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This article is about the character.
You may be looking for the Gummi Ship Blueprint.

Geppetto KH3D.png

Japanese ゼペット
Rōmaji Zepetto
Voice actors (Ja:) Kazuo Kumakura
(En:) Tony Pope (KH)[citation needed]
Jeff Bennett (KH3D)[citation needed]
Homeworld Prankster's Paradise
Traverse Town
Origin Pinocchio
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts
First entry
The kind, gentle clock maker. All his skill went into making Pinocchio. When the little puppet disappeared, Geppetto set out to find him, but he and his tiny boat were swallowed by Monstro, the whale.

He provided shelter in "Pinocchio" (1940).

Second entry
The kind, gentle clock maker. Sora and friends helped him escape from Monstro's belly. These days he's living in Traverse Town and looking forward to the day Pinocchio becomes a real boy.

He provided shelter in "Pinocchio" (1940).
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
A gentle and earnest clockmaker who carved Pinocchio from a block of wood.

Geppetto was swallowed by Monstro, boat and all, while searching for Pinocchio.

The two were reunited inside the giant whale, and escaped with our help.
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
"Pinocchio" (1940)

Pinocchio's father. He went out to sea to find his son but was swallowed, boat and all, by Monstro the whale. Inside Monstro he was reunited with Pinocchio, and they all made it out safely.
"Pinocchio! Pinocchio! Please! Give me back my son!"
—Geppetto to Riku

Geppetto is the creator and "father" of Pinocchio. He also has a pet goldfish named Cleo. He appears in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.


Geppetto was supposed to appear in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in Prankster's Paradise, but he was removed from the game due to space restrictions. His talk sprites were found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days's coding.


Between Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Geppetto, an elderly woodcarver, builds a puppet and decides to name him "Pinocchio". He wishes for Pinocchio to be a real boy. Geppetto decides to be Pinocchio's father, but when the Heartless destroy their world, he and his new son are separated. Geppetto searches everywhere for Pinocchio, but he is eventually swallowed by Monstro, within whom the two are reunited.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

After Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy Cricket are swallowed by Monstro, they encounter Pinocchio and follow the puppet to Geppetto's ship. Geppetto marvels at a Gummi block Pinocchio shows him; he then introduces himself to Sora and his friends and explains how he came to wind up inside Monstro. He does not notice Pinocchio wander off, however; Geppetto asks Sora and the others to locate his son for him.

After teaming up with Riku to defeat the Parasite Cage, a massive Heartless that had swallowed Pinocchio, Sora and friends return to Geppetto's ship in time to see the old man beg Riku to give his son back to him. Geppetto is dismayed when Riku refuses; in the end, however, Sora manages to return Pinocchio to him. Geppetto and Pinocchio manage to escape from Monstro; they come to reside in Traverse Town, where Geppetto sets up a workshop in the First District with aid from Leon.

After Sora defeats Ansem, Geppetto is overjoyed when Pinocchio becomes a real boy.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

During Sora's quest in Castle Oblivion, he encounters a memory-based version of Geppetto within a version of Monstro that is also a figment of his memory. The false Geppetto tells Sora and friends how he came to be swallowed by Monstro; he claims that as long as he and Pinocchio are together, he does not mind where he is. When Sora, Donald, and Goofy notice Pinocchio has gone missing, Geppetto states the puppet is probably off exploring. Sora and the others go off to find Pinocchio; they rescue him from the Parasite Cage and learn that Pinocchio is trying to find a way to escape from Monstro with his father. Sora eventually manages to make Monstro sneeze; this frees both Pinocchio and Geppetto.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

Side: Riku[edit]

In the dreams of Prankster's Paradise, Geppetto has once again been swallowed by Monstro. He meets Riku and tells the boy how sorry he is to see that Monstro swallowed him, as well. Geppetto reveals that Pinocchio has gone missing; he is delighted when Riku offers to find Pinocchio for him.

Following the defeat of the Char Clawbster, Geppetto is reunited with Pinocchio. He happily embraces the puppet as Riku looks on.


Geppetto is an old man with black eyebrows, thick, white hair, and a white mustache. His eyes are blue, and he wears frameless, rectangular spectacles. Geppetto's nose is large and round, and his ears are slightly pointed. He wears a light lilac-colored shirt with baggy sleeves under a red-violet vest. Geppetto also wears a belt around his abdomen that is red-violet with gold lining and decorated with gold crosses. Black breeches cover Geppetto's legs; the old man also wears knee-high, grey socks and brown shoes with gold buckles.


Geppetto is a kindly old man whom the Blue Fairy knows delights in bringing happiness and joy to others without any thought of reward. When Pinocchio is given the gift of life, Geppetto immediately decides to raise the talking puppet as his own son and does anything he can to keep him safe. Geppetto also has a great deal of patience, for he does not lose his temper with Pinocchio despite the mischief the puppet gets into. When Sora, Donald, and Goofy rescue Geppetto, the old man returns the favor on a larger scale by providing him with the Wishing Star Keyblade, as well as various Gummi Ship blueprints.


Though Geppetto's origin dates back to 1881 in Carlo Collodi's novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio, this incarnation of the character made his debut appearance in the 1940 adaptation, Pinocchio. In the film, he carves Pinocchio out of pine and later makes a wish for the puppet to become a real boy for him to love like the son he never had. Due to his kind heart and love for bringing joy to children, the Blue Fairy grants his wish partially. Unfortunately, Geppetto leaves Pinocchio to go to school the next day, unaware that his conscience, Jiminy, has overslept, which leads to Pinocchio's various escapades. Eventually, Geppetto goes out to search for Pinocchio, and eventually learns that he is on the dreaded Pleasure Island. Geppetto ventures out to see to rescue Pinocchio from the cursed island, but he is intercepted and eaten by Monstro the whale. Fate reunites him with Pinocchio, and they work together to escape from Monstro by making him sneeze. A terrible chase ensues on the ocean surface, with Geppetto almost drowning due to his age, but Pinocchio manages to rescue his father, although at the cost of his own life. Emotionally broken, Geppetto takes his lifeless son back home and grieves for him, but the Blue Fairy appears once again and turns Pinocchio into a human boy, at the same time reviving him. Geppetto takes his son in his arms and celebrates the night away.