; demanding that the group give them Lux. Though Player and Skuld manage to beat back the Darklings, they retreat before they can be destroyed. As Player and Skuld chase after them, their paths are blocked by Nightmare Chirithy, whom Chirithy recognizes despite his new appearance - having fully accepted the Darkness. Noticing Skuld's shock at the mention of Darkness, Nightmare Chirithy asks if she hates the Darkness, explaining that Light and Darkness are two halves of the same coin, and that one cannot exist without the other; urging Player and Skuld to embrace the Darkness like their fellow wielders. Chirithy realizes that the Darklings used to be Keyblade wielders, and so Nightmare Chirithy explains that, unlike Player and Skuld, the Darklings can no longer utilize the power of the Medals, meaning that the strength they'd fought with was all their own, as the Darkness had made their weak Hearts strong. Chirithy objects that Nightmare Chirithy isn't following the teachings - but his Nightmare counterpart explains that the truth of the world isn't something that can be taught, it has to be learned first hand. Frustrated, Chirithy asks who Nightmare Chirithy's wielder is, and where they are. Laughing, Nightmare Chirithy claims that their wielder is closer than they think, before disappearing.

Now that the path has been cleared, Player, Skuld and Chirithy continue their way into the Clock Tower, where Player leads them to where they had previously been with Ephemer. While Skuld believes that there has to be some kind of clue about what happened to Ephemer up a head, Chirithy voices his concern, given the sudden appearance of the Darklings and Nightmare Chirithy. While Player consoles Chirithy, Skuld asks if he knows his way around the Clock Tower - which Chirithy confirms - prompting Skuld to ask if he could lead the way to the Foretellers' Chamber. Chirithy complies, but states that they can have a quick peek and then they have to leave, which Skuld accepts.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Events dependant on Player's Union

Chirithy leads Skuld and Player into the Foretellers' Chamber, where Skuld is disatisfied, as there doesn't seem to be anything that points toward what happened to Ephemer. The group is then caught by the Foreteller, and Skuld apologizes, explaining that they're looking for someone. Angry, the Foreteller voices his disappointment in Chirithy; as he knew that the Foretellers' Chamber was off-limits. The Foreteller admits that he'd caught another wielder in the Foretellers' Chamber several days before, asking if he was a friend of the groups. Player confirms this, and Skuld asks if the Foreteller had talked to Ephemer. The Foreteller then confirms this, but explains that Ephemer's Union collects Lux for a reason that contradicts their own, and that Ephemer had only gotten close to them in order to get information; however he is no longer a threat. As the group realize that the Foreteller had eliminated Ephemer, the Foreteller asks what they intend to do - though Chirithy assures the Foreteller that they will do nothing; taking full responsibility for everything. Stepping forward, Player tells the Foreteller that the whole thing was his idea, and that they'd wanted to find Ephemer because, up until meeting him, Player had only ever done what was asked of him without question. Ephemer had left a lasting impression on Player - and even though he broke one of their promises, Player knew they were still friends. However, the Foreteller had taken Ephemer away from him, and it stirred negative emotions within him - though he did not care if that meant they had Darkness in his heart, because he couldn't let the Foreteller get away with what he'd done. Raising his Keyblade against the Foreteller, Player couldn't care less about the consequences because in his heart he knew Ephemer would've done the same. Player and the Foreteller battle each other ferociously – with the Foreteller ultimately emerging victorious. As Player is cast to the ground, the façade of the Foretellers' Chamber fades away and the group find themselves in the sewers yet again.

Ava reveals herself and quickly heals Player - thanking Player and Skuld for showing her the strength of their hearts. Revealing that the end is nigh, Ava reveals her role to the group to gather Keyblade wielders with potential, regardless of their Union, to preserve the Light by venturing to another realm and not taking part in the Keyblade War in order to survive into the world after. Ava also reveals that Ephemer had been chosen for seeking the truth and accepted the role of leading the Dandelions in her stead, as she must take part in the Keyblade War. As a wielder had been corrupted by the Darkness, only those with a strong resistance to the Darkness can become Dandelions - thus Ava asks that both Skuld and Player become Dandelions. Skuld immediately agrees, but Player is wary given his concern for those not chosen to become Dandelions. Ava encourages Player to do as his heart desires, but asks that Player and Skuld keep all of this to themselves due to the sensitivity that comes with the topic of the future.

Later, while sitting in the Fountain Square with Player and Skuld, Chirithy asks what's holding Player back from joining the Dandelions, as he would get to see Ephemer again. Player admits that while Ephemer is his friend, so is everyone else, which Chirithy understands. Skuld then shares her story about how Ephemer taught her that she was strong enough to be on her own, knowing that even though Ephemer is gone, he hasn't forgotten her because he'd led her to Player - and she's seen so much in their short time together. Thanking Player, Skuld explains that she now has to thank Ephemer, and that the only way to do so is to join the Dandelion - parting ways with Player and Chirithy with a handshake.

Ava takes Gula into hiding after Aced attempted to eliminate him. While Ava is tending to Gula, her Chirithy runs in to inform her that someone is coming. Ava leaves Gula in her Chirithy's care, while she goes to intercept the visitor.

After Player has helped Aladdin defeat the Wily Bandit in Agrabah and reunite him with Abu, Chirithy comments on how the rudies used to locate the Wily Bandit had used the bond between Aladdin and Abu as its guide. Chirithy then adds that if Player were to pursue those types of bonds, then even if he was separated from an important friend, they'd surely be able to reunite with them again someday; suggesting that Player already has such a bond with Ephemer.

As Player and Chirithy arrive in the Fountain Square, they find two Keyblade wielders squabbling over the ownership of Light. Chirithy advises Player against getting involved, understanding how Player feels, but no matter what Player does it won't end. Chirithy adds that lately there's been so much fighting going on that it really makes him wonder what's going on. Suddenly, both wielders summon their Keyblades against each other and go in for the kill; only for Player to come between them. Chirithy voices his shock and scolds the fighting wielders for raising their Keyblades against a friend. Hearing this, one of the wielders laughs at the concept of being friends with his opponent, accusing him of stealing their Union's Lux. Conversely, the opposing wielder angrily admits his confusion, as his Union has been protecting the Light, accusing the other Union of holding the Darkness of the traitor. Chirithy attempts to talk some sense into the wielders, stating that even those in different Unions have the same goal and that it's a mistake to fight one another. When Chirithy's words appear to have no effect on the wielders, Skuld rushes in and insists that the fighting stop. The wielders ask which Union Skuld is a part of, but she states that it doesn't matter, because their enemies are the monsters of Darkness and the Keyblade isn't something to be used against other people. Regardless, the squabbling wielders claim that those who steal the Light have the same existence as those at the mercy of Darkness. As more wielders gather in the Fountain Square, Skuld ask what the arguing wielders are getting at - to which they answer that the fight has already begun.

Just then, Aced arrives, confirming this much to be true, claiming that the only thing to believe in now is the promise of their Union. An argument between Aced and Skuld breaks out and the Player battles Aced but is injured. Chirithy and Skuld manage to bring Player back home to rest, with Chirithy wondering if Player will be all right. Skuld assures Chirithy that he will, as Player had just used up a lot of strength, prompting Chirithy to thank Skuld for everything she's done. Skuld brings to attention the fact that the atmosphere is getting worse day by day - with fights breaking out among wielders all over Daybreak Town. With this, Skuld asks Chirithy how the Foretellers have been faring, with Chirithy explaining that they seem disjointed and that he's really not sure what had happened, but somehow everything has changed. With this, Skuld accepts that the Keyblade War really is unavoidable. Regaining consciousness, Player asks if Skuld had gotten to reunite with Ephemer, which Skuld denies - though it seems as though he's working under Ava's orders. Skuld herself has been trying to make sure that as many wielders as possible don't take part in the Keyblade War, but many wielders don't believe that it is the end, and the Dandelions have lost morale recently. Player then asks about Ava, prompting Chirithy to speak up and reveal that Ava has gone missing as of late; though Gula may know where she is, as the two of them are rather close. Despite Chirithy imploring Player to rest further, Player assures him that he'll be fine, declaring that they need to find Gula.

The next day, Player, Skuld, and Chirithy search Daybreak Town for Gula, eventually finding his location in one of the houses of Daybreak Town. Upon their arrival, Gula assumes that Skuld, Player and Chirithy must be Dandelions and that they're looking for Ava; which Skuld confirms. Gula then asks what the group will do when they find her, ask her to change the situation - something which even Ava does not have the power to do - or ask her to inform them about the situation - though there is nothing they can do, even upon understanding. As Skuld refuses to sit around and do nothing, Gula is touched by her similarity to Ava and reveals that the only person who may still be able to prevent the Keyblade War is the Master of Masters - though he disappeared long ago, and while he and Ava had searched for the Master of Masters, they couldn't find him. Gula then states that if anyone would know where the Master of Masters disappeared to, it'd be Luxu. Chirithy explains who Luxu is to Player and Skuld, revealing that Luxu disappeared mysteriously before the Master of Masters. Skuld then asked if Gula ever found Luxu - to which Gula once again compares Skuld to Ava, making Skuld realize that Ava has gone off in search of Luxu in order to discern the location of the Master of Masters.

Gula then reveals the contents of the Lost Page to Chirithy, Player, and Skuld, which refers to a traitor among them who thought of fate with pessimism and lost his strength as a result, who will misread the truth and step into secrecy - though Gula admits that he's not sure who the Lost Page is referring to. When Skuld asks what that all means, Gula explains that it means that the traitor will be the one to end the world. While he had someone whom he'd suspected of being the traitor, he couldn't stop him. Gula then goes on to say that with one fated strike, the bell signifying the beginning of the final battle will toll. Chirithy questions if it is all right for Gula to be telling them all of this, and while it isn't, Gula declares that the Keyblade War is now inevitable and thus it doesn't matter. Just then, the bell of the Clock Tower rings throughout Daybreak Town, with Gula signifying that it has begun. Gula then proceeds to advise Chirithy, Player, and Skuld to return to their Unions, as each Union will likely have a gathering very soon.

After leaving Gula, Skuld announces that she's going to head back to the Dandelions, asking that Player join her - though he declines and Skuld leaves. With Skuld gone, Chirithy asks if Player is all right. Player claims that he is, causing Chirithy to suggest that they head home - though Player is hesitant. Player then asks what will happen to Chirithy if he disappears; asking if that means Chirithy will disappear as well. As Chirithy confirms this, Player asks what Chirithy thinks he should do. Chirithy looks to Player and admits that he doesn't want him to fight, and that even though it probably goes against the will of the Foretellers, he's saying that as a friend, not as a guide. Hearing this, Player hugs Chirithy, thanking him.

Player and Chirithy hear a voice and find themselves face-to-face with Nightmare Chirithy, who asks if that means that Player will be joining the Dandelions and running away from the fight instead. Chirithy tells Nightmare Chirithy that the Dandelions aren't running, with Nightmare Chirithy mockingly stating that instead the Dandelions are going to connect with the Keyblade wielders of the future. He then asks if Player won't be throwing away a lot of friends by doing that; prompting Player to ask who Nightmare Chirithy is. Smugly, Nightmare Chirithy reminds them that they've been collecting the sins from the world within the Power Bangle, changing the sins into power as a result. Though this confused Chirithy, Nightmare Chirithy explains that they've been utilizing the power of Darkness all along. Chirithy refuses to believe this, but his Nightmare counterpart claims that everything is alright and that this is just another piece of the Master of Masters's will.

Accusing Nightmare Chirithy of being a liar, Chirithy insists that the Power Bangle takes the sins and turns them into Light rather than Darkness. With this, Nightmare Chirithy asks how, if what Chirithy claims is true, can he possibly exist; revealing that he also belongs to Player. Without even hesitating, Chirithy writes this off as a mere trick - but the Nightmare simply asks for what reason he would have to lie at a time like this. Nightmare Chirithy differs from Chirithy in the way that he does not always at Player's side, but rather he can act of his own will - summoning the Darklings to do battle with Player - claiming that if Player won't take part in the Keyblade War, then he'll just have to show Player his dream. As Player summons his Keyblade to defend himself, Chirithy looks to Nightmare Chirithy, asking why he would do something like this if he really belongs to Player. Nightmare Chirithy exclaims that, unlike Spirits, Nightmares like him exist to show people bad dreams, severing connections and living freely; something which Chirithy doesn't understand.

Nightmare Chirithy after absorbing three Darklings.

Player swiftly defeats the Darklings, after which Nightmare Chirithy appears among their felled bodies, glad to see that Player has gotten stronger. Lifting the Darklings into the air, Nightmare Chirithy offers a real challenge, absorbing the Darklings and taking on a monstrous form. After a long and rigorous battle, Player emerges victorious against his Nightmare Chirithy, who reverts to his regular form upon defeat. As he begins to fade, Nightmare Chirithy remarks on how their connection has now been severed, prompting Chirithy to ask if that means he will disappear. Nightmare Chirithy admits that he will for now, but says that they will meet in another dream before fading completely.

After falling unconscious in the Keyblade Graveyard due to exhaustion following his individual battles with the Foretellers, Player awakens after the Keyblade War has ended, joined by Chirithy - who tells Player that it's alright, embracing him as the rain stops and the Hearts stop flying into the sky. A bright white light casts itself onto Player and Chirithy, who are then approached by Skuld and Ephemer as dandelion seeds whirl around them. Upon seeing Ephemer, Player remarks on how he'd broken his promise, though Ephemer apologizes and admits that he is happy that the two of them finally got to see each other again. Ephemer then extends a hand to Player, stating that they'll go together, taking Player to the new world, finally joining the Dandelions.

Upon entering the new world, Player, like all the other Dandelions - forgets everything about the world he'd left behind, as Ava had intended. Together, the new Union Leaders work alongside Chirithy to ensure that Player and the other Dandelions forget, as the memories of the tragedy have no place in the new world.

Unchained 0[Zero][edit]

Player wakes in the Enchanted Dominion, also waking Chirithy so that he can stand. Voicing his confusion, Chirithy asks if Player had the same dream again - telling the Player he seems to have been dreaming of the Keyblade War ever since "that day"; asking if Player is all right. Player asks what Chirithy means by "that day", which Chirithy refers to as the day when Ava asked Player and Skuld to join the Dandelions, and when Player passed on the opportunity. Chirithy adds that ever since then, Player has been having a lot of strange dreams. Accepting this, Player asks why he was asleep in the Enchanted Dominion, which Chirithy ponders, resolving that Player's been through a lot lately and that he's tired. Chirithy asks if Player hasn't become more open-minded while being in a new world, reminding Player that it's good to take a break every now and then too.

As Chirithy skips through the forest, he comes up to a castle, where he finds it entwined in a thicket of thorns, suggesting that they can't keep going with the thorns in the way. Chirithy instead suggests to Player that they head back to Daybreak Town for the day and come back when they've figured something out. Just then, Maleficent's Raven flies over head toward the castle, making Chirithy remark on how it'd be nice if they had wings too.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross][edit]

Chirithy goes to speak with Skuld and Ephemer and reveals that Player has been having terrible nightmares for quite a while, at first he'd thought that lying to Player would be bad, but in the end, he wants to let Player forget. Skuld encourages Chirithy to tough it out no matter how hard it gets. Agreeing, Chirithy remarks that Player is his best friend. Ephemer then adds that, for Player's sake, he's leaving what he'd told Chirithy early, about the Union Cross, up to him. Skuld agrees, saying that surely the memories of sadness in Player's heart will be worn away by adventuring with his friends. Furthermore, Ephemer defines that there is a different darkness in the new world than the one from the old world, more complex and one which he's unable to understand, though it has a strong intention. Though Chirithy is confused, Skuld tells him to leave the new darkness to them and to focus on taking care of Player, including an explanation of the Union Cross. Accepting this, Chirithy returns to the Player.


Spirit Chirithy are small Dream Eaters with grey fur accented by black stripes. The Chirithy have large spherical heads with small ears, narrow blue eyes and a white snout. A Chirithy's limbs are quite stubby, lacking distinct digits, as are their tails. Chirithy dress in a gold and blue cape that conceals their Spirit sigil on their back, while also bearing a small pink purse around their necks that bears the Lux emblem.

Nightmare Chirithy appear identical to Spirit Chirithy upon their transition, albeit with darker fur, until finally donning a completely new appearance. The grey fur of its body with become purple, while the black stripes will remain the same everywhere except the ears - which will take on a pink color, and the white fur on the snout and stomach will instead become yellow. A Nightmare Chirithy's cape and purse will also change, with the cape taking on a pink color on the outside and replace the blue underside with a red-purple color, while the purse changes from pink to black. Finally, a Nightmare sigil will appear on the Chirithy's back and its blue eyes will become circular and blaze bright with crimson.

In Nightmare Chirithy's battle form, he grows to a much larger size, with his chest becoming more muscular, though because of his thin waist this makes Nightmare Chirithy somewhat hunched forward. The Nightmare sigil now also appears on Nightmare Chirithy's chest, and from his back sprouts two large purple bat-like wings, while the skin on his head warps to create a hood-like effect. Nightmare Chrithy's mouth also becomes visible, stretched wide and filled with razor sharp teeth. Nightmare Chirithy's arms take on a layered effect, with each layer developing large grotesque spikes. His hands grow massive with large purple claws that gradually become lighter in color towards the tip and red briars entwining his fists in an X-shape. Finally, Nightmare Chirithy's feet and tail extend, developing a spike on his heels and wickedly sharp purple claws on his feet.


Chirithy have displayed the ability to appear and disappear in a puff of smoke, often times doing so to avoid interaction with individuals from other worlds. They also have a wide array of knowledge of both the worlds themselves and the Keyblade, being capable of teaching wielders how to access the Gates and reach other worlds, as well as how to use the Keyblade to unlock things. Chirithy has also displayed the ability to sense the pure Light of the Princesses of Heart, as he has done with Snow White, Alice, Belle and Cinderella thus far. Conversely, Chirithy could identify the Darkness exuded by the Darkballs that had been released across the world as being foreign to them, thus displaying that Chirithy are capable of discerning defining scents of both Light and Darkness.

Chirithy has been known to show people the events taking place behind the scenes in Daybreak Town, in the player's dreams.

Nightmare Chirithy differs from his Spririt counterparts in the way that he can control beings of Darkness, such as the Darklings. His particular hold over the Darklings is fully displayed when he pits them against Player upon Player's decision to join the Dandelions, after which Nightmare Chirithy proceeded to absorb the Darklings in order to take on a stronger, monstrous form against Player. Nightmare Chirithy is also able to stop any dreams that Chirithy shows to its master.


  • Thus far there have been four Chirithy identified: Player's Chirithy, Nightmare Chirithy, the Chirithy who vanishes after his wielder perishes, and Ava's Chirithy who helped her throughout Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover. Even though they all have different personalities and different goals, they all address themselves as Chirithy, even when talking to each other.

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