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Jungle Slider

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Still screen from Jungle Slider mini-game
Jungle Slider mini-game from Kingdom Hearts.

Jungle Slider (ターザンスライダー Tāzan Suraidā?, lit. "Tarzan Slider") is a mini-game in Deep Jungle in Kingdom Hearts. The player has to collect as much red fruit as possible, while sliding down the trees and avoiding obstacles. The mini-game is accessed by jumping into the open tree trunk from the Tunnel. After each attempt, the player must return to the Tunnel to play again. Before Deep Jungle's Keyhole is sealed, only the first course is available, without the fruit. The fruit collection begins after the Keyhole is sealed.


During this mini-game, the only party member with Sora is Tarzan. There are five areas in the slider, with ten fruits each. To advance to the next area, Sora must collect all the available fruits. Upon completion of one challenge, a reward is gained, and a path to the next course will be unlocked from the next attempt on. The Keyblade can be used occasionally to break the vines/branches that block him. In addition, the player is timed as the game is played.


Red Fruit
The Red Fruits needed to unlock rewards and courses.
Course Location Next course path Reward
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Green Serpent (グリーンロード
Gurīn Rōdo
?, lit. "Green Road")
Camp Left AP Up Elixir
Splash Tunnel (スプラッシュトンネル
Supurasshu Tonneru
Hippos' Lagoon Left Orichalcum AP Up
Jade Spiral (ウッドスパイラル
Uddo Supairaru
?, lit. "Wood Spiral")
Cliff Right Megalixir Dark Matter
Panic Fall (パニックフォール
Panikku Fōru
Waterfall Cavern Left Defense Up
Shadow Cavern (シャドウケイブ
Shadou Keibu
?, lit. "Shadow Cave")
Waterfall Cavern Power Up


Jungle Slider