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Classic Kingdom

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The Classic Kingdom game sprite
A Classic Kingdom game.

Classic Kingdom (クラシックキングダム Kurashikku Kingudamu?) is a series of minigames in Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Kingdom Hearts III. They are simple, two-dimensional video games based on the handheld LCD games popular in the 1980's (the Game & Watch games Mickey Mouse and Mickey & Donald in particular). The games feature Sora and Mickey as main characters, and feature various characters from classic Disney cartoons. There are 6 in Kingdom Hearts Union χ and 23 in Kingdom Hearts III.


Classic Kingdom was first announced in the Classic Kingdom Trailer, shown as part of the Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dandelion Meeting at Anaheim, California in April, 2018. The trailer shows Sora receiving a device from Pence in Twilight Town, followed by a montage of gameplay from the games.[1]

In Version 3.0.0 of Kingdom Hearts Union χ, a selection of five Classic Kingdom games were released as part of χ3. A limited-time challenge was held that rewarded players with a code to get the Starlight Keyblade earlier in Kingdom Hearts III by reaching a set total score for each game.[2] In January 2019, the score requirements were cut by half, so that players have a better chance to get the Starlight Keyblade. The promotion was set to run until April 2019.

Completing all the Classic Kingdom games in Kingdom Hearts III earns the player the Classic Tone Keyblade.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

The Kingdom Hearts Union χ version of the Classic Kingdom menu.
Name Objective
Fishin' Frenzy "Catch lots of fish while avoiding danger!"
Giantland "Escape from the giant's room with Mickey!"
The Musical Farmer "Rotate the pipes and drop the eggs in the boxes!"
The Karnival Kid "Complete the customers' food orders!"
The Barnyard Battle "Defeat the enemy soldiers with Mickey!"

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

No. Name Objective Obtained
01 Giantland "Reach Mickey and escape the giant's chamber." Clear Twilight Town
02 Mickey, the Mail Pilot "Fly the plane and pick up the falling mail." Examine the film poster at the Tram Common
03 The Musical Farmer "Rotate the pipes to roll the eggs safely into the crates." Examine the film poster at the Tram Common
04 Building a Building "Guide Mickey and collect all of the picnic baskets." Examine the film poster at the Tram Common after clearing the 100 Acre Wood
05 The Mad Doctor "Rescue Mickey from the Mad Doctor's creepy castle." Examine the film poster at the Tram Common after clearing the 100 Acre Wood
06 Mickey Cuts Up "Strategically mow the lawn while avoiding obstacles." Chest at the Main Floor: 3F
07 Taxi Troubles "Use your taxi to pick up passengers and take them to the goal." Chest at the Lower Vents
08 The Barnyard Battle "Team up with Mickey and stop the advancing baddies." Chest at the Kids Korral
09 The Wayward Canary "Catch all the canaries flying around the room." Chest at the Wildflower Clearing
10 Camping Out "Get rid of all the pesky mosquitoes." Chest at the Hills
11 The Karnival Kid "Whip up the hot dog meals each customer orders." Chest at the Thoroughfare
12 How to Play Golf "Drive and putt your way through a variety of courses." Chest at the Ground Floor
13 Mickey's Circus "Hop on an unicycle and pass the ball to the seal." Chest at the Tank Yard
14 Barnyard Sports "Challenge Mickey to three different track and field events." Chest at the Lower Tier
15 The Klondike Kid "Race through the forest on a sleigh and show Pete who's boss." Chest at the Treescape
16 Mickey's Kitten Catch "Nab the mischievous cats and return them to Mickey's basket." Chest at the Snowfield
17 Fishin' Frenzy "Avoid the whoppers and reel in as many fish as you can." Chest at the Undersea Cavern
18 Beach Party "Protect Mickey and friends from the giant octopus." Chest at Confinement Island
19 Mickey's Prison Escape "Break Mickey out of prison without getting spotted by the guards." Chest at the Fort
20 Cast Out to Sea "Collect as many of the falling bananas as you can." Chest at Isla Verdemontaña
21 How to Play Baseball "Challenge Pete's team to America's pastime." Chest at the South District
22 Mickey's Mechanical Man "Take control of the mechanical man and K.O. the gorilla." Chest at the Central District
23 Mickey Steps Out "Leap over the puddles and reach Minnie safely." Chest at the South District

χ3 Score Targets[edit]

  • Fishin' Frenzy - 7500 points (later reduced to 3750)
  • Giantland - 50 levels cleared (later reduced to 25)
  • The Musical Farmer - 5000 points (later reduced to 2500)
  • The Karnival Kid - 30000 points (later reduced to 15000)
  • The Barnyard Battle - 25000 points (later reduced to 12500)

Notes and references[edit]