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Mickey's Kitten Catch

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Mickey's Kitten Catch is a Classic Kingdom mini-game in Kingdom Hearts III. In this game, Sora helps Mickey catch kittens.

Game Help[edit]

Stop the kittens from wrecking the furniture!

Rounding Up the Kittens
Wait in front of the furniture to automatically catch the kittens coming from each direction. You can only carry four kittens at once, so be sure to press Right and hand the kittens off to Mickey.

Defending Against the Cannon
Some kittens will fire cannons at the furniture! Press X to swat the projectiles away.


The objective of this mini-game is to protect the furniture from the kittens. The room contains three pieces of furniture: the bed at the top, the chair in the center, and the piano at the bottom. The "CONTROLLER" buttons can be used to move between the furniture, and give caught kittens to Mickey.

After a certain time, kittens will also start to appear on the stairs behind Sora, where they will fire a cannon at one of the pieces of furniture. When the projectile gets close to the furniture, an alarm will sound, and Sora can hit it back at the kitten by pressing the "ACTION" button while standing near the target furniture.

Sora can hold up to four kittens at a time, and the score increases based on the amount of kittens handed to Mickey at the same time. The score increases by 1 for one kitten, 3 for two kittens, 5 for three kittens, and 8 for four kittens.

The furniture has three lives, and if any piece is hit, it will decrease by one. When the lives are gone, the game ends.


Mickey's Kitten Catch is based on the "Mickey's Orphans" Mickey Mouse short from 1931. In the short, someone leaves a basket of kittens on Mickey and Minnie's doorstep around Christmas. After taking them in, Mickey dresses up as Santa Claus and delivers a sack of presents. The kittens plunder the sack, which contains saws, hammers, axes, and toy weapons, which the kittens use to destroy the furniture. One of the kittens uses a toy cannon to shoot at Mickey and Pluto.