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Foreteller Invi

Foreteller Invi KHXBC.png

Katakana 予知者インヴィ Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Yochisha Invi
Alias Master Invi (マスター・インヴィ Masutā Invi?)
Voice actors (Ja:) Kana Hanazawa [1]
(En:) Karissa Lee Staples [2]
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Game Kingdom Hearts χ
Foreteller Invi

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
One of the Master's disciples who receives a copy of the Book of Prophecies.
She is a virtuous Keyblade Master and leader of the Union Anguis. She holds the Master in high esteem.
Her role is to watch over the others with a fair eye.

Invi is a Keyblade Master who appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. As a Foreteller, she leads the Anguis Union and is an apprentice of Master of Masters.


Before Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Invi is given a Keyblade forged from her own heart by the Master of Masters, who takes Invi, Aced, Ava Gula, Ira, and Luxu as his apprentices. Invi eventually achieves the rank of Keyblade Master alongside each of her fellow apprentices.

The Master of Masters bestows a copy of the Book of Prophecies upon Invi, making her a Foreteller and giving Invi leadership over what will become a Union of Keyblade wielders, Anguis. As Invi and the other Foretellers read their copies of the Book of Prophecies, they are shocked by the final entry, which details an event known as the Keyblade War, during which light would expire and the world would reach its end.

Mysteriously, Luxu disappears, leaving the Foretellers shocked and confused by his disappearance. Shortly thereafter, the Master of Masters asks to meet with Invi alone in the Foreteller's Chamber. Here, the Master of Masters informs Invi of her role: to observe her fellow Foretellers. The Master of Masters instructs Invi to be impartial in the affairs of the Foretellers in order to act as a mediator so as to ensure that they get along with one another. With this, Invi voices her concern over having to form and maintain their own Unions without the Master of Masters or even Luxu to help guide them. Though he understands this, the Master of Masters tells Invi that change is necessary for things to progress forward, meaning that they need to keep up - or else risk being left behind. Before the two part ways, the Master of Masters suggests that with her newfound knowledge of the future, Invi follow what her Heart feels is right; making Invi feel somewhat more at ease.

Invi, alongside her fellow Foretellers, are soon introduced to a new creation of the Master of Masters's, the Chirithy. Though the Master of Master explains that the Spirit Chirithy are meant to aid Keyblade wielders in their endeavors, he warns that should a wielder fall to Darkness, so too will their Chirithy, causing them to transform into a Nightmare.

Without warning, the Master of Masters fades from the world - and although the Foretellers actively seek him out, they come up with nothing. Following the Master of Masters's teachings, Invi and the other Foretellers begin recruiting Keyblade wielders to each of their Unions; utilizing the powers of their copies of the Book of Prophecies, powers from the future in the form of Medals, to aid their wielders in collecting Lux in order to maintain the balance.

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi][edit]

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if the Player joins the Anguis Union.

Having watched Player defeat countless Heartless throughout Daybreak Town, Invi approaches Player and commends his abilities. However, Invi offers some words of wisdom in regard to defeating larger Heartless, suggesting that Player combine his strength with fellow Union members and making his friends his power; leaving Player to defeat a Darkside alongside other members of the Anguis Union. After the Darkside is defeated, Invi reappears, warning Player that there are others who collect Light, but that not all among them share the same goal of bringing peace to the world; though Invi leaves it up to Player to discern who walks the path of Darkness; leaving shortly thereafter.

When Mickey Mouse arrives in Daybreak Town via Star Shard alongside Chip and Dale in search of Donald and Goofy - who had crashed their Gummi Ship there earlier - he voices that he that Star Shard hasn't been responsible for guiding him there - making him question just what exactly is going on; not realizing that Invi is watching him from a nearby roof.

The Foretellers take notice of the Keyblade wielders utilizing Bangles that, when equipped, provide the power to collect dark energy, ultimately settling on the fact that their wielder's utilizing the Bangles was okay.

Ira calls a meeting among the Foretellers in the Foreteller's Chamber, where he announces that there is a traitor among them. Shocked, Invi asks what proof Ira has to make such accusations, prompting Ira to reveal a Chirithy that he caught snooping around. As Ava notes the dark pattern of the Chirithy, Invi suggests that the Chirithy before them could be a Nightmare. Aced immediately denies that he is the traitor, prompting Gula to suggest an easy solution: have each of the Foretellers summon their Spirits. Even so, Invi tells Gula that it's not that easy, because of the amount of wielders under each Union, it would be easy for any of them to summon a Chirithy that isn't a Nightmare. Piping up, Ava questions why the Nightmare even necessarily has to belong to one of the Foretellers. Ira brushes this off as unlikely, reminding everyone of the Bangles - and while the Foretellers don't tend to concern themselves with the tools at their wielders' disposal, Ira is of the mind that the Bangles are the Nightmare's doing. When Ava questions this, Ira explains that utilizing the dark energy collected by the Bangles is the same as wielding the power of Darkness. Commending the plot, Gula elaborates that because all Chirithy look the same and Keyblade wielders are in such high quantity, it'd be impossible to discern who the Nightmare belongs to. As the Foretellers look to Ira for guidance, he suggests that only one of them could have obtained the Bangles, meaning that the traitor has to be one of the Foretellers. Questioning Ira's leadership as he spreads doubt, Aced storms off on his own, adjuring the meeting.

Following the meeting, Invi questions Ira's out of character behavior, prompting Ira to reveal the existence of the Lost Page, an entry depicting the events surrounding the traitor which has been excluded from his copy of the Book of Prophecies. Ira suggests that the identity of the traitor is likely whomever is in possession of the Lost Page - with Invi confirming that it has been excluded from her copy of the Book of Prophecies as well - making her wonder if providing the Lost Page to only one of the Foretellers was done intentionally by the Master of Masters. Invi then promises to keep an eye on the others, while continuing to report back to Ira.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Player joins the Anguis Union.

When Neoshadows appear in Daybreak Town, Player joins three other Keyblade wielders in their efforts to quash the Darkness being spread by the new species of Heartless; however in the end Player is the only one to survive. After Chirithy witnesses another of his kind fade, Invi appears to speak with him; revealing that while the Keyblade wielders are gathering Lux at an amazing rate, the Darkness is spreading even faster. With this, Chirithy asks if that means that there really is a traitor among them - to which Invi states that she's not willing to believe that yet.

One night, Player is shown a dream by Chirithy, in which Invi meets with the Master of Masters in the Foreteller's Chamber alongside Aced, Ava, Gula, and Ira - though Nightmare Chirithy quickly puts a stop to this dream.

A few days later, Aced asks to meet with Invi, Ava and Gula. When Invi arrives, Aced reveals his alliance with Gula and extends his offer of an alliance to her as well - however Invi sees this as a defiant act in pursuit of power, suggesting that Aced has been tainted by Darkness. Conversely, Aced suggests that it is Invi who's been tainted by Darkness, as she reports their actions back to Ira and could for all they know be conspiring with Ira behind their backs. With this, Invi parts ways with his fellow Foretellers.

Invi then reports back to Ira that Aced and Gula have formed an alliance - though Ira assumes this means that Aced is the traitor, Invi argues that Aced's intentions indicate that his Heart still belongs to the Light. Ira points out that Aced is betraying the Master of Master's teachings - which are absolute. As such, Invi volunteers to try and convince Gula to break off his alliance with Aced, believing that Ira's intervention will only make things worse; which Ira accepts. Finally, Invi reveals that Aced has begun to question their relationship, and as such her reports to Ira will be less frequent so that Aced doesn't get the wrong idea.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Player joins the Anguis Union.

Following the Dark Corridor Trials, Chirithy ventures to the Foreteller's Chamber to report to Invi. Invi is happy to hear that Player has made such progress, but Chirithy asks if it wasn't a little too early to send Player on such a mission. Invi laments that she has no choice but to hasten Player's training, as he must strengthen their resistance to Darkness as quickly as possible. When Chirithy asks why, Invi reports that the Darkness draws near, and that they will require as many warriors as they can get on the side of Light; which Chirithy shakily accepts.

More than a year after the Master of Masters's disappearance, Invi is successful in convincing Gula that the alliance is pointless, as Aced had yet to rally anyone else to his cause and there had been no incidents since Ira captured the Nightmare Chirithy. Soon after Gula dissolves the alliance, an enraged Aced pursues and attacks Invi; with Invi quickly dodging the attack and summoning her own Keyblade to deflect Aced's next attack. As Invi attempts to escape across the rooftops of Daybreak Town, Aced persistently strikes at her with his Keyblade, forcing Invi to defend herself until he drives her into the ground. Once he has a footing, Aced utilizes magic to draw Invi closer to him - striking at her again and asking why Invi gets in his way. As Aced succeeds in disarming Invi, she tells Aced that he's being conceited, as she is protecting the balance the way the Master of Masters told them to; adding that Aced needs to come to his senses. Moving toward Invi - Aced states that if nothing is done, then Light will expire and they won't be able to avoid the Keyblade War; resolving that they need to defy their teachings to protect the world. Invi asks if Aced is implying that the Master of Masters was wrong, only for Aced to remind her that the Master of Masters isn't here anymore - with Aced claiming that he wouldn't allow his prophecy to come true. Aced once again tries to draw Invi in with magic, but Invi calls him a fool and summons her Keyblade back to her hand. Invi then generates a wall of water to defend herself before propelling through it to attack Aced; who only just manages to guard against her attack. As Aced is pushed thrown back, Ava is guided to the scene by her Chirithy. Gula then calls her over and the two of them join Aced and Invi to inquire about what's going on. Invi accuses Aced of being the traitor, and Gula supports her by summoning his Keyblade against Aced, asking that Ava do the same. Though Ava is hesitant, she reluctantly summons her Keyblade as well. Facing three of his old comrades rallied against him, Aced launches himself into a vicious battle, from which he barely emerges alive.

After Gula reveals himself to be in possession of the Lost Page and accuses Aced of being the traitor, Gula is nearly struck down by Aced - who believes that Gula is in fact the traitor because of this. Intervening, Ava takes Gula into hiding, knowing that Ira is searching for him; with the only one knowing of their location being Invi. However, Invi tells Ira Gula's location - prompting him to confront Ava a few days later. Ava later confronts Invi - asking if Invi had not considered that her actions were actually making things worse that they already are. Invi asks why that should bother Ava, given that she has her own Union and the finest Keyblade wielders from other Unions at her disposal, training them in a secret location. Ava then reveals that this is because that is her role. As Invi had not known, she apologizes to Ava and instead asks what Ira wanted - though Ava truly has no idea, as Ira had just ordered her to give up Gula. With this, Invi asks how Gula is doing - though Ava informs Invi that she's unsure - as Gula is gone, on a mission to collect Lux in order to summon Kingdom Hearts so that he can force the Master of Masters to return and prevent the Keyblade War. This makes sense to Invi, as it explains why Aced and Ira are doing the same - being that they are trying to maintain the balance. However, Invi notes that it wasn't the balance they were expected to keep, because if everyone is collecting Light for themselves then Keyblade wielders would ultimately turn on one another; leading to the Keyblade War. Ava questions what Invi is going to do, with Invi coming to decide that she will collect Lux to in order to maintain the balance no matter what. Invi also suggests that Ava do the same, as they must do whatever they can to delay the Keyblade War for as long as possible.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Player joins any Union that is not Anguis.

When the Keyblade War breaks out in the Badlands, Invi leads the Anguis Union into battle. Invi approaches Player after his battle with Aced, apologizing for dragging him into this; though she resolves that she’ll make up for it by making his end quick. After a long battle, both Invi and Player are worn out – with Invi commending Player's Foreteller for having trained such a good wielder. With this, Invi withdraws her Keyblade, telling Player to live on before taking her leave.


Invi is a young woman who hides her face under a blue snake mask. Her light blue, hooded cloak covers a robe, shirt, and sash that are all a darker shade of blue. Turquoise tassels appear on the front of Invi's cloak.


Invi is an individual with high moral standards. She obeys the Master of Masters without question, and she remains neutral when acting in accordance with the role assigned to her.


Main article: Invi's Keyblade

Foreteller Invi's Keyblade has a light grey handle, and both its pommel and guard resemble a bough adorned with silver leaves. The guard is open on the teeth side, and the base of this Keyblade depicts a silver cobra with blue eyes whose tail is curled into an "∞" shape. This weapon's shaft is kris-like, has a black fuller, and is decorated with a cream-colored, floral design. Its teeth resemble the pommel and guard in terms of design, and they bear a symbol resembling Terra's mark. Its Keychain is made of small, silver sprigs, and its token is a leaf-like, silver talisman. The talisman itself has a Gazing Eye on it.


Invi's name is derived from the word invidia, which means "envy" in Latin and is represented by a snake in the Ancrene Wisse.

Notes and references[edit]

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