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The Memory Archive (KINGDOM HEARTS 「IIIに繋がる物語たち」 lit. "KINGDOM HEARTS The Story That Leads to III"?) are a series of videos released by Square Enix made to show past events of the series to help inexperienced players catch up with the storyline leading up to Kingdom Hearts III.[1]. The episodes were added into Kingdom Hearts III in the Patch 1.01 update and can be viewed from Main Menu of the game after clearing Dive to the Heart tutorial, they can all also be viewed from either the official Square Enix's fade in/out from Hollow Bastion[2] or Kingdom Hearts YouTube channelfade in/out from Hollow Bastion.

All the episodes are narrated by Chirithy.

List of Episodes[edit]

Episode 1: Departures[edit]

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Episode 2: Memories[edit]

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Episode 3: Twilight[edit]

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Episode 4: Dawn[edit]

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Episode 5: Darkness[edit]

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