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Clara Cluck

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Clara Cluck

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Japanese クララ・クラック
Rōmaji Kurara Kurakku
Homeworld Timeless River
Origin Orphan's Benefit
Game Kingdom Hearts II
Clara Cluck

Kingdom Hearts II
Orphan's Benefit (1934)

A famous opera-singing hen. Clara's an old friend of King Mickey, Queen Minnie, and the other folks at Disney Castle.

Clara Cluck is a civilian living on the Timeless River in Kingdom Hearts II. She is one of the citizens working on the building of Disney Castle, and is a major opera singer, although her talent is questionable. She was never aware of the invading Heartless, and was plenty confused by such events as the Windows of Time and Pete chasing Pete.


Clara Cluck is an anthropomorphized hen with fluffy, white plumage covering most of her body, except for her arm and tail feathers, which are black. She wears a large, white bonnet with an equally large, white feather stuck in it. The plumage around her head is grey, and she has a short, black comb visible under her bonnet. Her beak is white and her eyes are large and close-set. Her feet are grey with black claws and three talons on each one.


Clara Cluck is a minor classic Walt Disney character, having debuted in Orphan's Benefit. Clara Cluck is also the first civilian of Timeless River that was ever put in a color cartoon with the trio of Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck.