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Chirithy KHXBC.png

Chirithy (Nightmare) KHX.png

Katakana チリシィ Nightmare and Spirit Combination KH3D.png
Rōmaji Chirishī

Type Spirit Dream Eater
Nightmare Dream Eater
Voice actors (Ja:) Tomoko Kaneda
(En:) Lara Jill Miller
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Games Kingdom Hearts χ
Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
Created by the Master to serve the Keyblade wielders. They originally exist as helpful Spirits. If their wielder becomes lost to darkness, however, they turn black and become Nightmares.
Kingdom Hearts III
A curious creature that begrudgingly offered Sora its assistance in The Final World.

The Chirithy are cat-like, anthropomorphic Dream Eaters that appear in Kingdom Hearts χ and act as companions to Keyblade wielders. They were created by the Master of Masters and oversee their respective Keyblade wielder's progress, putting them through trials and offering assistance to them. The Chirithy support all five Unions, and though they are not subordinates to the Foretellers directly, they work together with them to drive back the darkness. A Chirithy is bound to its chosen Keyblade wielder; in the event that their Keyblade wielder succumbs to the darkness or vanishes, so does the Chirithy.


Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover[edit]

Ava marvels at the newly created Chirithy.

The Master of Masters creates the Chirithy and introduces it to the Foretellers: Aced, Ava, Gula, Invi, and Ira. While Ava gushes over Chirithy's cuteness, the Master explains that the Spirit Chirithy are meant to aid Keyblade wielders in their endeavors, but he warns that should a wielder fall to darkness, so will their Chirithy, causing them to transform into a Nightmare. This inspires Aced to suggest that they destroy any Nightmare Chirithy they come across, but Ava refutes the idea. When Gula comments on Aced's identity as the bear being due to his scary demeanor, Ava teases that Aced could growl at the Nightmares instead, much to Aced's embarrassment.

A Nightmare Chirithy is captured by Ira after he found it snooping around the Foretellers' Chambers. With this, Ira confronts his fellow Foretellers, assuming that there is a traitor among them who has been helping the Nightmare Chirithy obtain the Power Bangles that had recently been distributed to the Keyblade wielders. Ira believes that Nightmare Chirithy proves that a wielder has fallen to darkness, and Aced is quick to deny his treachery, knowing that he would be the primary suspect.

Later, when Aced attacks Invi throughout Daybreak Town, Ava's Chirithy guides her to the location of the skirmish. After Gula reveals his role to Aced, thereby admitting that he had had possession of the Lost Page in order to discern the identity of the traitor, Ava is forced to intervene and takes Gula into hiding, having her Chirithy stand guard for her in case anyone were to seek them out. When Ira comes looking for Gula, Ava's Chirithy warns her of the danger, allowing her intercept him beforehand.

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi][edit]

When Player arrives in Daybreak Town, they encounter Chirithy, who explains to them how to utilize Medals in order to strengthen their Keyblade and Player's responsibility to combat the darkness and defend the light. Chirithy has Player test their abilities on the Heartless in the immediate area. Quest 1: Prologue Afterwards, Chirithy teaches Player how to access the Gates to travel to other worlds that are also afflicted with darkness. Quest 3: Combat 102 While Chirithy continues to guide Player during their missions, Player is soon approached by a Nightmare Chirithy, posing as Chirithy, who gifts them with the Power Bangle, which allows Player the ability to unknowingly utilize the darkness to empower the Keyblade. Quest 34: The Search for the Red Bandit Pt. 5

As Neoshadows appear in Daybreak Town, Player teams up with other members from their Union in order to take on the new breed of Heartless. Meanwhile, Chirithy meets with another Chirithy, who mentions that its wielder appears to be rather indifferent, much to its concern. Given the strife between the Foretellers due to the emergence of the Nightmare Chirithy, Chirithy attempts to encourage its comrade, stating that they have to trust their wielders to flourish.

When Player returns to the Moogle's Shop to reunite with their friends, Chirithy informs Player that their friends were destroyed by Neoshadows. Taking its leave, Chirithy reunites with its comrade, who admits that its wielder had fallen to darkness before it fades from existence.

Following the disappearance of the other Chirithy, the Foreteller leading Player's Union appears to speak with Chirithy. The Foreteller reveals that even though the Keyblade wielders are gathering Lux at an amazing rate, the darkness is spreading even faster. With this, Chirithy asks if that means that there really is a traitor among them, to which the Foreteller states that they are not willing to believe that yet. Quest 250: Heartless Havoc: Fountain Square

One night, Player is shown a dream by Chirithy, in which the Foretellers meeting with the Master in the Foretellers' Chambers. However, Nightmare Chirithy quickly puts a stop to the dream. After Player goes back to sleep, Chirithy confronts Nightmare Chirithy for its interference, the latter questioning the former for showing Player the dream. Chirithy admits that its intention are the opposite of its Nightmare counterpart's, prompting the latter to declare the two of them to be enemies before it disappears, and a worried Chirithy vows to protect Player. Quest 351: A Job Never Done Pt. 1

The following day, Player is sent to deal with an Invisible in Waterfront Park and befriends another Keyblade wielder named Ephemer. While the two wielders decide to investigate the Foretellers' Chambers from Player's dream, Chirithy asks its Nightmare counterpart if Ephemer is its wielder. Chirithy notices that Nightmare Chirithy's fur has darkened, to which Nightmare Chirithy mocks its adversary and asks what it intends to do as Player is getting closer to the truth. Quest 362: To Waterfront Park Pt. 3

Later that night, Chirithy learns that Player had made a new friend. Chirithy entertains the notion, suggesting that it has heard that having friends is nice, but it is unable to empathize since it never had friends before. Player assures Chirithy that the two of them are friends, a sentiment that surprises Chirithy. When Ephemer failed to meet Player at the Fountain Square the next day, a saddened Chirithy comforts Player, assuring them that there must have been an important reason as to why Ephemer broke their promise.

Not long afterwards, Player experiences another dream, in which Ephemer meets with Ava and he and Player investigate the Foretellers' Chambers. When Player is jolted awake, they voice their interest in searching for answers within the Foretellers' Chambers, but Chirithy rejects the idea. Quest 401: The Clock Tower Pt. 1 Player decides to look for Ephemer and Ava with Chirithy before making a move for the Foretellers' Chambers. After Player learns that Ava is recruiting Keyblade wielders for her Dandelions and that Ephemer had been seen with her in the Fountain Square recently, Player sneaks into the Foretellers' Chambers and encounters Ava. Recognizing who Player is from what Ephemer had told her, Ava interrogates them for answers and decides to test the strength of Player's heart. Though she is impressed, Ava makes note of the sadness within Player's heart, which could lead them down the path to darkness if Player is not careful, but she has faith that they will be fine as long as they have Chirithy's guidance. Ava then sends Player and Chirithy back home and forbids them from returning to the restricted area.

Back home, Player rests while Chirithy watches over them. Ava appears in the room and asks if Chirithy had been the one to show Player the dream about Ephemer. When Chirithy denies this, Ava suspects that Ephemer has fallen into an unchained state and is now in another realm and is trying to reach out to Player from that realm. Ava suggests that the connection between both Player and Ephemer could means that Player is getting closer to that realm as well, though whether or not they continue down that path is up to their heart. Ava warns Chirithy that it must protect Player from the nightmares before she departs.

Having received a special mission for Player from the Foretellers, Chirithy meets with Player in the Fountain Square and gives them the Bracelet of Light that will protect Player from darkness. Chirithy mentions that Player will need the Bracelet for their next mission, in which they will be delving into the Corridors of Darkness and adds that the Bracelet of Light can only protect him for so long, before sending Player on their way. After clearing the Heartless from within the Corridors of Darkness in Daybreak Town, Agrabah, and the Dwarf Woodlands, Chirithy advises Player to be prepared for their next mission.

After Player successfully completes the Dark Corridor Trials, Chirithy reports back to Player's Foreteller, who is pleased to hear of their progress, but Chirithy questions the wisdom of assigning such a dangerous mission. Player's Foreteller laments that they have no choice but to hasten Player's training, as they must strengthen their resistance to darkness as quickly as possible and obtain as many warriors as they can get on the side of light. Quest 500: Corridor of Darkness Pt. 10

After making their rounds in other worlds, Player and Chirithy return to Daybreak Town, where they meet another wielder named Skuld, who reveals that Ephemer had reached out to her through her dreams and requested that she seek out Player. Player then explains their similar dream about Ephemer, with Skuld suggesting that they investigate the Foretellers' Chambers for answers. Quest 536: Mission: The Underworld Pt. 6 Suddenly, they see Aced attacking Invi across the rooftops, which Skuld takes as a sign that Ephemer is right about the impending end of the world. In spite of Chirithy's protests, Player agrees to go with Skuld to look for answers at the Foretellers' Chambers. Quest 538: What's That Sound Pt. 2

Before making it into the Clock Tower, Chirithy and co. are confronted by Darklings that are after their Lux. When the wielders defeat them, the Heartless make a hasty retreat, but before Player and Skuld can pursue, their path is blocked by Nightmare Chirithy. Nightmare Chirithy, having fully accepted the darkness, tells Player and Skuld that they should embrace the darkness, just as their colleagues had before becoming the Darklings since that the power the Darklings had fought with was entirely their own. Chirithy objects that those are not the teachings the Chirithys are meant to provide, but the Nightmare Chirithy retorts that the truth of the world is not something that can be taught, but rather learned first hand. Frustrated, Chirithy asks where Nightmare Chirithy's wielder is, who reveals that its wielder is nearby before it disappears. Pressing on to the Foretellers' Chambers, Skuld asks that Chirithy guide them through the Clock Tower. Although Chirithy is hesitant to do so because of the appearance of the Darklings and Nightmare Chirithy, it complies.

Upon viewing the Foretellers' Chambers, Player and Skuld unable to find any clues about Ephemer's whereabouts. As they are about to leave, they are caught by Player's Foreteller, who informs them that Ephemer had been caught and disposed of several days before. The Foreteller tells them that Ephemer had been using them, as he hailed from a Union whose purpose contradicted their own, and asks what they intend to do next. Although Chirithy assures the Foreteller that will not retaliate, Player decides to avenge Ephemer and battle the Foreteller, with the latter ultimately emerging victorious. As Player is cast to the ground, the façade of the Foretellers' Chambers fades away and the group find themselves in the sewers.

Ava explains she cast the illusion to test Player and Skuld and that is assembling exceptional Keyblade wielders, regardless of their Unions, with a certain resistance to darkness in order to preserve the light after the Keyblade War by venturing to the world outside. Additionally, Ava admits that Ephemer had joined the Dandelions and had been helping her in her endeavors, before extending the offer to Player and Skuld to join the Dandelions. Although Skuld agrees to join, Player is hesitant to accept. Understanding, Ava encourages Player to follow their heart and asks that they all keep their meeting a secret. Later, Chirithy asks why Player did not accept Ava's invitation, since it would allow Player to see Ephemer again, who admits that they are unwilling to abandon their other friends. Quest 555: The Clock Tower Pt. 10

As time passes, Player and Chirithy find more Keyblade wielders squabbling with one another over the ownership of light. Despite Chirithy's suggestion that they do not get involved, Player intervenes when they Keyblade wielders draw their Keyblades. Chirithy scolds the wielders for raising their weapons against a comrade and attempts to reason with the Keyblade wielders to no avail. After Player is defeated by Aced in battle and falls unconscious, Chirithy and Skuld bring Player back home to rest. With Player asleep, the two discuss the growing tension between the Unions and conclude Keyblade War appears to be unavoidable. When Player awakens, Skuld voices her concern over the loss of morale amongst the Dandelions since Ava's sudden disappearance. Chirithy recommends they should speak with Gula in regards to Ava's whereabouts.

When they find Gula, he surmises that Player and Skuld are Dandelions searching for Ava and informs them that the Master of Masters is the only one who may be able to avert the Keyblade War and Ava has went off in search of him. Moreover, Gula reveals the contents of the Lost Page and how the traitor will be the one to end the world, with one fated strike the Clock Tower bell will toll that will signify the beginning of the Keyblade War. When Chirithy questions whether it was permissible for Gula to share the Lost Page's contents with them, Gula admits it does not matter since the Keyblade War is inevitable. Just then, the bell tolls and the war begins, with Gula suggests that Player and Skuld return to their Unions.

After Skuld leaves to be with the Dandelions, Player asks Chirithy if it will disappear if they do as well, which Chirithy confirms. When Player asks for Chirithy's opinion on the Keyblade War, Chirithy confesses that it does not want Player to fight, though it clarifies it says this as a friend rather than as Player's guide. Taking Chirithy's advice to heart, Player decides not to take part in the Keyblade War, choosing to join the Dandelions instead. Nightmare Chirithy, who has been eavesdropping on their conversation, appears and scorns Player as a coward for abandoning their friends by not participating in the war. Angered by this, Player demands to know who the Nightmare Chirithy is, who reveals that Player has been using the power of darkness via the Power Bangle. Although Chirithy refuses to believe this, Nightmare Chirithy tells its counterpart that this is all just another part of the Master of Masters' will.

Nightmare Chirithy after absorbing three Darklings.

Accusing Nightmare Chirithy of being a liar, Chirithy insists that the Power Bangle takes the sins and turns them into light rather than darkness. With this, Nightmare Chirithy contradicts its counterpart's claim by revealing that he also belongs to Player, but differs from Chirithy in that it can act on its own will. Nightmare Chirithy declares that, if Player refuses to take part in the Keyblade War, it will show Player its dream himself[?] and summons the Darklings to battle with Player. When Chirithy questions Nightmare Chirithy's motive, Nightmare Chirithy proclaims that Nightmares like it exist to show people bad dreams, allowing them to sever connections and live freely, a concept that Chirithy is unable to understand.

When Player defeats the Darklings, Nightmare Chirithy comments Player's strength before absorbing the Darklings and taking on a monstrous form in order to offer Player a real challenge. After a rigorous battle, Player emerges victorious against Nightmare Chirithy, who reverts to its regular form and begins to fade away. Nightmare Chirithy remarks on how their connection has now been severed, prompting Chirithy to ask if that means it will disappear. Although Nightmare Chirithy affirms this, it warns them that they will meet in another dream, before disappearing completely.

After a reluctant Player takes part in the Keyblade War, they collapse in exhaustion following individual battles with each of the Foretellers. Chirithy joins them, embracing Player as the countless hearts stop flying into the sky above them. A bright light then surrounds Player and Chirithy, with Ephemer and Skuld emerging from it in order to save Player by guiding them into the new world alongside the rest of the Dandelions. Upon entering the new world, Player and the other Dandelions forget everything about the world they had left behind, as Ava had intended, with only the new Union leaders and the Chirithys retaining knowledge of the world they left behind.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross][edit]

The new Union leaders enact a Union χ that allows each of the Unions to interact with one another, as they are determined to ensure that the Keyblade War never occurs again. The Union leaders decide to celebrate their success by creating new Spirits for the Dandelions. As a result, Player and Chirithy encounter another Chirithy sent by the Union leaders, who uses Chirithy's fur to craft the new Spirit, whose purpose is to further aid Player in battle and help defend against Nightmares.

When Player starts to have nightmares about the Keyblade War, reliving the fated battle and his confrontation with Aced, Chirithy reports this to Ephemer and Skuld. While reluctant to lie to Player, Chirithy wants Player to forget about the world they had left behind. With encouragement from Skuld, Chirithy resolves to continue protecting Player. Ephemer reminds Chirithy to inform Player about the Union χ while he and Skuld will investigate an impending darkness in the new world. Accepting this, Chirithy returns to Player. Quest 670: Target: Chill Ripper Pt. 5

While watching the sunset, Chirithy joins Player and eat some sea-salt ice cream, commending them for using their accomplishments as a Keyblade wielder. Quest 840: To the Oasis Pt. 3

Player and their Chirithy are sitting in the Fountain Square until they see Ephemer to whom they last heard became one of the new Union leaders. It asks how Skuld has been from him they learn she has been a great help and that Ephemer has brought Lauriam with him to ask Player about his sister Strelitzia. Then, it watches Ephemer and Player spend the day together. Quest 856: Daybreak Fun with Ephemer Pt. 1

As Ephemer prepares to leave for the day, they see trouble happening above the clock tower and the trio rush to investigate. Quest 861: Trouble at the Tower? Pt. 1

Unchained 0[Zero][edit]

After Player awakens from another nightmare in the Enchanted Dominion, Chirithy becomes concerned of the increasing frequency of Player's dreams of the Keyblade War. Player asks why they were asleep in the Enchanted Dominion, which Chirithy concludes it was due to the fact that Player has been through exhausted due to their recent activities. Chirithy inquires if Player they have become more open-minded while being in a new world and reminds them to rest regularly during their adventures.

As Player and Chirithy travel through the forest, they stumble across a castle entwined in a thicket of thorns. Unable to advance further, Chirithy suggests to Player that they head back to Daybreak Town and come back when they have figured how to clear the path. As Maleficent's Raven flies overhead toward the castle, Chirithy comments on how it would be nice if they had wings.

Ventus's Chirithy[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

"Look for the light in the darkness."
—Chirithy gives a hint to Sora on how to save his friends.
Sora and Chirithy in The Final World.

Ventus's Chirithy appears in The Final World, where it speaks to Sora and explains what the world is, and how Sora has been there before. It goes on to explain that Sora arrived there due to his heart and body perishing, but something is holding him there on the edge of death and life. It instructs Sora in what he has to do in order to leave before he disappears. Once Sora finds all the pieces of himself, it returns, somewhat annoyed that he is still hanging around. Sora offers to help Chirithy find its pieces so it can leave, but it informs him it does not "work like that".

When Sora ponders if it's waiting for someone to rescue it, Chirithy confesses that it is. Sora asks Chirithy to tell him who so he can find them but Chirithy declines, reassuring that it was fine since "he doesn't remember the past", believing its friend is happier with his new friends. Chirithy believes that its friend will appear one day and that it wishes to wait for him. Sora promises to visit Chirithy, much to its delight. Before Sora leaves, he asks for a hint to save his friends and Chirithy complies.

Later on, Ventus's Chirithy is seen watching Terra, Aqua, and Ventus in the Land of Departure. Ventus notices the spying Chirithy and calls to it with open arms. The Chirithy bounds over happily and leaps into his arms, cuddling him before being introduced to Aqua and Terra.

Elrena's Chirithy and Strelitzia's Chirithy[edit]

Elrena and Lauriam learn from Elrena's Chirithy that it was friends with Strelitzia's before she disappeared and from that Chirithy informs them that Strelitzia was looking for "someone" and to invite them into the Dandelions. Answering Lauriam's question it mentions seeing her before the bells. Giving them a clue Chirithy also tells them of the discussion it had with Strelitzia's Chirithy that it saw Skuld entering the building with "someone" as Chirithy remembers her as one of the new Union Leaders. Then, Elrena and Chirithy enter the building. Quest 851: More Heartless in Daybreak Town Pt. 6

Elrena and her Chirithy tell Lauriam what they found is an apparition of Strelitzia's final moments. Elrena's Chirithy also remembered that Strelitzia's talked about the war the last time they spoke. Quest 860: Daybreak Fun with Ephemer Pt. 5


Spirit Chirithy are small Dream Eaters with grey fur accented by black stripes. The Chirithy have large spherical heads with small ears, narrow blue eyes, and a white snout. A Chirithy's limbs are quite stubby, lacking distinct digits, as are their tails. Chirithy dress in a gold and blue cape that conceals their Spirit sigil on their back, while also bearing a small pink purse around their necks that bears the Lux emblem.

Nightmare Chirithy appear identical to Spirit Chirithy upon their transition, albeit with darker fur, until finally donning a completely new appearance. The grey fur of its body with become purple, while the black stripes will remain the same everywhere except the ears, which will take on a pink color, and the white fur on the snout and stomach will instead become yellow. A Nightmare Chirithy's cape and purse will also change, with the cape taking on a pink color on the outside and replace the blue underside with a red-purple color, while the purse changes from pink to black. Finally, a Nightmare sigil will appear on the Chirithy's back and its blue eyes will become circular and blaze bright with crimson.

In Nightmare Chirithy's battle form, he grows to a much larger size, with its chest becoming more muscular, though because of its thin waist this makes Nightmare Chirithy somewhat hunched forward. The Nightmare sigil now also appears on Nightmare Chirithy's chest, and from his back sprouts two large purple bat-like wings, while the skin on its head warps to create a hood-like effect. Nightmare Chrithy's mouth also becomes visible, stretched wide and filled with razor sharp teeth. Nightmare Chirithy's arms take on a layered effect, with each layer developing large grotesque spikes. Its hands grow massive with large purple claws that gradually become lighter in color towards the tip and red briars entwining its fists in an X-shape. Finally, Nightmare Chirithy's feet and tail extend, developing a spike on its heels and wickedly sharp purple claws on its feet.


Chirithy have displayed the ability to appear and disappear in a puff of smoke, oftentimes doing so to avoid interaction with individuals from other worlds. They have a wide array of knowledge of both the worlds themselves and the Keyblade, being capable of teaching wielders how to access the Gates and reach other worlds, as well as how to use the Keyblade to unlock things. Chirithy has displayed the ability to sense the pure light of the Princesses of Heart, as it has done with Snow White, Alice, Belle, and Cinderella thus far. Conversely, Chirithy could identify the darkness exuded by the Darkballs that had been released across the world as being foreign to them, thus displaying that Chirithy are capable of discerning scents of both light and darkness. Chirithy has been known to show people the events taking place behind the scenes in Daybreak Town, as shown in Player's dreams.

Nightmare Chirithy differs from its Spririt counterparts in the way that it can control beings of darkness, such as the Darklings. Its particular hold over the Darklings is fully displayed when it pits them against Player upon Player's decision to join the Dandelions, after which Nightmare Chirithy proceeded to absorb the Darklings in order to take on a stronger, monstrous form against Player. Nightmare Chirithy is also able to stop any dreams that Chirithy shows to its master.