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Luxu KHXBC.png

Japanese ルシュ
Rōmaji Rushu
Voice actors (Ja:) Kenjiro Tsuda
(En:) Max Mittelman
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Games Kingdom Hearts χ
Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-
Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
The only one of the Master's disciples who does not receive a copy of the Book of Prophecies.
He is bestowed with a Keyblade and a black box before setting out on his journey.

Luxu is a Keyblade Master who was first introduced in Kingdom Hearts χ. He is an apprentice of The Master of Masters and was tasked by his master to carry the No Name Keyblade and a mysterious Black Box through the generations. Luxu has lived countless lifetimes through the use of others' bodies as vessels: his known vessels include Brain, Bragi and Braig – and, by extension, Xigbar.


Before Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Luxu is given a Keyblade forged from his own heart by the Master of Masters, who takes him, Ava, Aced, Gula, Invi, and Ira as his apprentices. Luxu eventually achieves the rank of Keyblade Master alongside his fellow apprentices.[citation needed]

Luxu frequently meets with the Master in the Control Room, where the latter recounts an ongoing Keyblade War that began in his youth and is about to end, in which the world would be destroyed and then rebuilt. Luxu is shocked that the Master was leaving the fate of the world in the hands of others while he does nothing, and is worried about how the Dandelions would find their way home afterwards. Quest 910: Investigating the Glitches Pt. 5

Initially depressed that Keyblade wielders could do nothing against the impending darkness, Luxu learns from the Master that there is a way to defeat darkness, who notes that it would require extensive planning and many lifetimes to accomplish. Quest 960: To the Race Track! Pt. 5 Luxu questions the Master about the Darkness's nature and its goal, but the latter that he is also unware of its true purpose. Quest 970: Pest Control Pt. 8

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover[edit]

Luxu travels through the Keyblade Graveyard with the mysterious black box.

Luxu is instructed to meet the Master of Masters in the Foretellers' Chamber, where he is bestowed with a Keyblade containing the Master's own "Gazing Eye". Luxu initially misunderstands that "Gazing Eye" is the name of the Keyblade, but the Master corrects him that it is unnamed, and Luxu names it "No Name" in jest. The Master explains that the Keyblade containing the Eye must be passed from master to apprentice so that the Eye can see events pass throughout the ages, prompting Luxu to realize that the Master's Book of Prophecies was written with the foresight from this process. In order to prevent temporal paradoxes, Luxu is not to receive a copy of the Book like the other apprentices, but is instead tasked with protecting the Black Box. The Master entreats Luxu to abstain from the conflict to come and instead simply observe events. As for the Box, the Master instructs Luxu to never open it or reveal its contents, but at Luxu's insistent questions, he whispers the box's contents to him, shocking and perplexing the boy.

Luxu then sets out to fulfill his role, disappearing as he travels through the Keyblade Graveyard with the Black Box and No Name in hand.

Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Originally uploaded by Levi657
Ava attacks Luxu and signals the start of the Keyblade War.

With the Keyblade War approaching, Ava seeks out Luxu to locate the Master in hopes of averting the cataclysmic event with the Master's aid.

Finding Luxu at the outskirts of Daybreak Town, Ava interrogates him, and he explains he is meant to continue on into the future written in the Book of Prophecies and see through the end of the world. Luxu surmises that Ava wants to avoid the Keyblade War and that she had sought him out in order to find the Master, and deems her efforts as useless. Luxu states that the Lost Page is a prophecy that the Foretellers are not aware of and that it is his mission to inherit its secrets. Ava begins to suspect Luxu of being the traitor. Summoning his Keyblade, Luxu proceeds to tell her the truth about the traitor and questions Ava's resolve to stop the Keyblade War when it is unavoidable. Ultimately, Luxu states that even if there was another answer, that would still be the result of the battle and ponders if the Master would rather know how his disciples will guide the keys than the fate of the world. Ava, refusing to believe that the Master would choose them over the world, accuses Luxu to be taking his advantage of the Master's will. Drawing her Keyblade, Ava attacks Luxu, and the clashing of their Keyblades sends a ripple effect throughout Daybreak Town, which tolls the bell that signifies the beginning of the end.

With the No Name Keyblade in his hands, Luxu silently observes the conclusion of the Keyblade War, granting the Master of Masters knowledge of the event. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

As Data Daybreak Town's imminent destruction drew near, Luxu knew that the Dandelions' time was almost up. Carrying a figure wrapped in a white cloak, he returned to the real world's lifeboat room. There, he found Darkness trying to access some data via a computer. Luxu questioned if it wasn't a part of the whole, asking if it was acting on it's own instead. When the entity expressed surprise that a Master was still alive, Luxu explained that he had stayed because his master had told him to. As he approached the lifeboat pods, Darkness told him that using it would render his plan "as good as ruined", to which Luxu then responded by saying that it wasn't for himself. He proceeded to place the cloaked figure inside, calling it the "true Dandelion", and sent it into the future. Quest 977: Darkness Looms

When the entity asked about the remaining pods, Luxu asked if it didn't read that part of the book. Upon hearing that it "wasn't of any interest" to it, he asked Darkness what it was interested in to the entity answered simply with "expansion". As Luxu expressed confusion towards Darkness, the entity responded in kind. It asked why they had trained these Keyblade wielders just to leave them trapped in a data world. Luxu retorted that even though he doesn't know what his master was thinking, he could guess. Darkness pointed out that he still wasn't certain. Admitting this, Luxu affirmed that he was sure that the Master of Masters "wasn't a fan" of the Darkness; Darkness, again, responded in kind regarding the Light. After hearing of the entity's plans to accompany the true Dandelion to the future and lay claim on worlds yet to be created, Luxu surmised that Darkness would follow him no matter where or when he went, and summoned his Keyblade.

KHUX cutscene image
Luxu carries the "true Dandelion" to a lifeboat.

When Darkness reminded Luxu that he wasn't supposed to interfere, he responded by saying that only applied to helping the Dandelions, and that he was doing this for himself. While Luxu knew that Darkness lacking a physical form meant it couldn't be destroyed, having heard his master's story about its origin, he knew the entity needed a vessel. He explained it that the longer it stayed without a tangible form, the more its will would fade, calling Darkness's plan of expansion to retain a will sad and pathetic, and mocked it for not having figured out his master's real plan. Aware that there were five other willful Darknesses left - one of which being with the Union leaders - he queried the entity on the whereabouts of the other four. Darkness commended Luxu for being informed, revealing the others to be in the Data World as well. Deducing the Darkness he was talking to at the time to be the only one in his way, he fought the entity. Quest 978: What Comes After

After Elrena, Ventus and Lauriam were sent into the future, Luxu met Brain in the lifeboat room. When asked, Brain confirmed himself to be a Union leader and explained where the others were. He then explained that instead of using a pod to escape, he intended to use the remaining two pods to save his friends still stuck in the Data World; after that, he would go on for as long as possible to wake as many Dandelions as he could within the Data World, believing the world would fall to slumber as Darkness enveloped it. Luxu corrected him, telling him that even though what Master Ava had said was true, the Data World was different; that it was built to cage the Darkness, and if it were to fall, there'd be no way to bring it back. He also verified Brain's knowledge of the lifeboat - that any person using it would need to have two things at their destination: someone with memories of the user, and a vessel to occupy. He asked Brain if he had a plan, who said he'd figure something out. Luxu commended him for his smarts, but said it was a shame that he only had one lifetime to live.

Screenshot of the Destinations cutscene from KHUX featuring Brain
Luxu bears an appearance identical to Brain's.

An unknown amount of time later, Luxu could be seen traveling through the Keyblade Graveyard with the Black Box and the No Name Keyblade. Stopping in the badlands, he looked up and said to himself, "May your heart be your guiding key". After this, he removed the hood of his black coat, revealing an appearance identical to Brain's. Quest 979: The Final Battle

Having been instructed by his master to transfer his heart from one vessel to the next until the fated "Dark Master" appeared to reenact the Keyblade War, Luxu's final role is to become an ally of this individual, Xehanort, and aid in his plans in order to continue to observe the future. Luxu’s entire existence within the timeline also provides the new Union leaders a waypoint into the future, using his memories and his No Name Keyblade as a medium.

Between Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Kingdom Hearts Dark Road[edit]

Cutscene image
Luxu reveals his appearance as Bragi.

Luxu eventually came across Bragi to be his vessel. He poses as a lower class student under Master Odin.


Like the Master of Masters, Luxu wears a black coat, which completely obscures his features.

Luxu's name is derived from the word luxuria, which means "lust" in Latin.


Contrary to the Master of Masters, Luxu is quiet and reserved. Although he is inquisitive, having asked the Master about the contents of the Black Box, he keeps the promise to never open it and hide it away.

Despite being extremely loyal to his master and the role given to him, Luxu expresses great concern for the future of the world, his fellow Keyblade Masters, the Dandelions, and the seemingly endless war against the darkness. When pressed by the Master of Masters if it bothers him that the best they can do is take a break from the battle against darkness, Luxu expresses his belief that they, as Keyblade wielders, are meant to protect the world from the darkness and is greatly disappointed at the notion that there does not appear to be a way to destroy it once and for all.

When the Master reveals that he does indeed have a plan to destroy the darkness, one that would take lifetimes to achieve, Luxu appears relieved. This indicates that Luxu does not simply want to follow a role if it's not part of a greater goal, namely eradicating the darkness, and is greatly devoted to safeguarding the light and the world.

Perhaps with this greater goal in mind, it further motivated Luxu to do whatever it took to achieve it, including standing by and observing as his comrades commenced the final battle of the original Keyblade War and transferring his heart from vessel to vessel over the course of many years. The secret reports penned by him also show his desire to be reunited with his comrades once more, showing that he still cares for them despite having to play a part in ensuring the original Keyblade War occurred.

However, Luxu's personality seems to have undergone a shift through the ages. During his time as Bragi, Luxu is shown to be aloof and cocky, even when not trying to act the part of a novice Keyblade wielder. This new persona carries on to his final vessel, Braig/Xigbar, a laid-back and outspoken seeker of darkness who aided Master Xehanort in causing tragedy to many.


Main article: No Name

Luxu is a Keyblade Master who is given the No Name by the Master of Masters. Like Xehanort, Luxu has mastered the ability to transfer his heart into others, thereby claiming a new vessel to live on in, discarding the old one; having no Keyblade of his own, Luxu is the only Keyblade Master known able to remove his own heart without one. Unlike Xehanort, Luxu can completely dominate his new host, making the body his own permanently; he revives solely as Braig, while Xehanort regains his original body, separated from Terra.

Through the gazing eye embedded in the No Name Keyblade, Luxu has been allowing the Master of Masters to watch history as it unfolds and record it into the Book of Prophecies, ensuring it happens the way he intends.