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Chirithy KHXBC.png

Chirithy (Nightmare) KHX.png

Katakana チリシィ Nightmare and Spirit Combination KH3D.png
Rōmaji Chirishī

Type Spirit Dream Eater
Nightmare Dream Eater
Voice actors (Ja:) Tomoko Kaneda [1]
(En:) Lara Jill Miller [2]
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Game Kingdom Hearts χ

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
Created by the Master to serve the Keyblade wielders. They originally exist as helpful Spirits. If their wielder becomes lost to darkness, however, they turn black and become Nightmares.

The Chirithy are cat-like, anthropomorphic Dream Eaters that appear in Kingdom Hearts χ and act as the player's companion. They were created by the master of the Foretellers and oversee the players' progress, putting them through trials but also offering advice and help so that they may get stronger. The Chirithy support all five Unions, and though they are not subordinates to the Foretellers directly, they work together with them to drive back the darkness. A Chirithy is bound to its player; in the event that the player succumbs to the darkness or vanishes, so does the Chirithy.


Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

The player's Chirithy is first seen in Daybreak Town, where it arrives with a mysterious Foreteller. It offers help and advice to the player, explaining how those chosen by the Keyblade have to defend the world from darkness and must collect the light. The Chirithy promises to look after the player, and after speaking about the emerging darkness in other worlds, it sends the player to those places.

The player's Chirithy reappears in Wonderland to explain to the player how eating the mushrooms growing there can change their size back to normal. Later, it sends him/her to defeat the Darkballs that appear in Agrabah and Dwarf Woodlands, wondering where they come from since their darkness seems to be from an entirely different world.

When the player meets their Chirithy again in Daybreak Town, it reveals that it was created by the master of the Foretellers and sends him/her to Olympus Coliseum to gain new power for the Keyblade.

After the player has visited Olympus Coliseum for the third time, they return to Daybreak Town where after some fights, their Chirithy advises them to go rest. At night, the Chirithy shows the player a dream of the Foretellers with the Unknown[please confirm], but it ends just before the player can approach them. The Chirithy asks the player if they had a nightmare, then it tells the player to go back to sleep. When the player sleeps again, the player's Chirithy talks to another Chirithy and asks if it was it who got in the way. To that, the other Chirithy does not respond, instead, it asks if the player's Chirithy has shown them a dream and questions the player's Chirithy's intentions. To that, the player's Chirithy responds that it wants the opposite of what the other Chirithy wants. The other Chirithy remarks that it appears that they will become enemies, it then disappears.

The next day, the player gets to know Ephemer and they decide to find out more about the player's dream. After the two of them have gone away, both Chirithy have another conversation. The player's Chirithy asks whether Ephemer is the other Chirithy's instigation, to which the other Chirithy responds with a simple Who knows?. The player's Chirithy remarks that the other Chirithy's color is different from last time they met, and the other Chirithy asks the player's Chirithy whether it is fine with the player seeking the truth. The conversation ends at that point.

Later in the player's room (after Ephemer and the player have decided to go back), the player's Chirithy asks them what causes them to look so happy. Upon hearing that the player has made a friend, the Chirithy remarks that it does not have a friend, therefore it doesn't know if it feels good. The player tells the Chirithy that they are friends, then the conversation ends.

On the next day, the player skips their missions because they wait for Ephemer (who does not appear). The player's Chirithy appears and asks them why they skipped their missions for two days, then it tells the player to head back. The Chirithy tries to cheer the player up by saying that there's surely a reason why Ephemer didn't come and that there have to be really important reasons for friends to break their promises. The Chirithy tells the player to believe in Ephemer and says that it will be sad if the player is sad because they are friends. The player hugs the Chirithy, causing the Spirit Dream Eater emblem on its back to be revealed for a moment.


Chirithy are small, striped creatures that have an almost Moogle-like appearance due to their large, spherical heads, small ears, and stubby hands and feet, which lack distinct digits. They dressed with just a cape, and they carry red purses around their necks with a Lux emblem on them. The brightness of their color can change, as pointed out by the player's Chirithy. The Dream Eater emblem is present on their backs, under their capes.


Chirithy often appear and disappear in a puff of smoke, similar to the Moogle, and they can wander the worlds as freely as the player.


  • There are at least three different Chirithy encountered by the player: their own, the one who provides the Bangle for collecting Guilt and the Chirithy who vanishes after his player perishes. Even though they all have different personalities and different goals, they all address themselves as Chirithy, even when talking to each other.

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