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This article is about the shopkeeper in Twilight Town.
You may be looking for the Kingdom Hearts χ medal.

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Japanese ジェシー
Rōmaji Jeshī
Homeworld Twilight Town
Origin Final Fantasy VII
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Jessie is a minor character who appears in Kingdom Hearts II as a shopkeeper in Simulated Twilight Town.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Roxas talks to a digital version of Jessie while looking for the mysterious thief. She has not seen the thief, and suggests that he asks the old lady in a nearby shop.


Jessie is a teenager with blonde hair, blue eyes and red lips. She wears light-grey sandals, a pink skirt with a red stripe, a black and light blue dress over a dark blue top, a gold bracelet on each wrist and a silver necklace.


Jessie Rasberry originates from Final Fantasy VII, where she is seen alongside Biggs and Wedge and is a friend of Cloud. Her appearance in this game is extremely different from her original appearance in Final Fantasy: her armor was removed, replaced with more casual clothes, and her hair color and face were changed, giving her an slightly older look.