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Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! See the pages below for help with using the wiki and understanding our rules.


  • Editing - Editing help, from basic text to more complicated markup.
  • Images - Help with inserting and displaying images in articles.
  • User page - Help editing and customizing your user page.
  • New user guide - A quick reference to rules and guidelines on the wiki.
  • Japanese character sets - Help installing Japanese character sets on your computer.
  • Color codes - A chart of the most commonly-used colors and shades.
  • Rollback - About the staff rollback function, used for reverting edits.


  • Media policy - Standards for the use of images and videos on the wiki.
  • Signature policy - Requirements for your personalized user signature.
  • Spoiler policy - How new game information should be handled on the wiki.
  • Staff policy - The expectations and responsibilities of the wiki's staff.
  • Vandalism - The do's and don'ts of addressing vandalism on the wiki.

See also

  • Sandbox - If you want to have fun editing, go here!
  • Manual of Style - A style guide for all articles on the wiki.
  • Traverse Town - The place to go for discussions about the wiki.
  • Trinity Archives - Past events pertaining to the wiki are archived here.
  • Administrators - Information about the admins and how to contact them if you need more help.