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Snow White

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Snow White

Snow White KHBBS.png

Japanese 白雪姫
Rōmaji Shirayukihime
Voice actors (Ja:) Kurumi Kobato
(En:) Carolyn Gardner
Homeworld Dwarf Woodlands
Hollow Bastion
Origin Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Kingdom Hearts χ
Snow White

Kingdom Hearts
A beautiful princess, gentle and pure as snow. She is one of the princesses needed to open the final Keyhole, and was captured by the Heartless. Her world has already been swallowed by the darkness.
The fair-skinned princess first appeared in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937).
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

A lovely young maiden with a kind heart. So beautiful was Snow White that the Queen grew jealous and sought to end her life.

Snow White was spared, however, and began living in a cottage deep in the woods with seven dwarfs she met.

So beautiful was Snow White that the Queen grew jealous and gave her a poisoned apple.

Snow White fell into a deep sleep, but was woken by a kiss from her beloved Prince.

When brought together, seven hearts of pure light like Snow White's are the key to ruling all worlds.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Snow White (1937)
A beautiful maiden run out of her home by the jealous Queen.
"Oh, thank you. I feel quite better now. I'm sure I'll get along, somehow. But...I do need a place to sleep at night. Would you know anywhere I might?"
—Snow White to Ventus

Snow White is a character from the 1937 Disney animated movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She is one of the Princesses of Heart whose heart was required to open the final door in Kingdom Hearts.


Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Snow White appears due to the Book of Prophecies.

Having gotten lost in the spooky woods, Snow White is found by Player. She is guided out of the dark to the dwarfs' cottage, where she takes a nap while Player surveys the area to see if Heartless are nearby. When the dwarfs return home, Snow White is welcomed by them; though they chase off Player.

Disguising herself as an old hag, Evil Queen finds Snow White and tricks her into eating a magic apple that causes her to fall into an enchanted sleep. Placed in a glass coffin, Snow White is believed dead by the dwarfs. However, the Prince visits her to give a goodbye kiss, breaking the spell.

Between Kingdom Hearts X and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Following the passing of her mother, Snow White's father remarried only to soon pass away as well. Her stepmother, the Queen, was incredibly vain woman who feared Snow White's beauty could one day surpass her own. As a result, Snow White was made to dress in rags and work as a scullery maid in the castle. However, Snow White did not allow this to break her spirit.[citation needed]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Snow White meets Terra in the meadows.

Snow White is first encountered by Terra in a meadow in her home world of Dwarf Woodlands, the girl not at all surprised to see the Keyblade wielder standing before her. Terra is told by the Queen to kill her, but he decides to put aside the plan. When the Unversed arrive, Terra summons his Keyblade to defeat them, but he also frightens Snow White and she flees into the woods in fear.

After Ventus arrives in Dwarf Woodlands and meets the Dwarfs, he hears Snow White's scream and finds that she has been cornered by Unversed and monsters that inhabit the trees of Dwarf Woodlands. He manages to take her to safety at the Seven Dwarfs' house where she stays until the Dwarfs come back. Her beauty and kindness persuades them to let her stay and keep her company. As soon as Ventus returns after checking the woods, she tells them what had happened when she fled into the woods, and about meeting Terra. The Dwarfs claim that it was Terra who'd sent the Unversed after her, but Ventus disagrees and Snow White is willing to believe.

By the time Aqua arrives, Snow White has already taken a bite on the poison apple and fallen into a deep slumber and placed in a glass coffin by the Seven Dwarfs. Later on, Aqua arrives with the Prince, who turns out to be Snow White's first love and the only person who can break the spell. He kisses her on the lips and awakes her from her slumber. She takes her farewell to the Dwarfs before the Prince sweeps her away.

Some time after the battle at the Keyblade Graveyard, she is seen with the Prince and the Dwarfs in the meadow where her little friends throw flower petals around them. She and the Prince look at the petals in delight.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Snow White is first seen during Sora's Dive to the Heart. He sees a stained-glass likeness of her depicted on top of a green-colored pillar. Her eyes are closed, she is holding an apple, and is she surrounded by the dwarves and various animals.

Snow White's world was eventually overtaken by the Heartless. She was the fourth Princess of Heart to be captured and taken to Hollow Bastion, where she was kept inside a chrysalis in the Great Hall of the castle.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
If Sora completes Deep Jungle before Wonderland, Snow White replaces Alice in the scene in which she stumbles upon Maleficent's allies.

Once all seven of the maidens have been gathered, Maleficent has their hearts extracted in order to open the Keyhole from Hollow Bastion and release the power within it.

When the princesses' hearts are restored after Sora's selfless sacrifice with the Keyblade of heart, Snow White and the other five princesses wake up from their slumber and use their combined power to shield the darkness inside in order to keep it from spreading throughout the universe. They are not able to keep it up for long, possibly because Kairi, the seventh princess, is not present, but they manage to do so long enough for Sora to return and seal the Keyhole. After it was sealed, Snow White remains in Hollow Bastion with the princesses, Beast, Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith.

When Kingdom Hearts was sealed, she is returned to her own world.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

The DTD dataspace in Space Paranoids is sealed with a password composed of the seven Princesses' names: "Belle, Snow White, Aurora, Alice, Jasmine, Cinderella, Kairi".


In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Snow White has rather short, wavy, black hair, brown eyes, and somewhat pale skin. She also has long eyelashes and wears red lipstick and a red ribbon in her hair tied in a bow. Clothing-wise, Snow White wears a yellow skirt and blue bodice. The sleeves of her dress are short and puffy, azure in color, and sport several red teardrop-shaped symbols on them. There is a high, white collar on the back of her dress. Snow White also wears gold slippers with a small, white bow on the front of each one and a red cape tied around her neck by a brown strip of cloth. In Kingdom Hearts, Snow White looks largely the same, albeit with slightly longer hair and minor color differences in her clothing.

As with several other characters, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX reused the Birth by Sleep character model for Snow White in its port of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.


Because of her sheltered lifestyle, Snow White has a rather innocent personality. She likes flowers and is seen picking them, and she also likes singing.

She is also trusting, as seen when she defends Ventus from the Dwarves after he rescues her in the forest and they insist on forcing him to leave because he may be a threat. Snow White's trusting personality becomes one of her flaws, as it almost led to her death when she accepted a poisoned apple from a stranger. Upon being revived, Snow White learns a lesson about the importance of exercising caution.


Snow White can communicate with animals with her singing voice.

Because Snow White is a Princess of Heart, her heart can be used to summon the Keyblade of heart, which can open the door to Kingdom Hearts. Furthermore, she can use her heart's light to hold back darkness, and her lack of darkness allows her to keep her body if her heart is stolen. The Princesses, together, were also able to upgrade Sora's Fire spell.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]


Snow White becomes a D-Link for Ventus and Aqua after clearing Dwarf Woodlands. While in link with Snow White, they can perform a variety of commands named after the Seven Dwarfs.

Snow White's ability icons are a bird and a rabbit.

0 emblems 1 emblem 2 emblems Command Gauge
Deck Commands Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Sleepy
Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Grumpy
Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Doc
Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Sleepy
Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Sneezy
Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Grumpy
Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Happy
Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Doc
Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Sleepy
Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Sneezy
Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Grumpy
Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Happy
Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Dopey
Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Bashful
Icon Friendship KHBBS.png Doc
Snow White D-Link KHBBS.png
Finish Commands Sweet Memory Sweet Memory Sweet Memory
Sweet Seven
Regular Sprite Enhanced Sprite
Abilities Gauge Boost KHBBS.png Gauge Boost Gauge Boost KHBBS.png Gauge Boost
Quickload KHBBS.png Quickload
Snow White Sprite KHBBS.png Snow White Sprite 2 KHBBS.png
Emblem Chance 10% 7% 5%
Command Gauge Fill Rate on Attack x0.5 (x0.75 with Gauge Boost)
Command Gauge Bonus HP is 25% of maximum or lower +1% every 0.08 seconds


Snow White dancing with Dopey in the Disney 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Snow White is inspired by the titular character of the 19th-century fairy tale Snow White, debuting in the Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In the film, Snow White is a born princess, but after her father died, her stepmother, the Queen, forced her to work as a servant in the fear that her stepdaughter might one day surpass her in beauty. Since Snow White's beauty comes from both outward appearance and inner kindness, the Magic Mirror tells the Queen that the princess has become more beautiful than she. The Queen sees this for herself, and is enraged when an unnamed Prince is smitten with Snow White upon hearing her voice.

The Queen orders a huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her. Unable to bring himself to commit the crime, the huntsman warns Snow White to run away and never return. While escaping into the forest, she meets seven dwarfs and comes to live in their cottage. The Queen makes another attempt to kill Snow White by transforming herself into an old hag and tricking her stepdaughter into biting a poisoned apple, which places her in an eternal slumber. Though the queen is initially successful, she is soon discovered by the dwarfs, who chase her up a rocky cliff from which she falls to her death after the ledge on which she stands is struck by a bolt of lightning. The dwarfs place Snow White in a glass coffin, and they mourn her apparent demise, until the Prince finally finds Snow White and awakens her with a kiss. Snow White is then swept away to marry the Prince, bidding a grateful farewell to the dwarfs one by one.