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Daybreak Town

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Daybreak Town

The world icon for Daybreak Town from KHUX's theatre mode
Daybreak Town Logo KHX.png
Japanese デイブレイクタウン

Romaji Deibureiku Taun
Game Kingdom Hearts χ

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KHχ tracks
Field theme - Dearly Beloved -Unchained χ Version-
Field theme - Before The Daylight
Battle theme - Wake Up, World!
KHUχ tracks
Field theme - Before The Daylight
Battle theme - Wake Up, World!
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Daybreak Town is a world that appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover. It serves as the hub for Player.

There is a digital replica of Daybreak Town. Following the Keyblade War, a group of Keyblade wielders called Dandelions escaped to this Data World. Ultimately, the real town was completely destroyed, while the digital recreation was put into a state of sleep. The city of Scala ad Caelum is built upon the ruin of Daybreak Town.

Settings and Areas[edit]

Fountain Square

At the central point of Daybreak Town lies the Fountain Square, a large plaza and fountain that appears to be a hangout spot for Keyblade wielders. The Central Marketplace is located directly to the west from the Fountain Square. Adjacent to this, situated directly behind the fountain, is the Moogle's Shop, which consists of two main levels and an attic level that can be used to access the Upper Fountain Square.

By continuing west into the Central Market Place, one may either enter the Central Market Warehouse. From here, a western path leads to the northern Bridge to the Outskirts. Following leads to the Boardwalk, allowing access to Waterfront Park. The upper level of Waterfront Park is built around the Lighthouse and overlooks the horizon, while the lower level of Waterfront Park, opens into a larger area at the base of the Lighthouse, allowing entry the Lighthouse in order to descend towards the Docks. Here, Keyblade wielders may take a boat from the western shore leading south-east to the Beach. The Beach of this tiny island stretches far to the east, overlooked by a sister Lighthouse to the one found at the Docks, bearing the Lux sigil at its top. From the opposite shore, another bot can be taken, bringing wielders toward a Shipwreck, wherein a large Corridor of Darkness lay in wait.

To the south-west of the Fountain Plaza, one can reach the 1st District, and to the north-east, 2nd District - wherein the only known entrance to the Clock Tower can be found, via the Waterway There are five corridors of the Waterway which lead directly into the base of the Clock Tower, an area strictly prohibited for entry by any who are not Union leaders. From here, by ascending the Levels of the Clock Tower via the gears, one would find themselves at the Elevator, which can be used to access the higher levels of the Clock Tower, such as the Foretellers' Chambers, wherein the foretellers and new Union leaders hold council around a large table. Indivuals can use the Elevator bring them to the top of the Clock Tower, where access to the Control Room can only be granted by unlocking it with a Keyblade. Alternatively, in the basement of the Clock Tower lies a room where research was conducted in order to allow individuals to cross worldlines via a machine called the Lifeboat, though it was never completed.

By following the trail through the 2nd District, one may eventually reach the 7th District, wherein lies the Storage Area. By following the trail to the east, one can arrive at the Tower Outskirts, an area due north of the Fountain Plaza and seated directly in front of the Clock Tower.

Additional areas in Daybreak Town include Player's Room, which is located in the southwest - as indicated by the distance from the Clock Tower - and Strelitzia's room, which is located in another residential area; however, the exact location is undeterminable. Far southeast of the Clock Tower, the residential area of Daybreak Town ends, where a hillside covered in dandelions overlooks the town. Finally, there is a haunted house located in an unspecified area of Daybreak Town, bearing a large armillary sphere at its center, hourglass pillars holding up a second level, wherein Corridors of Darkness can be found behind each of its doors.


Before Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

During the "age of fairy tales", the Master of Masters creates the Book of Prophecies by means of his "Gazing Eye", which allows him to view any events in the future it will witness. The Master takes six apprentices, gifting each of them Keyblades forged from the depths of their hearts, who are then renamed Aced, Ava, Gula, Invi, Ira, and Luxu after they ascend to the rank of Keyblade Master. Quest 94: Where's Chirithy? Pt. 2 Aced, Ava, Gula, Invi, and Ira are chosen to be foretellers and receive copies of the Book of Prophecies, which depicts an event known as the Keyblade War, in which light would expire and the world would reach its end.

Sometime before his disappearance, the Master would meet with Luxu constantly in the Control Room where they would talk about the past as well as the future. Leaving it in the hands of the Dandelions and yet, Luxu was depressed about the Keyblade wielders not being able to do against the impending darkness, the Master informed him that there is a way to defeat darkness, but it would require extensive planning and many lifetimes to accomplish.

Shortly thereafter, the Master bestows Luxu with the No Name Keyblade that contains his Gazing Eye and instructs him to pass the No Name from master to apprentice so that the Gazing Eye can relay future events back to him. The Master then orders Luxu to simply watch things unfold between the other apprentices and keep the contents of a black box a secret from the others. Sometime later, the Master provides Ira with his role to succeed him as the leader in the event of his disappearance. Ira remains adamant that they must do something to try to avert the Keyblade War, though the Master claims it to be inevitable, and resolves to gather as many Keyblade wielders as possible to maintain the balance of power.

After Luxu leaves to fulfill his role, the Master assigns the rest of the foretellers with their own individual roles: Invi is tasked to observe her fellow foretellers and act as a mediator; Aced is to become Ira's right-hand man when Ira takes over as leader; Gula is assigned to discern who the traitor mentioned in the Lost Page of the Master's copy of the Book of Prophecies is and stop them; and Ava is instructed to avoid the imminent battles in favor of gathering exceptional Keyblade wielders, regardless of their Unions, to be part of a separate faction called the Dandelions, who would venture to another world in order to ensure light's survival. The Master provides Ava with a list of five Keyblade wielders she must gather to succeed the foretellers as Union leaders following the Keyblade War, with only one of them meant to receive a copy of the Book of Prophecies.

The foretellers are soon introduced to the Master's latest creation, the Chirithy. Though the Spirit Chirithy are meant to aid Keyblade wielders in their endeavors, the Master warns them that if a wielder falls to darkness, so will their Chirithy, causing them to transform into a Nightmare.

Without warning, the Master disappears from the world, and although Ava and Gula actively seek him out, they are unable to locate him. Upholding the Master's teachings, the foretellers begin recruiting Keyblade wielders to each of their Unions, utilizing the powers of their copies of the Book of Prophecies in the form of Medals to aid their wielders in collecting Lux.

Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Having watched Player defeat countless Heartless throughout Daybreak Town, Player's respective foreteller commends them on their abilities but encourages them to team up with their comrades to take down stronger foes. The foreteller informs them that there are others who collect Lux for their own nefarious purposes and entreats Player to help discern who walks the path of darkness.

After traversing the worlds on various quests, Player returns to Daybreak Town and finds that a Gummi Ship had crashed in Waterfront Park. After the Moogle steals some Gummi Blocks for itself, Player meets Donald Duck and Goofy, who recognize the Keyblade and ask for their help in recovering the Gummi Blocks. While fighting the Heartless for Gummi Blocks in the Market, Player is overcome by a group of Wizards. Mickey Mouse, guided by the Star Shard, intervenes and saves Player, who informs him of Donald and Goofy's situation. Mickey introduces Player to Chip and Dale, who he sends ahead with Player to help Donald and Goofy reconstruct the Gummi Ship. While alone, Mickey questions what it was that guided him to Daybreak Town, unaware that Invi is watching him from afar. With Chip and Dale's help, the Gummi Ship is restored, and Mickey, Donald, and Goofy leave Daybreak Town.

Player comes across the Moogle again, who asks that Player take the Light Drawing Bangle to extract Lux from Raid Bosses for him. After they does so, Moogle meets with an unseen figure in an alley. The Moogle questions why the figure did not give Player the Bangle themselves, who claims it to be too soon for that and they would need the guilt-ridden Moogle's help in the future.

Sometime later, Player reunites with Donald and Goofy, as they have crashed their Gummi Ship again in Daybreak Town. Donald and Goofy encounter the Moogle, who has constructed his own Keyblade out of wood, which proves to be ineffective against the Heartless. When Player steps in, their Keyblade changes to become the Moogle O' Glory, and Donald and Goofy realize that Player is the "Key". The Moogle plots to steal Player's Keyblade, but when he attempts to do so, he is disappointed to find that the Keyblade simply returns to Player. As Donald and Goofy prepare to leave with Player after Chip and Dale fix the Gummi Ship, they realize that the Player is not inside with them and take off without the "Key".

When Player next returns to Daybreak Town, Nightmare Chirithy, posing as Chirithy, gifts Player with the Power Bangle, which allows them the ability to unknowingly utilize the darkness to empower the Keyblade.

One day, Chirithy tells Player about the Master of Masters, the impending Keyblade War, and how the foretellers decided to draw upon powers from the future to prevent the final entry from coming true. In revealing that the foretellers all share the same goal but follow different paths, Chirithy implores that Player not lose sight of their own.

Ira calls a meeting of the foretellers after capturing Nightmare Chirithy and declares that there is a traitor among them. He reasons that the Nightmare has to belong to one of them, as it was responsible for the Power Bangles, which is something it could not have obtained without help. Unable to come up with a viable solution to identifying the culprit, Aced calls Ira's leadership into question for accusing one of them of being a traitor and storms off. Once alone, Ira tells Invi of the Lost Page and requests that Invi keep an eye on the others.

As Neoshadows appear in Daybreak Town, Player teams up with other members from their Union in order to take on the new breed of Heartless. During this time, Chirithy meets with another Chirithy, who mentions that its wielder appears to be rather indifferent, much to its concern. Given the strife between the foretellers due to the emergence of the Nightmare Chirithy, Chirithy attempts to encourage its comrade, stating that they have to trust their wielders to flourish. Later, when Player returns to the Moogle's Shop to reunite with their friends, Chirithy informs Player that their friends were destroyed by Neoshadows. Taking its leave, Chirithy reunites with its comrade, who admits that its wielder had fallen to darkness as it fades from existence.

Following the disappearance of the other Chirithy, the foreteller leading Player's Union appears to speak with Chirithy. The foreteller reveals that even though the Keyblade wielders are gathering Lux at an amazing rate, the darkness is spreading even faster. With this, Chirithy asks if that means that there really is a traitor among them, to which the foreteller states that they are not willing to believe that yet.

One night, Player is shown a dream by Chirithy, in which the foretellers meeting with the Master in the Foretellers' Chambers. However, Nightmare Chirithy quickly puts a stop to the dream. After Player goes back to sleep, Chirithy confronts Nightmare Chirithy for its interference, the latter questioning the former for showing Player the dream. Chirithy admits that its intention is the opposite of its Nightmare counterpart's, prompting the latter to declare the two of them to be enemies before it disappears, and a worried Chirithy vows to protect Player.

The following day, Player is sent to deal with an Invisible in Waterfront Park and befriends another Keyblade wielder named Ephemer. While two wielders decide to investigate the Foretellers' Chambers from Player's dream, Chirithy asks its Nightmare counterpart if Ephemer is its wielder. Chirithy notices that Nightmare Chirithy's fur has darkened, to which Nightmare Chirithy mocks its adversary and asks what it intends to do as Player is getting closer to the truth.

Aced meets with Ava and Gula to discuss their lack of faith in Ira's leadership. Gula agrees to form an alliance with Aced, though their alliance would not influence their respective Unions. Ava remains loyal to the Master's teachings, as forming alliances is forbidden. Invi arrives and discovers Aced's intent, condemning him for his actions, though Aced counters with his suspicion of an alliance between her and Ira based on Invi's actions. Invi reports back to Ira about the alliance and volunteers to convince Gula to dissolve it, before distancing herself from Ira to quell Aced's suspicion.

Together, Player and Ephemer find an entrance to the waterways in the 2nd District, leading them to discover an entrance to the Clock Tower. The two agree to continue their investigation the following day to dissuade suspicion. Afterward, Ephemer finds Ava mulling over recent events at the Fountain Plaza and attempts to comfort her. Ava expresses her doubts about the Master's teachings regarding the competition between the Unions and approves of Ephemer's desire to solve the mysteries of the world, as she believes that people should question things and think for themselves. When Ephemer reveals that he had befriended a Keyblade wielder from a different Union, Ava is pleased that wielders from other Unions could work together. Meanwhile, as Player tells Chirithy about Ephemer, Chirithy entertains the notion of making friends, but remarks on not having friends of its own. Player assures Chirithy that the two of them are friends, a sentiment that surprises Chirithy.

Later that night, Ephemer attempts to enter the Clock Tower alone but is discovered by Ava. She discloses to him that she intends on choosing five people from the Dandelions, including Ephemer, to act as Union Leaders in the foretellers' stead after the Keyblade War. Although Ephemer is reluctant to ascend to the position, he agrees to do cooperate with Ava. Then, she provides Ephemer with a book of rules that would help guide the new Union leaders and explains that they must erase the memories of the Keyblade War from the minds of the Dandelions. As the truth about the Keyblade War must be kept a secret among the new Union leaders, Ava tells Ephemer that they must work with the Chirithy to protect the secret. Ava then sends Ephemer to another realm in preparation and instructs him to meet the other Union leaders in the Keyblade Graveyard after the war.

When Ephemer fails to meet Player at the Fountain Square the following day, a saddened Chirithy comforts them. Strelitzia, who had taken note of Player's waiting throughout the day, sees this after returning from her missions for the day. From this moment on, Strelitzia feels drawn to Player, though she is too shy to approach them.

After Player having a dream about Ephemer in the Clock Tower, they decides to search for clues on Ephemer's whereabouts at the Clock Tower, in spite of Chirithy's protests. The Player sneaks into the Clock Tower but is caught by Ava. Recognizing them from what Ephemer had told her, Ava decides to test the strength of Player's heart and notes the sadness within Player's heart could lead them down the path to darkness. Ava then sends Player and Chirithy back home and forbids them from returning to the restricted area.

Back home, Player rests while Chirithy watches over them. Ava appears asking if Chirithy had been the one to show Player the dream about Ephemer. When Chirithy denies this, Ava suspects that Ephemer is trying to reach out to them from another realm. Ava suggests that the connection between both Player and Ephemer could mean that they are getting closer to that realm, but whether or not he continues down that path is up to his heart. Ava warns Chirithy that it must protect Player from the nightmares before she departs.

Having received a special mission for Player from the foretellers, Chirithy meets with Player in the Fountain Square and gives them the Bracelet of Light that will protect Player from the darkness. Chirithy mentions that Player will need it to protect them from the Corridors of Darkness on their next mission. After clearing the Heartless from within the Corridors of Darkness in Daybreak Town, Agrabah, and the Dwarf Woodlands, Chirithy advises Player to be prepared for their next mission.

After Player successfully completes the Dark Corridor Trials, Chirithy reports back to Player's foreteller, who is pleased to hear of their progress, but Chirithy questions the wisdom of assigning such a dangerous mission. Player's foreteller laments that they have no choice but to hasten Player's training, as they must strengthen their resistance to darkness as quickly as possible and obtain as many warriors as they can get on the side of light.

Gula dissolves his alliance with Aced, citing the fact that they are no closer to knowing the identity of the traitor than before and unintentionally revealing Invi's role in his decision. Furious, Aced attacks Invi for her interference. Invi tries to defend that she is protecting the balance of power as the Master ordered them to, but Aced remains adamant that they need to defy the Master's teachings to protect the world and create alliances against the looming darkness. Invi deems Aced to be the traitor just as Ava and Gula arrive at the scene and join Invi in her fight against Aced, from which he barely emerges alive.

Once their mission is completed, Player and Chirithy return to Daybreak Town, where they meet another wielder named Skuld, who asks why the collection of Lux has to be treated like a competition between the Unions. Skuld reveals that Ephemer had reached out to her through her dreams and requested that she seek out Player, suggesting that they investigate the Foretellers' Chambers for further answers. Having witnessed the battle between Aced and Invi, Skuld takes as a sign that Ephemer is right about the Keyblade War. In spite of Chirithy's protests, the Player agrees to go with her.

Before making it into the Clock Tower, Player and co. are confronted by Darklings that are after their Lux. When the wielders defeat them, the Heartless make a hasty retreat, but before Player and Skuld can pursue, their path is blocked by Nightmare Chirithy. Nightmare Chirithy tells Player and Skuld that they should embrace the darkness, just as their colleagues had before becoming the Darklings since that the power the Darklings had fought with was entirely their own. Chirithy objects that those are not the teachings the Chirithys are meant to provide, but the Nightmare Chirithy scoffs at its counterpart and hints that its wielder is nearby before it disappears. Player and co. then proceed to the Foretellers' Chambers.

Inside the Foretellers' Chambers, Player and Skuld unable to find any clues about Ephemer's whereabouts. As they are about to leave, they are caught by Player's foreteller, who informs them that Ephemer had been caught and disposed of several days before. The foreteller tells them that Ephemer had been using them, as he hailed from a Union whose purpose contradicted their own, and asks what they intend to do next. Although Chirithy assures the foreteller that they will not retaliate, Player decides to avenge Ephemer and battle the foreteller, with the latter ultimately emerging victorious. As Player is cast to the ground, the facade of the Foretellers' Chambers fades away and the group finds themselves in the waterways.

Ava heals Player, thanking them and Skuld for showing her the strength of their hearts and apologizing for her deception. Ava proceeds to tell them the truth of the Keyblade War, Ephemer's involvement, and her plan to recruit Keyblade wielders with a strong resistance to darkness to become Dandelions. She invites them to join, and while Skuld immediately agrees, the Player is hesitant. Ava respects their decision but asks that Player and Skuld keep everything she has told them a secret.

In the aftermath, Gula confronts Aced, finding him collapsed in one of the houses of Daybreak Town. Gula tells him about the incomplete nature of their copies of the Book of Prophecies, the contents of the Lost Page, and that the Master tasked him to find and stop the traitor, much to Aced's disbelief and rage. Unable to forgive Gula for silently standing by while the foretellers fought each other, Aced cuts him down with his Keyblade. However, before he can finish Gula off, Ava arrives and begs Aced to stop, who consents and leaves Ava to tend to Gula on her own.

As Aced hobbles through the streets of Daybreak Town, he comes across Ira. Believing that he had come to finish him off, Aced collapses to the ground and requests him make his end swift. However, Ira explains that he will not eliminate Aced, as he wants to fulfill the role he was given by the Master. As it is forbidden to change the events of the future, Ira wants to continue working with Aced to ensure that light lives on, stressing that they cannot afford to lose any of the foretellers. Aced is touched to hear that Ira still considers him to be a comrade and informs him that Gula has the Lost Page and that he has been using it to discern the identity of the traitor. While Ira claimed this to be his role, Aced remains unsure, as he is incapable of forgiving Gula's actions. Advising Aced to keep Gula's role a secret, Ira sets out to find the latter and retrieve the Lost Page.

Knowing that Ira is searching for him, Ava takes Gula into hiding, though Invi quickly discovers them and reports their location to Ira, leading him to confront Ava a few days later. Frightened by the possible consequences, she protects Gula from Ira, who calmly retreats after she asserts her resolve. Returning to Gula's side, she is informed about the ambiguous contents of the Lost Page, which predicts an inevitable betrayal and "the one who bears the sigil", whom he had assumed was Aced. He commends the distraught Ava for her scrupulous behavior, blaming himself for basing his actions on the Lost Page. Determined to find out what the Lost Page truly means, Gula intends to summon Kingdom Hearts to force the Master's return and pleads with Ava to help him with his plan. Although she declines, as summoning Kingdom Hearts is forbidden, Gula respects her decision and goes off on his own.

Ava later chides Invi for worsening the conflict between the foretellers by divulging Gula's whereabouts to Ira, and defends her own actions in assembling the Dandelions by explaining that she is merely following the Master's instructions. Invi apologizes for misinterpreting Ava's actions, and Ava discloses Gula's plan to summon Kingdom Hearts by collecting Lux. They realize that Aced and Ira are also gathering Lux out of fear that Gula is vying for power, and decide to do the same in order to maintain the balance and delay the war, despite worrying that it could hasten the war.

Ava gathers the Dandelions at the Fountain Square and directs them to continue with their continue their preparations to avoid the war by going to the world outside, and entrusts them with the hopes for the future. In a last-ditch effort to avert the Keyblade War, Ava seeks out Luxu to find the Master's whereabouts and have him prevent the war.

As time passes, Player and Chirithy find more Keyblade wielders squabbling with one another over the ownership of light. Despite Chirithy's suggestion that they do not get involved, Player intervenes when they see them draw their Keyblades. Chirithy scolds the wielders for raising their weapons against a comrade and attempts to reason with the them to no avail. Overhearing an argument between Player, Skuld, and several Keyblade wielders from different Unions, Aced lectures the wielders of the importance of trusting their Unions and that a Union's strength is determined by victory rather than Lux. Skuld objects Aced's claims, who notes that she is part of Ava's Dandelions and points out that what Ava is doing with the Dandelions a display of power as well. The player steps forward to challenge Aced, the latter easily defeating the former and disqualifying them as a Keyblade wielder.

When Ira arrives on the scene, he rebukes Aced for raising his Keyblade against another wielder. Despite Aced's attempts to defend himself, he tells Aced that his blood lust that drew him to their location. Aced argues that the Keyblade War is unavoidable, blaming the other foretellers for intensifying the situation. Aced reveals that he intends on unifying all of the Unions and appointing himself as leader once he banished Ira and the other foretellers, but Ira dismisses his foolish plot and warns Aced that his arrogance will lead to his downfall. But Aced states that he will be waiting at the place of the final battle before taking his leave. Once the crowd disperses, Ira affirms that the Keyblade War is unavoidable to Player, Skuld, and Chirithy and tasks Skuld and Player to prepare themselves as he departs, only for Player to fall unconscious.

Elsewhere, Strelitzia is approached by Ava, who selects Strelitzia to become one of five Dandelions to succeed the foretellers as one of the new Union leaders and provides her a collection of laws by which the Union Leaders would be required to follow. That night, Strelitzia begins to have doubts about becoming a Union leader and feels uneasy about abandoning those who are not Dandelions. Realizing that Player is not one of the Dandelions, Strelitzia resolves to find them and convince Player to join the Dandelions to save them from taking part in the Keyblade War.

Chirithy and Skuld manage to bring Player back home to rest. With them asleep, the two discuss the growing tension between the Unions and conclude the Keyblade War appears to be unavoidable. When they awaken, Skuld voices her concern over the loss of morale amongst the Dandelions since Ava's sudden disappearance. Chirithy recommends they should speak with Gula in regards to Ava's whereabouts. Player and co. find Gula in an abandoned house, and he deduces that they were looking for Ava to avert the upcoming Keyblade War. He also informs them that they cannot change anything and only the Master can stop it, and the missing Luxu might be the one only to know of his whereabouts. When Gula remarks on the similarities between Skuld and Ava, she realizes that Ava is searching for Luxu to find the Master.

On the outskirts of Daybreak Town, Ava locates Luxu and interrogates him. Luxu explains that he is meant to continue on into the future written in the Book of Prophecies and surmises Ava's intentions for seeking him out, but deems her efforts as useless. Furthermore, Luxu states that the Lost Page is a prophecy that the foretellers are not aware of and that it is his mission to inherit its secrets. Ava begins to wonder if everything that has transpired has been of the Master's will and suspects Luxu of being the traitor. Luxu tells her the truth about the traitor, much to her disbelief. Luxu claims that the Keyblade War is unavoidable and ponders if the Master would rather know how his disciples will guide the keys than the fate of the world. Ava, refusing to believe that the Master would choose them over the world, accuses Luxu of taking his advantage of the Master's will. Ava attacks Luxu with her Keyblade, and the clashing of their Keyblades sends a ripple effect throughout Daybreak Town, which tolls the bell that signifies the start of the war.

Meanwhile, Gula recites a passage of the Lost Page to Player and co., explaining that the traitor described on it would be the one to bring an end to the world. He admits that, although they suspected someone, they were unable to stop them. Chirithy questions if Gula should be divulging the Lost Page to them, and while Gula affirms that he should not, he sees it meaningless to hide its contents now that the Keyblade War is near. Hearing the bells of the Clock Tower toll, Gula announces that the war has begun and advises Player and co. to leave, as each Union will likely rally their forces soon enough.

Strelitzia and her Chirithy learn that Player was last seen by an abandoned house and go to investigate, though Player is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, someone comes out from the shadows, attacks both Strelitzia and her Chirithy and stole her book of rules. In her last moments, Strelitzia recalls how she wanted to speak with Player, carrying her Chirithy in her arms as she fades and her heart is released.

After Skuld leaves to be with the Dandelions, the Player asks Chirithy if it will disappear if they do as well, which Chirithy confirms. When Player asks for Chirithy's opinion on the Keyblade War, Chirithy confesses that it does not want Player to fight, though it clarifies it says this as a friend rather than as Player's guide. Ultimately, the Player decides not to take part in the Keyblade War, choosing to join the Dandelions instead. Nightmare Chirithy appears and scorns Player as a coward for abandoning their friends by not participating in the war. Angered by this, Player demands to know who the Nightmare Chirithy is, who reveals that Player has been using the power of darkness via the Power Bangle. Although Chirithy refuses to believe this, Nightmare Chirithy tells its counterpart that this is all according to Master's will.

Chirithy insists that the Power Bangle takes the sins and turns them into light rather than darkness. Nightmare Chirithy contradicts its counterpart's claim by revealing that he also belongs to Player, but differs from Chirithy in that it can act on its own will. Nightmare Chirithy declares that, if Player refuses to take part in the Keyblade War, it will show Player its dream himself and summons the Darklings to battle with Player. Chirithy questions Nightmare Chirithy's motive, the latter proclaiming that Nightmares exist to show people bad dreams, allowing them to sever connections and live freely, a concept that Chirithy is unable to understand.

After Player defeats the Darklings, Nightmare Chirithy absorbs the Darklings and battles Player. The player emerges victorious against Nightmare Chirithy, who reverts to its regular form and begins to fade away. Nightmare Chirithy remarks on how their connection has now been severed but warns them that they will meet in another dream, before fading from existence.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

After the Keyblade War, the Dandelions enter the new world, where they immediately lose all their memories of the old world. Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus, Brain, and Lauriam work together to ensure that the painful memories of the past become buried by new memories, instituting a Union χ to allow more opportunities for new adventures.

As the Dandelions relive the majority of their experiences from the old world, Chirithy reports to Ephemer and Skuld about Player's persisting nightmares of the Keyblade War. While Skuld encourages Chirithy to protect Player from the truth, Ephemer mentions that he senses a different Darkness that he plans to investigate with her. Once Chirithy leaves, she questions Ephemer as to why he told Chirithy about the Darkness, as they likely made Chirithy worry, but Ephemer argues that it affects everyone, and that the more that the new world differs from its predecessor, the more uneasy he feels.

As the new world diverges from the old with the exclusion of the Keyblade War, Player arrives at the Moogle's Shop, which has been flooded by Ferocious Fins. The player joins a party of Keyblade wielders in pursuing the Heartless through the waterways beneath Daybreak Town and search for a way to stop the water flow. When Player encounters the Ferocious Fins again, their new friends opt to stall the Heartless while he searches for the right valve to drain the area. With Player's task completed, they return to their party and work together to destroy the Heartless. Player returns to the Moogle's Shop, but when the Moogle welcomes them to his new shop, Player is unnerved because of their inconsistent memories. But their newfound friends manage to convince them that everything is fine.

The Union leaders decide to celebrate their successes by creating new Spirits for the Dandelions. As a result, Player and Chirithy encounter another Chirithy sent by the Union leaders, who use Chirithy's fur to craft the new Spirit, whose purpose is to further aid Player in battle and help defend them against Nightmares.

After a while Ephemer calls everyone to the tower again with the exception of Lauriam, but from Brain; he receives his support no matter what and proceeds to talk about the Pride Shift. While Brain likes the idea of having a friendly contest, Ven and Skuld opposed it, with Emphemer as the tie breaker, he decides to go along with the Pride Shift but at a compromise he agrees to let keyblade wielders fight against data copies of each other and everyone agrees. Brain believes that this idea was too clever of him to come with upon his own, he tells the others that the idea came from Lauriam who in turned said that he was looking for someone who was suppose to be a Dandelion and they all wonder who believing their comrade will tell them when he's ready. Seeing that there was nothing in the data; Lauriam suspected that Elrena may know where his sister went since they were union members on occasion but didn't know anything. So the duo asked her Chirithy and from it learned that it was friends with Strelitzia's Chirithy and that she was looking for a certain "someone", to join the Dandelions to save them from the Keyblade War, Elrena's Chirithy also adds that what it saw happened before the bells rang and around the same area they were in. It was there that it saw one of the new Union Leaders leave was Skuld and Lauriam leaves to talk to her, arriving at the clock tower he informs the others that he was looking for his sister Strelitzia but was saddened that she didn't know her at first they believed she may have perished in the war but through Brain's deductive reasoning they realized that's not what happened.

Knowing that Strelitzia was trying to save Player from the war, Ephemer took Lauriam to meet them but was sadden to know that they didn't know her either but advised them to keep her their heart. While Player and Ephemer spend the day together Lauriam returned to Elrena who informed him that she saw what looked liked ghost of his sister; shocked he entered the warehouse calling her but there's no response then, considers that Brain knows way more than what's going on. Back at the clock tower, Brain continues to read the Book of Prophecy intensively which doesn't go unnoticed by Ventus and Brain reveals his goal, and that at the present, they are still following a destructive destiny, one which he intends to overwrite. Mentioning that, even if they succeed, nothing would change, he resolves to become a virus to overwrite that destiny, then leaves for the control room. Meanwhile Ventus and Skuld begin to wonder what Brain was talking about then they suggest asking Ephemer what he thinks but before they could they notice apparitions of Master Ava and the Master of Masters, Ven leaves to check on Brain who is in the Control Room. At the same time Ephemer and Player, begin to notice strange bugs and glitches happening everywhere and head for the clock tower upon making it inside they come across Ventus who was being attacked by Darklings and after dispelling them they all enter the Control Room to talk to Brain.

Despite Brain doing his best to stop the glitches he is met upon by Ephemer, Ventus, and Player; he explains the state of the worlds before and after the Keyblade War. That at first they were real and whole but now have become disconnected. Concluding that the worlds were recreated as data and upon noticing the glitches he suggests that they are within the data version of Daybreak Town. And the glitches are a result of a new world that connected to their world, but doesn't exist in their world or time yet causing them to appear. Though it was impossible for Brain to completely sever the connection, he managed to stabilize it, though they would have to investigate in order to fully understand what's going on so Brain opens the gate leaving Ephemer and Player to explore the new world.

With Ephemer's return, Brain discusses with all the Union leaders they explained the situation and add that they'd pursued Darklings into the new world, and soon after enemies from their world began appearing in this new world, suggesting that the Darklings were responsible. With all of the evidence presented, Brain concludes that they're in the data Daybreak Town, causing Ephemer to ask whether or not there even was a real Daybreak Town, while Ventus wonders if it had been destroyed. Brain assesses that there is no way of knowing as they have been completely cut off from their original world, with no possible way of returning; suggesting this is someone else's plan.

However that wasn't their only problem, while figuring out happened to Strelitzia the new Union leaders discover that there is an imposter in their ranks. So to solve this case, Brain summons his Chirithy to have him collect Ventus and Skuld, meeting Ephemer on the hill overlooking Daybreak Town he unveils that Strelitzia was meant to be one of the new Union leaders and receive the book. And yet aware that it was Ava's doing to change who received the Book of Prophecies, he expressed doubt that it wasn't her intention to change the Union leaders. When the others arrive, he asks them where Ava had told them, they were to become Union leaders hearing that Ven's encounter with her was done near the clock tower as well as entering dim light house and leaving together, rather than on the hill. Suspicious Brain comes clean about how Ventus was never supposed to be one of the new Union leaders, much to his shock as he wasn't aware of this fact, thus proving his innocence. Brain suspects that Darkness posed as Master Ava, killed Strelitzia and gave Ventus her book. Then, Ventus grabs his head in pain where he vaguely sees Strelitzia dying but was comforted by Brain as they plan to tell Lauriam about his sister's intended role back at the clock tower.

The strain of Ven trying to remember puts him in so much stress that he was put in his room to rest, meanwhile Brain was consulting the Book of Prophecies and when asked by Ephemer and Skuld about his innocence. Even though, he didn't know the whole truth, Brain concluded from Ven's description that he was there when Strelitzia disappeared but was unsure who planned it with Ephemer believing it was Darkness. Through their sleeping comrade's dream what Brain and Ephemer had suspected turned out to be true as the Darkness entity although manipulated Ven into taking Strelitzia's place by stealing her rulebook, it was the Darkness entity itself that struck her down with the boy waking up in tears about what happened.

While that was going on unknown to them under Darkness' guidance, Maleficent was led to the data version of Daybreak Town, inside the clock tower into a secret room called the lifeboat, and told her to use one of the pods escape from the data world into the real world. Her escapades were discovered by Lauriam, he tried to stop her but it ends with the witch escaping in one of the pods to the real world, the lifeboat room being destroyed and with Lauriam knocked out until he walks out of the destroyed room.

With Ephemer, Skuld and Brain, discussing things further they were all left with more questions than answers. Especially with trying to figure out what the Darkness' intentions were by replacing Strelitzia with Ventus. However, Ephemer suggested that it maybe studying them so it could come for them as well. Their discussion was interrupted by a furious Lauriam who demanded them to tell him about what happened to his sister. But before they could explain, Ventus comes in terribly admitting that he killed Strelitzia much to the others' protest. With that Lauriam turns his anger and Keyblade on Ven demanding answers but he collapses on the ground as Darkness emerges stunning everyone.

Showing itself to the Union leaders, Brain described it as something from a kid's drawing, while talking with the entity about its intentions, Darkness explains that it is not trying to achieve anything. And yet, with that in mind Lauriam asks why it killed his sister, Darkness explains that it had been an unconscious desire of Ventus's to obtain power, and that they had simply done what was necessary in order to give him that. Enraged, that there was no real reason as to why Strelitzia had to die Lauriam attacks Darkness, but was defeated easily by it in his weakened state. Discussing even more, Brain and the others were shocked to discover that the entity had relations to the Master of Masters and why it had chosen Ventus because he was the one to carry the Darkness as the "fated child" written in the Book of Prophecies. With all the answers, he needed to know Brain summons his Keyblade and battles Darkness alongside Ephemer and Skuld.

The fight continues on until Ephemer is left standing but Brain is still convinced that Darkness isn't still here for nothing and finds out that it was here to transfer a signal of infection. Clarifying the entity said it was just doing it's role based on the book of prophecies, and used Ventus to separate itself from the hive mind of Darkness giving said individual a will of it's own not caring what sacrifice was needed. When Player and the Union Leaders rise up to fight again Darkness remained confident they would lose and as Lauriam spoke of getting out the entity scoffed at them, asking how they would accomplish it. Hearing of them planning to use the lifeboat as Maleficient had the entity ridiculed them for their cluelessness explaining the true purpose of the lifeboat and now with Maleficient's departure, the lockdown and destruction of the data world had begun. Despite them briefly defeating the entity, but with no form it could not be destroyed. Afterwards Ventus awakens using the light within him to dispell the dark creatures. Aware that it used him to give itself a form, he knew could do the same turning the entity into something they can destroy leaving Ven to fight alone.

Once more the Union Leaders were left with more questions than answers and Ventus is left unconscious again, Lauriam apologizes to him for his actions. Then, Elrena arrives with interesting news about her Chirithy seeing one of the former masters with someone else that looked like Streltzia in a white coat, the group was perplexed because all the former masters were gone and of Streltzia's demise. Soon Brain remembered this town was just a copy of the original one not of those who lived in it, aware of Lauriam searching the data before he knew that if data appropriations of Master Ava and Strelitzia appeared then, there were of them as well. More so if Strelitzia's data was with there's then someone must have accessed it suspecting it was Luxu or the Master of Masters, out of time they all head to the Ark room and find five pods left. Noticing that Darkness was right Daybreak Town was being destroyed, but with many trapped the Union Leaders split up, with Brain, Ventus, Elrena and Luariam heading to the real world while Ephemer, Skuld and the Player remind to defend the remaining Dandelions until they could all get out. Before leaving Brain passes down his Master's Defender Keyblade and the Book of Prophecies, assuring it will help when he needs it.

In the real world, Brain tries to figure out a way to save the others trapped in the data world. First he sends Lauriam, Elrena and Ven into the future using three of the lifeboats, before returning the remaining two to the data world. But before he can go any further, Luxu appears and tells him that when the world is destroyed the data world will seal itself, as it was designed as a prison for Darkness. He then tells Brain that he has a lot to do and only one lifetime to do it. Back in the data world, Ephemer, Skulk and the Player are confronted by the Darkness trapped there with them. The Darkness tell them they want a Keyblade wielder to open a gate for them in order for them to spread to many worlds, which is their goal. The Player also seemingly becomes controlled by Darkness and fights Ephemer and Skuld. However Ephemer opens a gate and banishes the Player and the Darkness from the town, afterwards reveals to Skuld that he and the Player planned it as a way to ensure Darkness remained trapped in the data world. Ephemer and Skuld use the two lifeboats Brain returned to escape the data world. In the real world the two remaining Union leaders venture outside to see that Daybreak town is about to be consumed by Darkness. Ephemer takes Skuld back inside and confronts her before the two climb back into their lifeboats to shelter from the destruction of Daybreak town.

Sometime after the destruction of Daybreak town, Ephemer wakes up in his lifeboat among the towns ruins.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Sometime after the age of fairytales, Ephemer founded the city of Scala ad Caelum over the remains of Daybreak Town, now described as a "nexus from which all other worlds spring".

The final battle against Master Xehanort takes place in Xehanort's memories of Scala ad Caelum,[citation needed] following his transformation into a portal as a last-ditch effort by Sora, Donald, and Goofy to trap him. During the battle, Xehanort - now in his armor - twists and contorts the landscape by will. Eventually, the battle takes them underwater beneath the main mountain town, where the four clash around the ruins of Daybreak Town's clock tower, now dilapidated and suspended upside-down, along with the various scattered remains of the town's nearby buildings.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind[edit]

After traversing the hearts of five guardians in his efforts to restore Kairi's heart, Sora passes through Xehanort's portal as a heart, arriving at Scala ad Caelum ahead of his past self. Upon arriving at the Breezy Quarter, he locates a large mechanical device with three levers and four shifting murals - hitting the levers manipulates the murals to turn clockwise. The first mural is a plaque written in an unknown language; the second mural is of Daybreak Town as it once was; the third mural depicts the town experiencing some sort of calamity with only the word "Break" written beneath it; the final mural is of Scala ad Caelum.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory[edit]

After Riku travels to Quadratum to rescue Sora, Yen Sid tasked King Mickey to investigate Scala ad Caelum, which may hold a connection with the ancient Keyblade Masters and the new world.





Dream Eaters[edit]