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Arendelle is a world in Kingdom Hearts III. It is based on the Disney film Frozen.

Settings and Areas[edit]

Arendelle is comprised of two regions: The North Mountain and The Labyrinth of Ice.

The North Mountain[edit]

The North Mountain (北の山 Kita no Yama?) is the perpetually snow-covered site of Elsa's self-imposed exile, which makes up the majority of the world that Sora's party can visit. It is divided into three smaller "rooms", each marked with a trail of glowing ice crystals that help guide the party up the mountain.

The first area Sora's party visits begins at the Treescape (樹氷の森 Juhyō no Mori?, lit. "Forest of Frosted Trees"), a tree-enclosed field at the foot of the mountain, with a small path leading northwest to the wider and rockier Snowfield (雪原 Setsugen?). Traveling northward brings Sora's party to the Gorge (峡谷 Kyōkoku?), where they formally meet Elsa and reacquaint themselves with Larxene. By climbing the Gorge's steep rock faces, the party eventually reaches the Mountain Ridge (尾根 One?) at the peak, where Elsa's Ice Palace is located, and where the Frozen Slider minigame can be accessed. The party can also travel down the ridge to the left facing the castle, where they battle Marshmallow, which eventually leads back to the Snowfield.

The second area lies on the opposite side of the mountain, with the Valley of Ice (雪渓 Sekkei?, lit. "Snowy Valley") at its base. It is here that the party first meets Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven, and where they are required to find Olaf's missing pieces: once during the story, and again if the party revisits the area after the world is cleared. Past this area lies the Frozen Wall (氷壁 Hyōheki?, lit. "Ice Wall"), a trickier ascent than the Gorge with steep ridges, gaps, narrow footholds, and most prominently, a wider rock face that Sora must run up and across, making it harder to get back on track should he fall. At the top of the area is an alcove that leads directly to the Mountain Ridge.

The third and bottom-most area consists entirely of the Foothills (山のふもと Yama no Fumoto?, lit. "Foot of the Mountain"), which can be accessed from the southwestern path in the Snowfield. Here, the party must navigate through a snow storm with gale-force winds that can potentially push them all the way back to the entrance unless they take cover behind the rocks. At the base of the Foothills is an overlook of the city of Arendelle itself, which leads to the party's final battle against Sköll.

The Labyrinth of Ice[edit]

The Labyrinth of Ice (氷の迷宮 Kōri no Meikyū?) is a game-original area that Larxene conjures with her lightning powers to imprison Sora and his friends at the Gorge. It is an elegant dungeon made entirely of ice that resembles a giant snowflake when viewed from the outside, while the interior is decorated with giant Nobody insignias and frozen bolts of electricity, some of which forms fragile walls that Sora can break through. It is divided into three tiers: the Middle Tier (中層 Chūsō?, lit. "Middle Layer"), where the party first enters; the Lower Tier (下層 Kasō?, lit. "Lower Layer"); and the Upper Tier (上層 Jōsō?, lit. "Upper Layer"), which contains the exit to the Gorge. The labyrinth is teeming with Heartless and Nobodies, particularly Ninjas, which create spiral pillar traps that jut from the ground. To navigate the labyrinth, Sora must spin around white glowing pillars that rotate segments of the dungeon and reveal new passageways, permanently locking them into place.

Once the party escapes, they are able to return to the Upper Tier via a spherical portal on the Gorge, though Marshmallow does not accompany them once he has joined.



  • The wolfs are mentioned by Kristoff.






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