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Stardust Sweep

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Stardust Sweep
Stardust Sweep KHII.png
Katakana スターダストスイープ

Romaji Sutādasuto Suīpu
Path Hollow BastionBeast's Castle

Kingdom Hearts II tracks
Field theme - Asteroids Attack!
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Assault of the Dreadnought
Icon Mission 1.png
Rank Medals Reward
Icon Rank S.png 30 Patterned Skins B
Icon Rank A.png 26 Rotor-G
Icon Rank B.png 22 Shield-G
Icon Rank C.png 18 Solid Helm-G
Icon Rank D.png 14 Blizzara-G
Icon Rank E.png 10 Cannon Upgrade
Icon EX.png
Fly a Gummi Ship set with 12 or more Wing Gummies!
Icon Rank S.png 30 Flag-G
Icon Mission 1.png
Enemy Screen Reward

N/A N/A Heal Upgrade
Gatling Ship (R) Front Blizzard-G
Hex Ring (R) Back Fire-G
Cyclops (R) Left Fire-G
Gatling Ship (R) Right Bubble Helm-G
Gatling Ship (R) Right Fire-G
Hunter Back 10 Material-G
Knight Head (R) Back Vernier-G
Cyclops (R) Left Thunder-G
Cyclops (R) Front Blizzard-G
Knight Head (R) Back Vernier-G
Spider Front Thunder-G
Knight Head (R) Front Blizzard-G
Knight Head (G) Front Typhoon-G
Bomb Bell (G) Front Neon Orb-G
Icon Mission 2.png
Rank Score Reward
Icon Rank S.png 500 PuPu Model
Icon Rank A.png 440 Thruster-G
Icon Rank B.png 380 Parabola-G
Icon Rank C.png 320 Blizzara-G
Icon Rank D.png 260 Radar-G
Icon Rank E.png 200 Orichalcum-G
Icon EX.png
Fly a Gummi Ship with only Projectile Gummies as Weapon Gummies!
Icon Rank S.png 500 Boomerang-G
Icon Mission 3.png
Rank Score Reward
Icon Rank S.png 1000000 Bubble Helm-G
Icon Rank A.png 900000 Sonic Turbo-G
Icon Rank B.png 800000 Booster-G
Icon Rank C.png 700000 Drill-G
Icon Rank D.png 600000 Antenna-G
Icon Rank E.png 500000 Comet-G
Icon EX.png
Fly a Gummi Ship set with 20 or more Projectile Gummies!
Icon Rank S.png 1000000 Strike-G

Stardust Sweep is a Gummi Mission in Kingdom Hearts II. It connects Hollow Bastion to Beast's Castle, and must be completed in order to travel to Beast's Castle.


Stardust Sweep looks very similar to Asteroid Sweep. However, this area introduces a new enemy: the Hex Rings. These annoying enemies blast laser rings. This attack can be avoided three different ways: the first would be to stay still and let the ring pass over your ship. The second is optional, though more often used if being attacked by multiple ships: Dodge Rolling out of the way. The third is to quickly shoot the Hex Ring down before it has a chance to release its own laser attack.

Mission 1[edit]

This is another medal gathering mission. Like other missions, you will want a Gummi Ship stocked with laser/lock-on Gummis. Teeny Ships are also helpful in cutting through enemies. While there are no lone asteroids to destroy, there are plenty of enemies to help rack up enough points needed for an S rank.

Quickly clear out all the enemies and watch for more to come. More gold and red enemies appear in this level, meaning more chances for a greater number of medals. Towards the beginning of the level a Hunter will appear. If you are using a higher level Gummi Ship, this Heartless will pose no threat. However, if you are not using a higher level ship, simply avoid the Hunter's lasers and retaliate with your own. Defeat the Hunter to get a great number of points, possibly moving you up one rank. Towards the end of the level a Spider will pop up. Handle this Spider similar to how you handled the Spider in the Asteroid Sweep level. Dismember the Spider then attack its torso. Defeating this enemy gives you a massive number of points, potentially moving you up two ranks.

Mission 2[edit]

Being another mission focusing on the number of ships you destroy, come into this mission with a Gummi Ship with plenty of weapon Gummis.

As soon as the mission starts you are attacked by a Spider enemy. Other smaller enemy ships will appear with this Spider. Position yourself to fire mainly on the smaller ships, with the Spider in between. The goal of this mission is quantity and not quality, so don't waste time entirely on larger enemies when smaller ones are available. You will need to angle yourself carefully in order to destroy enemies on the surrounding walls and blocks. Towards the middle of the level a Hunter ship will appear. This is a tough enemy even with higher leveled ships. Dodge Roll away from its attacks and fire away at it. Remain in the center as often as possible to avoid its attacks. In order to get a higher rank in this mission, you must defeat the Hunter quickly in order to make the red Knight Head, carrying the Vernier/G, and the red Gatling Ships, carrying the Fire/G, appear. At the end of the level, two Spiders will appear at the same time. Quickly shoot them into submission with your own lasers.

Mission 3[edit]

You will rely heavily on your radar and attack power in this mission. Keep one eye locked on the radar screens for large enemy waves to appear. A higher level, powerful ship is a must for S rank seekers.

This mission immediately starts with a Spider enemy attacking from behind. Quickly move the camera around, and start attacking. As you battle this enemy, other smaller enemies will attack you from the front. This foreshadows what you will be doing the rest of the mission: moving the camera around constantly to attack large pools of enemies. A quick defeat of this Spider allows other special enemies to appear. Towards the middle of the level, a Hunter ship will appear. Similar with the previous Spider, other smaller enemies will also appear. Move the camera around to direct most of your fire to the smaller ships, shooting at the Hunter when you have an opening. Once you reach the second set of buildings, rotate the camera to the left and eliminate the red Cyclops. Once it is defeated, rotate the camera 180 degrees again, and take out another red Cyclopes. Finally, rotate another 180 degrees and take out a red and gold Cyclops enemies. These Cyclop enemies must be disposed of in order to make the others appear. Towards the end of the level you will be surrounded by three Spider enemies: one in the back, and two in the front. Quickly take out the lone Spider in the back, then move the camera to face the remaining two. Destroy them quickly to add more points to your rank.