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Eugene Fitzherbert

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Eugene Fitzherbert

Official render for Flynn Rider

Japanese ユージーン・フィッツハーバート
Rōmaji Yūjīn Fittsuhābāto
Other names Flynn Rider (フリン・ライダー Furin Raidā?)
Voice actors (Ja:) Hiroshi Hatanaka
(En:) Zachary Levi [1]
Homeworld Kingdom of Corona
Origin Tangled
Game Kingdom Hearts III
Eugene Fitzherbert

Kingdom Hearts III
First entry
Tangled (2010)

A young man who showed up with the Heartless hot on his heels. It seems they aren't the only ones he was running from.

He discovered Rapunzel's tower while on the run and felt compelled to climb it. After meeting the girl inside, he agreed to serve as her guide.

Second entry
Tangled (2010)

A young man who showed up with the Heartless hot on his heels. It seems they aren't the only ones he was running from.

He discovered Rapunzel's tower while on the run and felt compelled to climb it. After meeting the girl inside, he agreed to serve as her guide.

Flynn, as it turns out, isn't his real name. He took the alias from
The Tales of Flynnigan Rider, a book of stories about a swashbuckling rogue. Meeting Rapunzel prompted a change of heart, however, and now he goes by his real name, Eugene Fitzherbert.
"I can get her to the kingdom, but you guys are clearly more cut out for combat."
—Flynn to Sora, Donald and Goofy

Eugene Fitzherbert, also known as Flynn Rider, is a character from the Kingdom of Corona in Kingdom Hearts III. He originated in the Disney film Tangled.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Flynn flees from several Heartless in a forest, but is rescued by Sora, Donald, and Goofy. After his rescue, he slinks away and enters a nearby tower where he meets Rapunzel and Pascal. Using a tiara he stole, Rapunzel blackmails him to help her embark on a journey to see the flying lanterns. Wary of the Heartless prowling about, Flynn recruits Sora and company as his "sidekicks" to fight them off. Later, Flynn is persuaded by Rapunzel to let Maximus come along.

Cutscene image
Flynn and Rapunzel share a moment as they send lanterns into the sky.

At Corona, Flynn and Rapunzel are ready to watch the lanterns. Although Rapunzel is concerned it will not be like her imagination, Flynn tells her that she can find a new dream anyway. Flynn and Rapunzel have a nice time watching the lanterns fly. However, he mysteriously leaves with his crown on a boat, which breaks her heart. Unknown to Rapunzel, he has been knocked unconscious and tied-up by Marluxia. Eventually, Flynn is caught by the guards and is sentenced to death for his crimes by hanging.

The next day however, he manages to escape his death sentence with Maximus. While fleeing Corona, he sees Sora, Donald, and Goofy, and has the three of them ride on Maximus with him to rescue Rapunzel. The group returns to the tower, although Flynn gets there first. Inside, Flynn finds Rapunzel bound and gagged by Mother Gothel. As he enters, Gothel stabs him from behind, leaving him to die on the floor.

Rapunzel begs Gothel that if she lets her heal Flynn with the powers of her hair, Rapunzel will do whatever Gothel asks, even sacrificing her freedom for the rest of her life. Gothel accepts, and while Rapunzel tries to help Flynn, he tells her that if she heals him, she will die. Having realized that Gothel has used Rapunzel for her hair's healing properties, he chops off her hair with a mirror shard, causing her blonde hair to become brunette and destroying its power, which causes Gothel to die.

Rapunzel holds Flynn as he dies and they reveal to each other that their new dream was being together. As Rapunzel, Sora and the others mourn for Flynn, Rapunzel's tears allow her remaining power to revive Flynn. Flynn takes Rapunzel back to the Kingdom to see her real family, after revealing his real name Eugene Fitzherbert to Sora and his friends.

Sometime after Xehanort's defeat, Rapunzel and Eugene embrace in the town of Corona.


Eugene is a young man with brown hair, brown eyes and a goatee. He wears a long-sleeved white shirt rolled up to his forearms, with a turquoise vest on top. He has a small satchel belted around his waist on the left side, brown pants and boots.


Eugene has a somewhat selfish and narcissistic personality, although this gradually changes during his adventure with Rapunzel, whom he falls in love with. He was a cunning man who seeks to trick Rapunzel into escorting her back to her tower, forgetting about the journey to the kingdom due to him thinking this is all just a liability. Rapunzel's stubborn nature persists and she drags Flynn along with her. He is also seen slightly manipulative when he makes Sora and company his sidekicks to fight the Heartless. His initial personality melts down and he shows a lighter and silly side after arriving in the Kingdom when he participated in the kingdom dance, only for him to be paired with Rapunzel at the last second.

Flynn is shown to be courageous, marching with Maximus by passing through a horde of Nobodies and Heartless that stands in his way to reach Rapunzel's tower. In his last breath, he cuts off Rapunzel's hair and confessed that she was his dream before dying, which shows the short adventure they had was enough to make him fall for her.


Flynn uses Rapunzel's Frying Pan as a weapon. He specializes in dueling Heartless one at a time rather than in groups, which could be a disadvantage for him; however, he makes up for this by stunning enemies with almost all of his attacks. His skills are mainly offense-oriented just like Rapunzel and can join in her Team Attack, Tangled Twist, with Sora where she wraps the latter along with Donald and Goofy in Rapunzel's hair, spinning them around as Rapunzel's hair glows and hurling the three to different areas on the battlefield to deal Physical damage.

Flynn also uses a barrel he conjured out of nowhere to ram and harm Heartless quickly.

Flynn's base stats are 30 AP, 175 HP, and 100 MP. He has 2 armor slots, 2 accessory slots, and 4 item slots, two of which start equipped with Potions.

Attack Attribute Power
Guard? Repel LV Status
Swing Combo (振りまわしコンボ
Furimawashi Konbo
Attack icon Physical 1.0+1.0+1.5 0+0+1 0 0 X 1Symbol - Crown.png Stun (100%/1 second)Symbol - Crown.png
Swings frying pan in a 3-part combo; its 3rd part launches struck enemies and stuns them.
Raise (かちあげ
Attack icon Physical 1.5 0 1 0 X 1 Stun (100%/2 seconds)
Approaches target and swings frying pan upward with both hands, launching those struck and stunning them.
Air Downward Swing (空中振り下ろし
Kūchū Furi Oroshi
Attack icon Physical 1.0 0 0 0 X Stun (100%/2 seconds)
Jumps high and swings frying pan downward with both hands, stunning struck enemies.
Frying Pan Toss Attack icon Physical 1.5 0 1 0 X Stun (100%/10 seconds)
Throws frying pan underhand, stunning struck enemies. MP Cost: 10
Barrel Bash Attack icon Physical 1.5 per hit 0 1 per hit 0 X
Move around on a barrel for 12 seconds, hitting enemies in your path, then attack by kicking the barrel and sending it flying. MP Cost: 15
Support Abilities
Ability AP Description
Lucky Strike 5 Increase how often enemies drop items. Stack the ability to increase the effect.
Treasure Magnet 1 Automatically draw in and collect nearby prizes. Stack the ability to increase the effect.
Share Prizes 4 Pass on prizes you cannot benefit from to friends.
Hyper Healing 3 Spring back from defeat in battle more quickly and with more HP. Stack the ability to increase the effect.


Eugene embraces Rapunzel, from Tangled.
"You were my new dream."
—Eugene to Rapunzel as he dies

Eugene first appeared as the deuteragonist of the 2010 Disney animated film Tangled, voiced by Zachary Levi. He is inspired by the Prince from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel. He grew up in an orphanage reading a book called "The Tales of Flynnigan Rider" about a legendary and powerful adventurer. Inspired by the book to engage in thrilling adventures, he renamed himself Flynn Rider and eventually became a notorious thief.

In the film, Flynn is introduced as a thief who sneaks into the Kingdom of Corona and steals its lost princess's tiara. While on the run from the palace guards and their horse Maximus, Flynn ends up in Rapunzel's tower and is convinced by her to guide her to the kingdom to see the floating lanterns that appear on her birthday. Over the course of the film, despite their clashing personalities, Flynn and Rapunzel begin to care for each other, with her discovering her identity as the lost princess and him helping her break free from her kidnapper Mother Gothel. He also reclaims his birth name as Eugene Fitzherbert, and eventually lives happily ever after with Rapunzel.

Eugene also appears in the Disney animated series Tangled: The Series, which reveals that he is actually the prince of the Dark Kingdom and the son of King Edmund.

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