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Sidecar Glider

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The glider used by Riku and Sora.

The Sidecar Glider is an aerial vehicle that appears in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Riku commandeers it in The World That Never Was for the second battle with Xemnas and his Dragon Form on the Altar of Naught. It is only seen during this fight.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

After the Corridor of Darkness leading to Destiny Islands closes, Xemnas and the dragon appear to attack Sora and Riku. After the latter destroys the upper tower of the Castle That Never Was, Riku notices the Glider and runs towards it, asking Sora to get on its side platform. The two follow them, fighting the dragon until they face Xemnas in the ship's cockpit, and the Glider is sucked into a void.


The Glider's design is similar to that of sidecar motorcycles, where a small cab is attached to the relatively larger main vehicle in order to provide for a second passenger. It shares many similarities with Terra's and Ventus's Keyblade Gliders. Like Terra's glider, the Sidecar Glider is sharply angled at its front tip, and the seats in both are slung forward so that the driver is nearly horizontal. The sidecar's design is similar to Ventus's Glider, in that the rider must stand as though riding a skateboard, allowing him to strike passing enemies.


  • Up/Down/Left/Right: Move the ship.
  • X: Attack (たたかう Tatakau?)
  • Square: Laser (レーザー Rēzā?)
  • Circle: Drain (ドレイン Dorein?)
  • Triangle (when charged): Megalaser (オーバーレイ Ōbārei?, lit. "Overray")



This weapon allows the Glider to shoot multiple lasers from an angular pod at the bottom of the Glider, and it is used by pressing Square.


The Megalaser is a Reaction Command that can only be activated after filling the Megalaser bar by using Drain to convert the offensive small lasers from enemies into energy.


When Riku uses this command, a barrier is created, similar in design to Aqua's Reflect barrier. This feature allows you to absorb some of the energy from oncoming lasers, and fills the energy meter so that the player may use the Megalaser reaction command. It also reflects some of this energy at the dragon. It is used by pressing Circle.


This command causes Sora to strike with his Keyblade. Sora will perform a 360˚ horizontal slash. This attack will only hit the Bomb Bells that often appear in front of Sora and Riku. If the Nobodies are hit, they will be thrown into the dragon, dealing a large amount of damage. Riku uses it automatically when the Bomb Bell Nobodies appear. It is used by pressing X.